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  1. We are on the Oasis right now having a sea day before we return to Florida tomorrow. There has been everything from shorts to tux worn for the formal nights. No one seems to care except cruisers on this board. Wear what's right for you.
  2. I try to go if the roll call has been active. If no wants to be vocal on CC then I figure that the M&M will be a bust. Met some of the nicest people in the world at M&M's.
  3. Sorry you had such a long wait. On 5/25 we went through everything and was on our shuttle to pick up our car in 30 to 45 minutes and that included waiting on the shuttle after we called for it. I think customs is the big snag in Galveston and everything was working well on 5/25.
  4. We stayed in 11729 in Feb and it was great. Wonderful views of the Boardwalk, the Aqua Theater and the ocean as well as the zip line. The big screen showed up wonderfully, but if you wanted to you just go out your door and to the right and there is a wonderful balcony with loungers. You can also see the rock walls. Still when you close your doors, the hustle and bustle along with the noise disappears. Hope you enjoy the boardwalk balcony as much as we did.
  5. Wishing Marilyn and you the very best and hoping to cruise with you both again soon. Dennis & Barbara
  6. Apparently all JS are gone but got the best price we have ever got on a D1. Thanks for the tip.
  7. The staggered lines were in Vancouver for the Radiance last summer.
  8. We planned on booking in Dec, but we skipped it because of no double points. We did book in Feb which is our favorite month to sail.
  9. We ported in Liverpool this year on the Vision on a cruise from Oslo. I think it would be a wonderful place for a homeport. We enjoyed ourselves and it would be a great place for a pre cruise stay.
  10. On our Vision sailing on Dec 3, there were over 800 Diamond and above members and the Viking Crown Lounge was full each night. Woudn't normally be that way without the Dec special for Diamond members.
  11. It was a D nightly event and even though they called it a Diamond Lounge from 5 to 8:30, mixed drinks were 25% discount and the usual drinks were provided free such as champagne and wine. They had a great variety of snacks. There was cheese varieties, hot things such as chicken wings and lots of crackers with different toppings. Believe me the wine flowed freely and steadily and all had a great time in the Viking Crown Lounge. The lounge was full all the time. After Sept when the ship undergoes the changes RCI is making, this will all be changed. However, this was so well done and the lounge crew did an incredible job of making all the Diamonds & above feel like very special people.
  12. We were on this cruise also and agree with everything wieslaw has written. It was a great cruise with some interesting ports and a great crew.
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