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  1. Be aware that the Canal Du Midi is just that a canal. That being said we did a self driven "bare boat "cruise on this canal in a 40' boat. There were 4 of us in 2 cabins, we went through a LOT of locks , some were operated by staff and the others by ourselves ( bring gloves ). We had a Wonderfull time . If you have any questions I will try to answer. John
  2. Just wondering why you suggest Scenic. Actually we have looked at Scenic, just wondering why you are suggesting Scenic for us ?
  3. Thank you Roland. I have another question; Is laundry service or laundry facilities available on board. We will be on the Ravel , Vienna R/T and also doing a Tauck Tour for 14 days after the river cruise so think we will need to figure something out. I did look at the web site but could not find any information.
  4. Wow thanks for all the replies. The alcoholic comment was tongue in check. I should not have said this because to some this is a serious problem. I understand about the separation thing now.
  5. My intent was to get a response from Crystal cruisers ocean or river. I am afraid my query will be lost in the general river cruise category.. So thanks for your help.
  6. OK I know this is all about ocean cruising but I have a question; We will be going on a river cruise in Aug. and since I am an alcoholic I was wondering if a bottle of my favorite scotch would be provided in our room ? OK any scotch ! We have been cruising on Regent mostley and have been accustomed to this , just trying to plan ahead. We will also be taking our first Crystal Ocean cruise in January so looking forward to that also.
  7. I can't answer your question but I guess we will find out together since we will be on this cruise with you. We have in the past cruised into Kauai ( NCL Star ) and were at the dock. Aloha
  8. Very interesting stuff. My wife and I just booked the Holiday cruise to the Antarctic, Dec. 15, 2021.Will be celebrating Christmas, B-Day (big one), and New Years. So will be watching future posts with great interest. I think this is the longest out that we have ever booked a cruise, aprox .922 days and counting, lots of time to plan ! Oh, this will only be our second Seabourn cruise, for what it's worth. John & Christina
  9. A side note and personal story. We. made a trip to SF Bay Area to see family. We rented a car through Hotwire, they put us with NU car rental ( do not rent from them). Anyway returned car and went to the airport. Then the call came saying there was damage to the rear bumper. We had looked the car over before and after - no damage !Long story but they turned us over to a collection agency! $ 600.00 , I wanted to dispute since we were not present for discovery. We have Chase Sapphire Reserve, so with my tail between my legs I call Chase, Bottom line all taken care of. Well worth the cost plus all the points that you can actually use. I am a big fan!!
  10. Went to the Regent site and there was no announcement concerning Cuba but if you go to "find a Cruise" there is a blank space where Cuba use to be. You can click on that box and it still takes you to the planned Cube cruises. I just found it interesting.
  11. Reading this post has been very informative and I thank all for that ! My wife and I just booked the Venture for Dec. 15, 2021.We are excited about this cruise but now even more now that we have read this. This will be our second Seabourn cruise. Our first was just a 7 day Med. cruise (Encore ) just to experience Seabourn since we were in Europe already . We liked it a lot. .Having sailed Regent for over 30 cruises this will be quite a change !! Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, John & Christina
  12. Very interesting. My only question would be; would that "guaranteed reservation" be a shared table or can it be a table for two ? We will have a Navigator suite for the first time next year so just wondering . Also know that on the Navigator there is only P7. Believe me I would NOT be in there every night !
  13. Here is there website. https://www.artfultravelers.com/
  14. Oh yeah, we just booked BARCELONA TO PALMA DE MALLORCA, June 14. Just kidding hope you have a wonderful cruise. The ship/yacht looks great in the pictures, I am sure it will live up to our expectations .
  15. You guys just can't take a joke! My editorial was "tongue in cheek" .
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