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  1. Hi we are thinking of taking a taxi to Mendenhall Glacier and walking out to the falls. How flat is the hike? I don't have a problem with hills but need it to be fairly flat land and not climbing over tree roots and such. I use a rollator walker and need to know if it would be possible to get all the way out? Thanks
  2. Haven't been on cruise critic for a couple of years but we are looking at cruising to Alaska next year perhaps on the Ovation. I have a couple of questions. Did you like your cabin and would you recommend it? And secondly do you think the ship would be ok for a couple of seniors with walkers. PS we are almost neighbors as we are from Abbotsford. Thanks for this review, now going to watch the original. Connie
  3. Thanks so much, found a pic of 7606 and it looks pretty good and much cheaper than non obstructed
  4. Checking out Ovations obstructed balconies and can't find many pictures. There used to be a web site that had 100's of pictures of balconies but I can't seem to find it, can anyone help me out? Thanks
  5. I use a rollater/walker and have had problems getting by the maid carts so not having that problem would be a big bonus. I will definitely look into these cabins.
  6. Thanks for the input, glad they have the glass door.
  7. We were in one directly below the centrum and had no noise issue at all. But thanks for the input.
  8. Thank you MiniChunks, that is exactly what I would like. Were the rooms loud because of their location?
  9. It's been about 5 years since we have been on Royal but looking at a possible cruise for next year. Was thinking of Ocean view but I prefer the bed not to be under the window so we can stand and look out not kneel on the bed. Does anyone know which cabins have the bed that way? Thanks. Connie
  10. The family has me researching cruises for Christmas. Can you tell me if anything would be open in Ensenada on Christmas day. Would the excursions even run? It's the only stop in Mexico so we would want to do something. Thanks
  11. One of my huge bucket list items is to go on the cable cars in SF. I was there over 40 years ago and they were not running and have not been able to get back until now. I use a rollator/walker, can I fold it and go on the cable cars? I can get around somewhat without it, but certainly not enough to walk around before/after my ride. I really would appreciate your help with this. Thanks
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