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  1. The Marriott in Isle Verde will sell you a day pass and you have use of the pools, beach, loungers, showers, food & drink, etc. They will store your luggage till you are ready to go and the airport is only 5 min away. Last time on the Summit we did a trip to the Bacardi Rum factory through Celebrity. It was really fun and our luggage went on a separate bus to the airport and was waiting for us when we got there. Our flight was around 3pm. Enjoy your cruise and don't waste time sitting in the airport!
  2. I like Grand Turk better than Nassau because you have the Margaritaville pool area and the beach right off the ship.
  3. Wow! Looks like the Legend sustained a lot of damage.
  4. Anyone have experience with them? Recommend which tour? TIA
  5. Hmnn........never been offered a salt choice and we've eaten at the steak house just about every cruise. Does it matter what you order?
  6. Do you ask ahead of time, or first night of the cruise?
  7. This is a very interesting question. With ATD since you may only have the same wait staff for a night or two, it makes sense to tip them as the service is rendered. With our room steward we generally give the tip the night before leaving, to thank him/her for their service, so as not to miss them on a very busy debarkation day. I prefer to hand it off so I know where it is going rather than leave it in the room or on the table.
  8. You can tell by looking at a deck plan. Just be advised to check what is under you. We booked over the arcade (formerly the library & chapel)and it runs 24/7.........not good for sleeping.😕
  9. We were underwhelmed with Jack's Shack. We didn't eat there, but had a couple of drinks. But it is worth it to walk further down the beach from the pier to get away from the crowds. It depends on what you are looking for. If quiet, take a taxi to a less crowded beach up by Cockburn town or if you don't want to spend cash, walk to the right after the pier. Margaritaville is where the action is for sure if that's what you're wanting....a cabana is distancing yourself a bit but not completely. Understand there are other beach bars/chairs/umbrellas between Margaritaville & Jack's. Maybe keeping things open till you get there and experience the vibe will be of help. Whatever you do, enjoy your cruise. Grand Turk is a great port.
  10. We always carry on. One small rolly suitcase each and a backpack. I'ts no trouble to manage that at all. However, if you are taking multiple suitcases, I would dissuade you. Very crowded in public areas on embarkation day and you will have to take your luggage everywhere you go till rooms are ready. If you wait till later in the day it might be doable, idk, I never needed to carry on more luggage even for extended trips. Have a great cruise whatever you decide. 😎
  11. No way would I drive 13hours each way.................convenience. Start your vacation sooner. 😎
  12. You and your family look lovely! Nice to see the whole family participate!
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