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  1. Yes we booked but we will return from Fairbanks. This is a post tour for us and not trying to say anything here but with our Titanium level we get 25% off and will pay $ 1649.00 so this helps justify the price. One of our first cruises with Regent was also Alaska I think it was May from SF. Enjoy your cruise !
  2. Hope this will help those needing to renew Global Entry. I also hope the information will show properly. The Intel Global Entry's Renewal Interview Process Can Now Be Done in Minutes Speed through the interview on your way back from an international flight, or schedule a regular appointment if you aren't flying abroad anytime soon. If your Global Entry is expiring soon and you haven't set up your renewal appointment yet, we've got two pieces of good news for you. The first is that Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is so backlogged on processing renewals—some are taking a whoppi
  3. I found this site very interesting. You need to enter your country of origin. https://covidcontrols.co
  4. OK - we will be coming to your area hopefully in sept. and expect dinner , dancing, etc.
  5. Yes. Actually picture was taken a week ago. The fire has now coverer the entire Mountain.They have over 1100 fire fighters working on it. Very hard if not impossible to do anything because of the steep terrain. As of today 45% contained and covering over 100,000 acres.
  6. Not all is so beautiful. We are having a big fire here in Tucson.
  7. We are booked on the Voyager - Lisbon to Cape Town, Nov. 14. The web site now shows all categories " wait list". In" Booked Cruises" it still appears. On a previous canceled cruise the listing in booked cruises, the cruise disappeared soon after the cruise was waitlisted. I am very sure this cruise will not go but just hoping.
  8. Hi ,thank you for the information. Christina and I are planning a driving trip up your way and have reservations on the train. Will be staying at the Double-Tree, wanted the Antlers B&B but they are closed.
  9. I want to thank all of you for your in put. Just what I was looking for. We are thinking that we should cancel for 100% and rebook when things play out. John
  10. We are booked on the Voyager Lisbon to Cape Town . From reading South Africa will NOT be accepting us. So, what to do ? We would love to have a getaway like all of you. Final payment is due on our cruise on June 17. I am not interested in putting more money into a cruise that will not go. There in our eyes 2 cruises in Nov. 1- Barcelona to Miami on the Splendor 2- R/T Miami to Manaus The real question is -- which one do you guys think will really go? We are cruising R/T Bellingham in Sept. on a charter . I will be the Capt. and Christina will be the c
  11. Jackie I sure hope your right since we are booked on the July 15 cruise butt on our booked cruises page that listing has been removed. I think we should give you a second chance/choice .
  12. Not sure what this means but I think I do ! Just looked at " Booked Cruises " and our July 15 Alaska cruise is NOT showing. I tried to reenter but just says " cannot find ". Have not been informed of the cancelation from Regent. The system must know something . Guess our Nov. cruise Lisbon/Cape Town will be our next chance to cruise Regent.
  13. I just did a DUMB thing ! I went to the Regent site and booked our dinning reservations for our Alaska cruise on July 15 knowing full well that we will NOT be going ! Think I need help !!
  14. We are in our mid 70s and good health. Our concern was that we could get " Trapped " on board in our cabin for 2++ more weeks. ! We were booked on the April 1st cruise but sadly have now canceled.
  15. Yes, we will on that cruise with you. . Are you looking at the shore excursions ? We looked at them yesterday and picked them out. Did you see the " Overland " tour ? We can't do it because we depart the ship on the 7th. Let us know what your thoughts on GeoBlue. In addiction to Geo we have the Chase Sapphire Reserve CC with it's benefits.
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