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  1. Black IS the formal t-shirt and shorts. And it's very slimming.
  2. Yes? I mean it's a cruise line. It's not health care or even a library card. People live happy, full lives never setting foot on a cruise ship at all.
  3. That really just sounds like posturing to make sure that overturning the law is the only remedy that can resolve the harm.
  4. Or they may decide to make you go get the replacement bracelet to attend the scheduled activity, because The Rules say you have to be wearing it. And they will be right. Sure, sometimes you can show them your seapass, but if running the rules means that they have to ask every time they see someone without a bracelet, is it really worth the resistance?
  5. Non of those are USB anyway. The "DATA" and "TEL" have RJ jacks behind them.
  6. MIght be cheaper than hotels for quarantine time and commercial flights back.
  7. Usually there's not a lot of other cabins to move people to, even. So what happens now might not influence what happens later much, if at all.
  8. Q Why is check-in not available for my cruise? When will it be available? A We are working to uplift our check-in experience to support a healthy and safe cruise for all guests, crew, and communities where we operate. Check-in will be available once our updates are completed ahead of your sailing. We will notify you by email and by app notification on your mobile device when it is time for you to check-in to your cruise.
  9. If you wear it visibly, nobody will hassle you to show that you have it with you. Wearing it on a lanyard will probably work too. I'd imagine the amount of patience with people who "forgot it in my cabin" will be thin.
  10. Depends on locality. Most departures, it's available as soon as you can find an open bar, though you may be charged local tax until some distance offshore (typically 12).
  11. Which is what that announcement is actually about: the WHO is starting to distinguish "asymptomatic" (who never show symptoms) from "presymptomatic" (who have not YET shown symptoms or who have symptoms mild enough to not be that distinguishable from a baseline). Truly asymptomatic people are less likely to transmit, but they also turn out to be a lot rarer than previously presumed and a lot of what were thought to be "asymptomatic" transmissions actually happened from people who just didn't think their couple of days fever and nagging cough could possibly have been a big deal, didn't report it, and only learned they were positive when their coworker or friend ended up hospitalized and they screened everyone around them.
  12. It's pretty normal, with the addition of holiday music and decorations. Few day-to-day changes.
  13. Does he wanna use both at the same time, or one at a time, signing out of one and in with the other when he switches? That's basically all it comes down to.
  14. Everything aft of the Centrum elevators is under Solarium (which has a lot less late night char shuffling) or under the spa. Under the spa is very quiet, and there's a secret staircase from Deck 8 up to the entryway of the spa which means skipping a long walk down the corridor. No Concierge lounge; just the Diamond lounge and it's a pretty small one. There are snacks, though. Not a dedicated pizza place, but Park Cafe in the Solarium fills in the snack-times when the Windjammer's not serving, and there's pizza most late nights.
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