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  1. You can go to multiple web sites to check pricing and availability without having to us MSC’s It is much easier. I don’t think I am allowed to mention them by name here. Search under the word cruise and multiple options will come up and you will normally also get additional on board credit with them.
  2. I had three cruises booked with the 50% hero discount. I was told if they where canceled that the discount would follow through to any new reservation. This has not been the case I am currently working to get them to follow through on what I was told. they are still advertising 50% hero discount on their web site but there are sailings offering the discount. So they are miss leading the public. On top of that they neve actually gave anyone a 50% discount on any American cruises. I paid for the cruises because I thought not right and not fair, I will let you kn
  3. The seashore is sister ship to seaside and seaview You can get a good idea of what to expect by check8hg out the other ships hope this helps
  4. Hi, Our cruise was booked for January and was canceled. I’ve been told that we can’t rebook yet and have to wait until February. I keep watching the prices go up and can’t book for October yet. Has anyone else run into this? It’s the strangest thing I’ve ever heard of. Thanks for any feedback.
  5. Just so everyone understands we have spent 50k with RCCL in total. Not on thins cabin. I wrote an email to the three to exec at RCCL yesterday will let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the feedback!
  6. I would like a newer ship but they won’t move us unless we want to pay the current rates. I even said we would leave from any port and at a different time, but they said no can do. we will probably end up going on Explorer but having spent close to $50,000.00 for my family cruse with them thought they may be more flexible. I know there are options and when not traveling with family I use other lines. you can go on MSC yacht club for the price of a balcony on Royal.
  7. We were booked on freedom of the sea with the four bedroom villa. Then they refurbished the ship and took out the cabin. So they moved us to 4 jr suites only after much complaining. They wanted to put all eight of us in one two bedroom suite. now they moved the freedom of the sea and replaced it with Explorer of The sea the ship is 10 years older and they will not give us the option to switch to another ship unless we pay the new prevailing rates with are twice as much. I have reached out to corporate and been unable to get any real help. Any ideas? also
  8. I have sailed on the liberty out of Galveston we had an aft 2 bedroom suite. You do not get free laundry on Royal. We also just sailed this February on Regal in an aft penthouse suite. We had issues with soot on both ships, not bad but enough to be a double check before you sit out on balcony. the perks are about the same, in room dinning from main restaurant. From both concierge lounge on both priority boarding on both Princess give you specialty dinner reservation on first night. If you go to ROyals web site it is pretty easy to find a list os suite perks, just reme
  9. We have been moved to a 4 junior suites from the villa 4 bedroom because of refurbishment. We were promised we would still get all the suite perks! Has this happened to anyone? If so how do you know they will follow through once on the ship? Do they give you a document or what other way would you be sure of the suite perks. just wondering if anyone has experience with this! thanks
  10. That would be great I will check back in April thank you
  11. Hi, these are new cabins that replaced the 4 bedroom villa. I know the ship is just coming out of refurbishment but was looking for photos or videos of these cabins. We had the 4 bedroom villa and they gave us these instead so just curious if and when someone gets any new information. I would think they would be different, new furniture etc. than existing JS. Thanks for and information!
  12. is there smoking in the casino?
  13. how Embarkation today. I received an e,mail saying that they are doing things differently due to the health scare corona virus. We sail next Sunday so just wondering, thanks
  14. Do you know if your names end up in the Guinness book for being a participant
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