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  1. All you need is a pen to open them just put it the hole and twist very easy have done it many time when we are in a group
  2. They are saving the to try and accommodate the 4 bedroom villa people that have to be moved!
  3. We were booked in the presidential 4 bedroom suite for next year. They are doing away with the cabin when the ship comes out of dry dock. Has anyone had any offers from Royal? The one they gave us is terrible
  4. Totally agree slacks and polo shirt Is fine. You will not be out of place!
  5. For three month there have been no yacht club cabin but there is one available for this Saturday fyi
  6. Hi I wad just wondering if princess uses canned soda or soda out of.a fountain machine. I have been on other lines and it varies depending on the line. So if I order a coke do I get a can? Thanks
  7. Just wondering what about the Seaview YC did you not like? I have been on Divina and Seaside YC and liked the Seaside better. I have nopt been on Meravigola yet, but aren't there more YC cabin on that Ship. It would seen that it would be more crowded. Just curious.
  8. Hello looking forward to your review. we have been n the yacht club twice and loved it. Never crowded never chaotic very relaxing. No saving chairs because there are more than needed. The food at the pool bar in convenient and they have a nice breakfast too. I noticed that you gamble and have received discount from celebrity, in the past we have received a 30% discount on our next cruise after earning I think it was 1500 point in the slots. I would not mis out on this, it makes the yacht club that much more enjoyable the next time. They also give you on board credit on your next cruise and you do not need to book it while on the ship. Enjoy!
  9. I emailed the ceo with some concerns,I think he was in Sweden or Italy. I received a return message from his executive assistant and things worked out as they should have.
  10. If your e tickets have yacht club luggage tags I think you’ll be good to go! They will check in through the white tent and off you go enjoy, the yacht club is never crowded and really nice. everything is included it is nice to walk the ship amidst all the crowds and then head back to the peace and tranquility of the yacht club.
  11. Wow not feeling the love! Can’ t we all get along. If prohibition still existed I think some people might be more understanding if people had a drink or two. Would you feel obliged to call security on them. Maybe just turning and waking away would be sufficient. Everyone deserves to have a god time. If 5% of the ship is smoking or three small areas, I think the remaining 95% should be enough for the non smokers. i don’t smoke! But can apparently deal with the few folks that do.
  12. We were in the yacht club last February 2018 shortly after they started sailing. I remember ordering a crab cake appetizer and it was worse than store bought frozen item. I also remember the rest of the food was just not that good at dinner. The bar and grill on the pool deck was better remember getting lamb chops fresh made pasta dishes and even lobster. any recent experience about the food would be appreciated. We will be in yacht club again this October. We were on the Divina last year in October and liked the food better on that ship. thanks for any insights! Dave
  13. There is also smoking areas in the yacht club out front on the lounge and an area on the pool deck, just Incase you are in the yacht club!
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