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  1. I see Sue Denning in one of your photos. She was our CD on Reflection a few years ago...she is WONDERFUL!!! So glad everything is going well so far.
  2. I have been in both 9309 and 10271 on Edge...both with bed by the balcony. I like to be as close to the ocean as I can be! Actually, it's so that I have more room to move around near the closet. I also look for that set-up on the S Class ships.
  3. I was close to kissing the floor, but was loaded down with carry-on luggage and was afraid I wouldn't get back up!!! If I was tech savvy, I could post the video that one of the crew took of our big moment!
  4. Congrats to Captain Kate. We sailed with her and Bug Naked last month on Edge. She's very deserving of this new opportunity.
  5. I know the feeling. I actually sobbed when I stepped on Edge for the first time last month. The check-in process was smooth & quick; the first steps onto the ship were amazing. There was crew waiting for us...cheering...they were just as happy to see us as we were to see them. ENJOY; ENJOY; ENJOY! Susan
  6. I took Metra to and from my job in downtown Chicago for nine years...always headed for the top floor. Always fell asleep within minutes on the way to work (of course, it was 4:30am). Working in the suburbs now and I still miss my morning train nap. That car looks just like our Metra (the nice, new cars).
  7. I just booked Reflection on Monday...just happened to look at my captain's club recap and saw that Celebrity shorted me on points when I sailed solo a few years back. Once they correct that error, I will soar to new heights: Elite!!! And I had to laugh when I read your first post because the most important perk for me will be ONE FREE BAG OF LAUNDRY!!! Hey, a girl needs stuff...and when the girl needs a lot of stuff, she needs laundry!!! Enjoy your cruise; look forward to reading about your adventure! Susan
  8. I sailed on Edge on 9/11...we sailed with about 850 passengers. It was wonderful!!!
  9. I booked Equinox for the 1/3/2022 cruise specifically to visit Key West. This past weekend, I decided not to count on that happening and switched to Reflection on 1/19/2022. Since the news changes daily about ships being able to stop in Key West, it was too iffy to count on that stop. I'm glad now that I made the switch!
  10. Yes...there were a lot of shaded areas. There's a few structures that had about 6 loungers underneath. In the area that we sat, one of the employees came around and put up umbrellas.
  11. We did Pearl Island when we sailed on Edge last month...it was great! We were the first guests in 18 months and the staff could not have been nicer. It's not a huge island, but we had a nice beach with paddle boards, kayaks and a trampoline on one end. There was also snorkeling...glad I didn't try that because it looked pretty rough...guests were having a hard time getting back on land. The BBQ lunch was great. There are nice views from the lighthouse which is right next to where lunch is set up. The boat ride to the island was nice; we had a guided tour of some of the beautiful homes that we passed. Highly recommend!
  12. You are lucky to have received refunds...I have been waiting MONTHS with a couple of small amounts credited, but the bulk of my refund is pending. My first cancelled cruise was a year ago...most recent was for the Reflection TA that sadly will not sail next week. My travel agent makes calls on my behalf on a regular basis only to be told "probably another week". I have more Celebrity cruises booked which I can't pay for unless I get the refund. What's a girl got to do to get her $$$?
  13. I was lucky enough to get a great deal on Edge last month...would not have missed it for the world...I was thrilled that Captain Kate (and Bug) were onboard, but would have taken the cruise regardless.
  14. We were on Equinox a few years back and had fun on Halloween. The entertainment staff actually put together a flash mob (Michael Jackson's "Thriller") and we had a great time dressing up and doing the routine around the ship. We saw everything from a Halloween t to full-blown costumes on passengers. Sadly, our Reflection cruise for this month was cancelled...I had some fun stuff planned for Halloween! I say go for it...you'll have a blast!
  15. We took the Celebrity excursion from Nassau to Pearl Island a few weeks ago during our Edge cruise. It's a pretty little island with kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling all included in the price. Also a very good BBQ lunch. The staff was happy to see us and made our time there enjoyable. We also had a mini tour of the homes along the coast back to the ship. Just a suggestion..........
  16. Edge was amazing with approximately 850 passengers when we sailed last month. Add the solo discount that we scored and I was in Heaven (separate SVs for two overpackers!!!). We booked just about 6-7 weeks out and had an amazing time. Can't lie...the anticipation of taking my first covid test the day before flying to Ft. Lauderdale was extreme, but it was worth it to set foot on this beautiful ship...which coincidentally was the last cruise I took pre-covid. The crew was fantastic; the ship was immaculate! There was just a feeling of elation all over the ship. Now I'm counting down to Equinox in January!
  17. I just got the email from Celebrity confirming 60-day payment update info. Now if only they would process my refund request!!!
  18. Is that Equinox on 1/3? We are on the same sailing. I've been waiting for a substantial refund from Celebrity before paying off the balance for January cruise. No guarantee that I'll get the refund any time soon, but good to know I have extra time to pay the balance.
  19. I have the card also and will use my accumulated funds to pay down the balance of my upcoming Equinox cruise rather than OBC. That's a good option for me since gratuities, WiFi and bev package are included. No need for a lot of OBC.
  20. Edge sailed with just under 900 last week (I loved it!!!)...reports were that the number of passengers for this week was about 650.
  21. That's how Edge looked last week...and I loved it! Here's hoping Equinox sails at less than 100% capacity in January 50-60% would be good)
  22. Back to the original question...yes, Captain Kate left Edge this past Saturday, 9/18. We were lucky enough to sail with her last week...met her in the OceanView and she could not have been nicer. My friend and I brought a little gift for her and Bug. Two days later, we received a lovely thank you note and some chocolate truffles from her. She is a class act! She told us in her talk on Friday that she was going home to Vegas on Saturday to begin some renovations on her home.
  23. Thanks...will be glad to get that task out of the way!
  24. You mention that you were able to watch the muster video in your hotel. Is that found in the app? I was under the impression that it played on the TV in your stateroom. I'd love to get that done before boarding. Thanks!
  25. Mine were included in the cruise booklet that I received last Thursday, 9/2 for my Edge cruise which is this Saturday, 9/11. I was previously told by my travel agent that I would not receive any luggage tags directly from Celebrity but would get them from the porter in Ft. Lauderdale. It was a nice surprise to receive them the other day.
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