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  1. We were sailing with friends, who I will not name here. They had gone ashore in Moorea and along with some other folks were waiting to take the tender back to the ship. There was some sort of car rally for the Chuckie Cheezers on Moorea, and they were running late in getting them over to Moorea. So when the tender showed up to deliver a batch of Cheezers, at first the crew refused to let our people board to get back to the ship. This led to the infamous "Mutiny on the Tender" and, unlike Bligh, the "captain" of the tender wisely relented and let people board.
  2. I never take a jacket when sailing on the PG. Some like to dress up, especially the night of the captain's reception, and of course they are more than welcome to do so. Even the occasional tux can be seen. The only difference between a reunion cruise and a regular one is that in the former there is an increase in the percentage of repeat passengers. But even that is often slight. Interesting your use of the phrase "tin tacks". In North American it tends to be "brass tacks". Perhaps in China it is "bamboo tacks"?
  3. Regent has a history of doing this in SE Asia. You’re right that tide tables are available literally decades in advance.
  4. Travelcat2's comments about the dock workers on Miami doing a 3 Stooges imitation is spot on. However, if they don't feel that their great comedy act is sufficiently appreciated, they will all lay down their tools and refuse to work until some kind type strokes them sufficiently while saying in a soothing tone, "There, there." In this case, you will be delayed even more before you can leave the ship.
  5. Chair hoggers are a perennial problem. Asking the staff to enforce reasonable usage is not fair to the staff. How about this? When somebody leaves a lounge chair for more than, say, an hour or two the staff will place a large red placard on the chair asking them to be more considerate. Of course, everybody else will know that they got "carded" but the staff don't have to bear the brunt of any outrage. Perhaps the public shaming will help these folks mend their ways.
  6. 70 people out of 700 is a perturbation unlikely to have much impact. Of course, that depends somewhat on who those folks are. I wouldn't worry. That said, I once did a cruise on the my favorite ship, the Paul Gauguin, where they had booked half the ship for high performers from the Cheesecake Factory. Alpha males and trophy wives basically took the ship over. If it had been my first ever cruise, it would have been my last. It was ghastly.
  7. It is interesting that some can decide that a 12-day cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore is a "shorter cruise." That certainly is far from my definition. Particularly on Regent and for most folks half-way around the planet.
  8. Although it is a short segment, perhaps you can turn it into a teachable moment. Have a required session in the lounge for the seggies where you can instruct them on how to act and what to wear. Considering their brutish nature, as you have described, you may wish to have an armed guard. Otherwise they may attack and tear you to pieces with their bare hands.
  9. For newcomers to Regent and/or cruising, it may be worthwhile for me to mention that choosing between Navigator, Voyager, and Mariner is choosing between three great ships. I've not been on Explorer, but from what I've heard adding her means choosing between four great ships. So there are no bad choices here, and personally I'll be ecstatic to be on any of them. That said, my own favourite is Mariner. but obviously it is a close call and "your mileage may vary."
  10. Looking forward to your posts. I was disappointed that our 2021 World Cruise doesn't include Vietnam. I note some nasty comments from HotRoot about the passengers on your segment over on the "Regent World Cruises" thread. I know you are very experienced with Regent, so will value your opinions on this as well as everything else. There have been some tensions on other lines between segmenters and full cruisers, but have never heard of or experienced such a thing on Regent.
  11. There is a huge bathroom on the Bora Bora motu: it is called the Pacific ocean. Regarding Motu Mahana, some newbies are concerned that they need to take the first tender over or they will miss out. Don't worry: there is adequate space for whenever you decide to "toddle" over. But the longer the better for this particular slice of paradise.
  12. On Moorea, if he is available Dr. Michael Poole's boat trip is another consideration. He is a working marine biologist, very active in preserving whales, etc. So in addition to a spectacular tour around Moorea you will be supporting his work. We've been three or four times. I agree with FlightMedic555 about Motu Mahana: it is a highlight of every PG trip.
  13. Agreed. We've done a land trip involving Thailand, both Bangkok and Chiang Rai, Laos, and Singapore (where I was doing some work). Absolutely spectacular. And our coming world cruise will include Bali, Phuket, Sri Lanka, and more. The only other contender of "trip I'm so glad I didn't miss" miss a Uniworld river cruise on the Nile. But we keep going back to the Paul Gauguin, 6 times now, which you and I shared in another lifetime. I have to admit that all this means I am a lucky little hot dog.
  14. Since I was born in Connecticut and have a U.S. passport, I don't think calling me a Canadian is quite accurate. But even if I were a pure Canadian, does that mean that I should not have an opinion on the Vietnam debacle? That said, I think it is marvelous that despite the awful war, the Vietnamese and Americans have decided to get along with each other. I would love to visit Vietnam, but so far it hasn't happened. Perhaps in a future cruise. We are booked on the 2021 Mariner world cruise and I was sort of disappointed that Vietnam isn't part of the itinerary.
  15. I'm wondering what you mean be "inappropriate". It is a fact that the film describes that aspect of the war from the Vietnamese perspective. Since it is in Vietnam, did you expect to see a film about the war from an American perspective? I also wonder about the appropriateness of being a guest in Vietnam and giving "an earful to the [Vietnamese] guide." Hopefully others seeing that sad piece of history from the Vietnamese as well as the American perspective will make them more determined to prevent future wars of any kind. And yes, the film and others based on it are widely available on youtube
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