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  1. Jan the City Fan

    1st time on Marella , few questions

    Thanks Manchester is Blue , CTID. Booked the cruise with the games in mind, we only miss Fulham away & maybe an F A cup game . Hope some more Blues on our cruise. Jan
  2. Jan the City Fan

    1st time on Marella , few questions

    Thanks, I have decided to stay on deck 4 now ive looked at the deck plans closer. Not directly under the casino.
  3. Jan the City Fan

    1st time on Marella , few questions

    Thanks, I think I will see if I can swap to deck 3 . I had heard on here the ship would wait. Good luck with yours
  4. Just booked a back 2 back cruise on Celebration in March next year, will be our 6th cruise but 1st for Marella. We usually go mid ship, inside around deck 5/6/7 on other cruises I paid £48 to reserve a cabin, had to be inside on deck 3 or 4 for the price. I booked deck 4 cabin 343, but having second thoughts now. The cabin looks like it is below the casino, has anyone had any experience of cabins near there. There is quite a lot mid ship on deck 3 so was wandering if I should change. Also my partner is a fussy eater & we like to eat in the main restraunt in the evening. On other cruises he just has Steak & chips every night, is it likely that they will do that if its not on the menu. He also drinks mostly Cider , is that available in the bars. Lastly the flight times are very tight, due to arrive in Barbados at 17.45 & due to sail at 20.00. Has anyone any experience of similar problem. Thanks in advance.
  5. Jan the City Fan

    Review!! Carnival Breeze 4/15/2018, E Caribbean

    Great review so far. Looking forward to reading the rest of it. We are on the breeze on 27th May, Key West & The Bahamas.
  6. Jan the City Fan

    Nassau. Best place for Dolphin Encounter

    Thank you. I think we are going to go to Blue Lagoon. Do you know how long it takes to get from the cruise port to the pier where you get the boat over. We only dock at 7.00am & want the 8.30 boat. Also the website says get to the pier 45 minutes before your boat departure time , did you find everybody did this at it would be tight . Thanks again for your response.
  7. Jan the City Fan

    Nassau. Best place for Dolphin Encounter

    We will be in Nassau in 5 weeks on Carnival Breeze & would like to do the Dolphin Encounter, we also want a nice beach that is O.K. for a 5 year old. We were swaying towards Blue Lagoon but seen some bad reviews so wondered what Atlantis or Balmoral were like. Do any of them take a longer time to get there from the cruise port?. Thanks in Advance. :p:*:p
  8. Jan the City Fan

    Blue Lagoon Inflatable Aqua park no more...

    We have booked Blue Lagoon for the end Of May on our Breeze cruise & wanted the inflatable water park. I saw on here that it was closed for upgrades & sent a message via trip advisor to check if it would be open then. Still not heard back yet. Thanks for your information, it doesn't look like it will be.:confused:
  9. Jan the City Fan

    Yet another FTTF Question

    I have managed to grab it on my last 3 Carnival cruises, each time it was showing as sold out. I Used to check it 2 or 3 times a day. I live in the U.K. and we are 5 hours ahead of them, so I often got it in the night hours in U.S. They are open 24 hours so guess they may put them on the system when they are available during the night.
  10. Jan the City Fan

    2 Breeze questions

    Thank you x
  11. Jan the City Fan

    2 Breeze questions

    Do all the cabins have a fridge. I cant recall having a fridge on The Magic & Sunshine inside cabin. Also, do the inside cabins have a hair dryer. Had them on the last 2 Carnival cruises but I believe they are not on all ships. Thanks
  12. Jan the City Fan

    Blue Lagoon Dolphin encounters questions

    Thanks xx
  13. Jan the City Fan

    Blue Lagoon Dolphin encounters questions

    We are looking to book the Dolphin encounter, but also want to spend time on the beach. Does the cost include sun loungers etc. Also some of us want the aqua slides & bounce park. Does anyone know if you can just purchase this on the day. The website only seems to let you book for a beach day as extra with lunch included. If we can already use the beach facilities it seems very expensive to add on the beach day experience. Thanks for any advice. ;p
  14. Jan the City Fan

    Key West for kids

    Thanks for the info. Some good ideas to think about .:D
  15. Jan the City Fan

    Key West for kids

    Hi, We will be in Key West for the day in May on Carnival Breeze. Is there anywhere to entertain a 5 year old, what attractiona are best?.