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  1. This happened to me when I booked 4 cabins and a few months later found a better deal and called to get lower price. I did this directly through ncl. They never told me my rooms would be changed. When i got off the phone and looked at the confirmation I noticed the change.. Different rooms all separated. I called back and they were able to place us back but said anytime you adjust the reservation they have to cancel and rebook, and the rooms may change. Can't trust anyone but must be diligent yourself. You will have a wonderful time anyway! And now maybe your post will help the next person ;) Have a wonderful cruise!
  2. I just would order a virgin drink with my card for my child. She was not allowed a smoothie with the soda card... Quite silly considering how much the soda card is!
  3. Just painting on our balcony roof , sides and railing. Always done when in port so never an issue. Rock wall was closed but never saw any activity there. Honestly for a ship going into dry dock it is very well maintained. It's obvious that the crew works very hard to keep the ship beautiful.
  4. I didn't see any other boats in Tortola that day.
  5. Neither my husband nor I remember seeing it on the menu but we didn't eat there every night
  6. Maybe the fact that we were on the last taxi to get to Virgin Gorda affected us too. Everyone was already heading down the paths when we arrived. We sat up top on the ferry... So took us very long to get off.
  7. Should be better once dock is finished, you should arrive on time to excursion. Also, if all else fails do devils bay first (amazing) then go back the way you came (short hike no caves) and go to the baths beach, then if time allows go through the caves that connects the two. Basically you are dropped off in the middle and can go either way. The problem was 1/2 went one way and1/2 went another... Caused a huge traffic jam in the middle at the caves. If our excursion was told to go one way.. It may have helped alleviate the congestion.
  8. We had Gio this past week on the Gem. He was very energetic friendly and always around the ship. Crazy Kristine was the assistant and she was great as well. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. They posted the drinks of the day for the week so you could look at those.. And some others but really anything I asked for they made. No issues :)
  10. My friends just went shopping in Tortola. It really does seem like a wasted stop since we were only there 7-1 and by time you get on Tortola, you have to worry about getting back to the boats by 11:30 to make it back on ship for 12:30.. Listen, it wasnt horrible to be wading in the Caribbean waters I'll take a traffic jam like that over the west side highway in NYC anyday but once the dock is complete it will be much better but right now may pay to just stay in ship and enjoy the view and prime pool seating... Lol
  11. The Captain was Lars from Norway and Hotel Director was Tony from USA. Not sure last names.
  12. Gio just came off of a vacation so I assume he will be there awhile. He is very energetic friendly and funny. Won't disappoint :)
  13. No I'm sorry we didn't we were in 11038-11042 the mini suites, which btw, the noise from up above was minimal. I was very nervous before boarding thinking it would be loud, but no worries there.
  14. We tendered... Then went on excurstuon in Virgin Gorda so the ferry was a decent size. But they used the lifeboats otherwise.
  15. Had a fantastic time on my 10 cruise on the Gem. I'll answer all questions I can. Ask away! Food was good... After 10 days could use a home cooked meal... Dinner in magenta and grand pacific took way too long. I enjoy a slow meal but we would be there for almost 2 hours whenever we went. Crew was VERY friendly and fun. Gio was the Cruise Director and Kristine was the assistant. They were great! Had the UBP and it was well worth it. No issues with any drinks my balance at the end if the cruise was only what I bought in the photo Gallery. The excursion in Tortola (Virgin Gorda) was horrendous. Bathrooms were closed when we got there (after a 40!minute ferry and 10 minute taxi ride)Although it is a beautiful place there was so much Chaos in the caves and people were coming from both sides we had to wait 20 minutes just to get past small areas... Very tight. And we had less then 2 hours to explore, not worth the money. It could have been very nice but was extremely disorganized. I do have all the Dailies.. I will try to post some. Btw, rock wall still closed. Overall a fantastic cruise I love the Gem!
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