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  1. The original Azamara ships ("R-Class") had a great complimentary men's steam (no sauna). With so many refits, I can't tell you what the PURSUIT will offer now, in terms of Men's Sauna/Steam, but I think it is very optimistic that you would consider this a deal-breaker anytime before mid-2022. Would love to hear about your experience and that it is a good -- and safe -- one.
  2. We left Jan 5th on our 77-day South America and Antarctic voyage, and all things looked well. Somewhere along the way, the world became infected and we were in a pandemic. I congratulate Holland America (ms Volendam) for taking immediate action in sanitizing and taking precautions against infection. We remained virus-free for our return to Ft. Lauderdale. Regarding the Spa area on the ship, the men's sauna (no steam) is still active and was quite social until the buzz about coronavirus caused me to discontinue my twice-daily visits to gym and sauna. Discreet visits were difficult when social distancing required a six-foot distance between bodies. Who knows what the future will hold for us in our quest for a relaxing sauna on the high seas?
  3. Hey, twodjs: I enjoy your comments very much. Thanks for confirmation that HAL will not disturb the men's sauna layout. I'm on the VOLENDAM (South America ~ Jan 5th>Mar 22nd 2020), having cancelled our WC on Pacific Princess, due mainly to their policy of charging for their steam and smaller sun deck. Will check in after this voyage with any updates. Smooth Sailing!
  4. Hello, Repositioner. We traveled on the CORAL PRINCESS about ten years ago and it was re-fitted in 2019... so I don't know how accurate my info will be. We enjoyed the smaller size of the ship and the service and food were quite good. On our voyage, there were gender-specific saunas, cozy but friendly, at various times of day. I found that 10am and 3pm were very social and the guys that used the sauna were mature (save a few officers during passenger meal hours) in-shape and sophisticated, which made for good conversation. I'd be interested to hear your review of the updated ship; hope the sauna is still there and still included at no extra cost. Bon Voyage.
  5. Welcome, BEJWEE, hope this thread provides a lot of info for your future voyages. I like Oceania; you mentioned that your steam/sauna was included in your fare. Were you in a suite? On the Pacific Princess (R-class/small ship), steam is no longer included except for top suites.
  6. Hello, SteamMates > Anyone been on HAL's Volendam this year? On my last cruise I found separate (gender-specific) steam rooms at no additional charge included in the Spa facilities. We were on six back-to-back voyages, so had new guys every two weeks. NEXT TRIP: 77-day South America / Amazon / Antarctic Cruise (again on the Volendam). Hope all facilities are intact. Thanks for any input.
  7. Earlier in this thread, I commented on the PACIFIC PRINCESS spa and fitness center as having a complimentary steam room (gender-specific). With the re-fit, it is now under the greedy management of the Spa and no longer available without a weekly or full-cruise PA$$. "Another one bit the dust!
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