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  1. So you did get the Amex offer to go thru by adding on things such as excursions or drink package?
  2. I’m hoping someone can let us know! I would gladly get the drink package if I knew I could get $500 or $350 back. We have the 2 bigger offers.
  3. Bad idea. People behind the scenes are then losing out on money. If you want to tip more with cash, then do that, but don’t remove the DSC.
  4. I had a muster drill for one person... me! I had to go to my muster station (outside ugh) and then stand there while an employee showed me how to put on a vest.
  5. You might be better off with a hotel near the airport that lets you park for the week.
  6. They are also not allowing people to use day beds side by side. MSC is a bit overly protective on spacing.
  7. Anyone who has cruised recently, is NCL offering a day pass for the premium (faster) internet for the day? If yes, how much? TIA
  8. Recently canceled cruise under peace of mind policy. 2 cruise next certificates had been applied. I have some money back on my account. It does not include the cruise nexts. Current amount credited to me is less than I paid, but a credit of 2 cruise nexts would be more than I have paid. So it’s a bit confusing what they have done. Do they typically take longer to be put back in the account? Do they come back as cruise next or FCC now?
  9. Any update to your fcc and cruise next certs? I canceled under POM recently and the amount credited to my account is less than the amount I paid too. My 2 cruise next certs are MIA, not even refunded as FCC either.
  10. No worries now. It just posted to my account on my way to Baltimore:
  11. I booked a cruise this past Wednesday. We sail tomorrow (Sunday). I submitted shareholder info on Wednesday via email. I know that’s past the timeframe they would like to have it to process. Would I be able to have guest services followup on my request or is it a too bad, so sad situation?
  12. Hi all, Just booked Pride a couple of days ago. One of the port stops is Bimini. I haven’t been there. So there’s not a lot of info out there and there is a lot of misinformation out there too. Can anyone who has been to Bimini with Carnival answer these questions? So the sunny day at beach 360 for 2 ($64.99 thru Carnival)... well there’s just me, so I don’t want to pay double. I have figured out this is “luna beach club” on Google maps. Can you just show up and pay for one person? Negatives I have heard is jelly fish and a steep drop off to get into the water. Free Beach (Paradise Beach) Just past Resorts World Tram stop. Ok I have heard it’s free, then I’ve heard people paying $70 + to get a chair and umbrella ... which is it? Downside... no bathroom! Resorts World Bimini (resort on west side of island next to Beach 360) - I tried calling and talking to them via FB messenger. Really no help. Told me to talk to Carnival. Can you go here and buy a day pass? I really would like to go to a place with a bathroom, no jellyfish and a pool if I get tired of beach area.
  13. I went with Celebrity. We were there just after 10 am and the one and only boat back left at 2. So, I would say it’s about an hour or two less than normal times.
  14. Definitely choose Blue Lagoon over Pearl Island
  15. I was there a couple of weeks ago. You will have a set time to go and come back. They seemed to be limiting back and forth trips as there’s not enough people to warrant multiple trips. You can snorkel in the lagoon (bring your own or rent). They were not charging for the water inflatables as they had in the past, but you have to wear a life vest. They were also making announcements as to which cruise ship guests’ turn it was on the inflatables.
  16. Thanks! I have so many people telling me I cannot get internet for a day! I’ve done it before. I just wanted to compare prices. I seriously doubt Carnival is going to say no to me offering them some $$ for internet for the day.
  17. Hi all, I need internet for about an hour of my cruise that’s fast enough to deal with a zoom meeting (even if in the end it’s just the audio, that’s ok too). Anyone know how much internet for one day is on Pride? I’d rather not spend the $100ish for a week when I just need it for a short period of time.
  18. Is divina doing the duvet cover and no sheet? Hate it.
  19. Has there been pepperoni pizza? I just got off Meraviglia where they had no pepperoni because of “menu changes”. What once was great pizza was barely a step above cheese bread or pizza crust smothered in tomato sauce.
  20. There are places to plug into the TV on the right side. They aren't labeled (at least not from the direction I can see), but one is probably an HDMI plug.
  21. It only cost me $36… shrugs
  22. Is the concierge lunch still on the first seaday or has it been moved back to embarkation day?
  23. When I was at Ocean Cay March 2020, all I had to do was turn in my umbrella and then show my ticket elsewhere to get a new umbrella so I didn't have to drag it around if I wanted to go elsewhere on the island.
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