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  1. Picking a favourite cruise here is difficult. But in terms of a peak experience on a Regent ship, chugging up the Bosphorus at dusk going from Athens to the Black Sea on the dear departed Diamond has to be near the top of my list.
  2. The thought of sitting on the deck of a nice ship with a refreshing beverage in my hand sounds spectacular. But my first choice wouldn't be the Bahamas in July. And Harbour Island in particular is one of my favourites, but is very small. I can't imagine the island coping with a large number of cruise passengers, even if the number is much less than the 1040 folks she is capable of carrying. That all said, the cruise still sounds lovely.
  3. I agree with some that the ship *can* be the destination. But some itineraries offer more for those who wish. A few Caribbean examples that worked for me: the submarine expedition in Aruba, Rio Dulce river tour in Guatemala (which I've done twice), Jardin de Balata (botanical garden) in Martinque. None of these require much physical effort. However, at this point just sitting on a deck of a Regent ship in a warm climate with a refreshing beverage in my hand sounds spectacular. I'll also mention that February 2022 is perhaps being a bit optimistic about when cruising gets back to normal.
  4. Others have done a good job of gazing into their crystal balls. I think there is one more thing to consider if the cruise actually happens. The spectacular hiccup-free service we usually get on Regent could be somewhat degraded, since the people and procedures have been mothballed for so long. Last week we booked Splendor for July 2022, and one consideration for pulling the trigger was that it was likely that the ship will have had a few months of service by then to iron out any kinks.
  5. Also consider going back to the stern for a while to see where you've been instead of where you're going.
  6. According to multiple sources, the CDC wanted to extend the no-sail order until February. Under pressure from the tourism industry and others, the White House overruled the CDC and blocked the no-sail extension. I am not taking a political position on this controversy, but as you decide when/if you will cruise again, I think you should be aware of this controversy.
  7. I don't have any inside information, but two people here have said the positive case was a passenger. But the Guardian claims it was a crew member. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/aug/03/two-cruise-ships-hit-by-coronavirus-weeks-after-industry-restarts
  8. Many people, including me, are outraged at the new owner (Ponant) unilaterally trying to change the refund policy for cancelled cruises, in violation of the actual agreement they and their customers both signed. I haven't seen any of that negativity directed at the Paul Gauguin ship or the spectacular crew that makes sailing with her so special. So I hope you have a wonderful time in paradise.
  9. A sad aspect of this is that the previous group, before the Ponant bandits bought it, was one of the companies that I actually liked doing business with. They not only sold a superior product, but they had a deep commitment to the preservation and resurrection of the Polynesian culture. This included, but was not limited to, paying for Polynesian teenagers to go out on archaeological digs to learn first hand about the history of their culture. It also included a commitment to the environment, also backed up with real money, not just words. Richard, Diane, etc.: we really miss you as owners
  10. Thank you so much for your wise advice. I will certainly try to consult you in future when issues of ethics and/or etiquette arise. Are there other areas of expertise which you will be willing to share with me, and perhaps the rest of this board?
  11. I have about 60 nights on the PG spread out over the last 20 years, and the ship and especially the crew have long been my favourite. However, the new owners, Ponant, refusal to honor their contract by refunding people's money for cancelled cruises means that I will never again sail on the PG unless Ponant sells her. I for one will not have any dealings with a company that acts like that. They can try to back down from their decision, which they seem to be doing, but that horse left the barn long long ago. However, every week or so I get a mass e-mailing from the PG. I have emailed them bac
  12. So now the word "confederate" is cause for polarization and shouting at each other? As a Canadian I would find this hilarious if it weren't so sad: Canada is a confederation. The United States was also a confederation from 1781 to 1789, when it was replaced by the current republic.
  13. This doesn't really relate to Regent, but since we can't cruise or even realistically plan cruises, perhaps this will help pass the time. Singapore is experiencing a secondary COVID-19 outbreak, mostly from the dormitories where a large number of temporary workers are housed. These workers are largely from South Asia. So Singapore is casting about for places to house these folks without cramming them together in dormitories or similar conditions. Their harbour has a fair number of cruise ships just sitting there. So the government is trying to house some of these folks there. Each
  14. Wendy and I go back almost exactly 20 years with the PG. Up until now, since the Radisson/Regent days, one of the things that made it easier to give them money for a cruise was that Diane, Richard, and the rest of the company were highly ethical, and were honestly trying to use their company to make the world in general and French Polynesia in particular a better place. They must be heartbroken; I am because I know that I'll never again be on what was my favourite ship on the planet. Here's a special message for Ponant: FOAD! (Hint: the first word is not suitable for this forum. The last word
  15. I remember an excursion in Barbados where no air would have been a blessing. 😉
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