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  1. It's pretty normal, with the addition of holiday music and decorations. Few day-to-day changes.
  2. Does he wanna use both at the same time, or one at a time, signing out of one and in with the other when he switches? That's basically all it comes down to.
  3. Everything aft of the Centrum elevators is under Solarium (which has a lot less late night char shuffling) or under the spa. Under the spa is very quiet, and there's a secret staircase from Deck 8 up to the entryway of the spa which means skipping a long walk down the corridor. No Concierge lounge; just the Diamond lounge and it's a pretty small one. There are snacks, though. Not a dedicated pizza place, but Park Cafe in the Solarium fills in the snack-times when the Windjammer's not serving, and there's pizza most late nights.
  4. Let's see how this goes... Dec 29th sailing Starting cabin OV(6N) Bid range allowed: $10-500pp JS, $10-800pp GS Bid placed: $250pp JS, $255pp GS Guess-o-meter rating: "Strong" and "Strong"
  5. The line will be gone by 9:00 or 9:30 after most cruises.
  6. While that says a lot about the number of Diamonds, I'm not sure how that tells you how many D+ cruisers were aboard.
  7. I'm usually not even aboard by the time the room is ready. I'd just rather not queue up to check in, then queue up to board, then queue up for food, then fight through similarly queuing passengers to get to anyplace with carry on bags when by simply having a late brunch someplace ELSE, I can show up at the port 90 at about 1:30 or 2:00, walk straight up to counters and gangways, and my cabin is almost certainly ready before I actually board.
  8. It wouldn't surprise me if access to C lounge may vary by how many D+ people there are aboard that may occupy it. If it's not a lot, then letting D+ have access is not a big deal. If it's many hundreds, the lounge may have difficulty accommodating D+ on top of the suite guests.
  9. FWIW, in May in Tampa I got three 12 oz summer sausages I was going to give to a friend post-cruise confiscated at the TSA checkpoint with a "NO FOOD! Food's absolutely forbidden. Doesn't matter that it's processed and packaged." Probably isolated circumstances, but ... it's always good to be prepared for disappointment.
  10. It's the same place. Pressing is part of the laundry service, they just skip the washing bit. And it's not like they leave the sheets and pillowcases unpressed when the do the turnaround laundry.
  11. It may well be, though. I've certainly fired off a pressing order on embarkation day for a Day 2 formal night back in the day when I cared about formal nights. Just don't give 'em your last pair of socks. 🙂
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