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  1. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/2758371-obstructed-cabin-photos-website-gone/
  2. Ten day cruise on the ovation of the seas departing 23rd of March from Sydney.
  3. There is a TRS desk at the Perth cruise terminal after the passport check. You can fill in the details on paper forms, or use the app. Make sure you have a tax invoice from the shop that shows the GST. Heaps of information here.
  4. There is a toggle underneath the LG logo at the front of the TV that you can use to switch the input.
  5. They have the new large LG televisions but not on demand movies. It is possible to connect a media player to the hdmi port if you want.
  6. If you like your cruises to go, you can go on the Splendour incredibly cheap.
  7. Hey how about making a separate thread on buying cruise line shares instead of clogging this thread with off topic conversation.
  8. I always carry my passport, however if you don't have it and are left in port, the ship's crew will search your cabin and leave your passport with their agent on the pier for you.
  9. You can check on the iquos website (attaching screenshot for you because I had to use a vpn to view the site in NZ).
  10. We had one tub and one regular chair in our balcony cabin last month.
  11. Yes, not a problem in New Zealand or Sydney.
  12. Sorry I don't know many details. Have a look at travel agents that love to cruise or maybe you like to cruise first ❤️
  13. All over facebook atm. REDEPLOYMENT OFFER - FREMANTLE TO SYDNEY on the Queen Mary 2 Departs 18 February 2020 for 17 nights From Perth (Fremantle) to Sydney for 17 nights via Darwin, Yorkey's Knob, Airlie Beach and Brisbane. From $949 per person twin share Interior Cabin, less than $50 per day Interior from $949 per person twin share Outside from $1049 per person twin share Balcony from $1349 per person twin share Queens Grill from $3499 per person twin share For further information contact:
  14. Wow, outrageous price. I rented a midsize car from Hertz last January for around 60NZD . Didn't recommend them to the op because they don't deliver to the port, and I had an issue with that particular licensee (has since been rectified by head office). When I was googling for that trip, there were quite a few cars for hire from the port for around 130NZD from memory.
  15. I also had not heard of excess insurance until I hired a car in Queensland years ago and I did not have travel insurance. It was cheaper than paying for excess reduction from the rental company since I rented for a few days. When cruising I always have travel insurance and check to see that it has enough cover for car rental excess (eg hertz charges $5000 excess and Budget insurance only covers up to $4000 ).
  16. I don't have any experience with security as I always put it in my checked luggage. I would not be surprised if an overzealous officer would not allow it even though it is very small.
  17. Did you click on the links I included? There are companies that sell insurance specifically for excees reduction. eg here is one😀
  18. Pink845 is talking about "excess insurance" which is an insurance policy you can take that covers the excess in case of an accident. Also a lot of travel insurance policies cover hire car excess.
  19. Ok I understand the confusion. What I use is a cold mist ultrasonic humidifier that certain models can also be used as an essential oil diffuser. I don't use it for oils, just for the humidifying function, hence my comment. Sorry about the confusion, here is a site that explains it better 😊
  20. I answered the op's original question : I have taken a humidifier on all my cruises no problems. They are a good idea especially for interior cabins. As far as aromatic oils are concerned, I have no experience and are no concern of mine.
  21. They are great to bring along because they humidify the cabin counteracting the air-conditioner. There are plenty to choose from online.
  22. Quick look towards the Tasman bridge now! There are fireworks.
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