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  1. My family is taking the Summit to Bermuda this summer and would like to look over the dockyard when in port ain Kings Warf. Should we get a port or starboard side cabin? Thanks so much.
  2. We are doing tour also in August. Looking forward to hearing about it also. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. I just returned from the June 19th sailing on the Summit. There was Mexican food on the buffet one day at lunch. My kids had tacos and fajitas. I think OP just overlooked them.
  4. My family was on the March 9th cruise of the Summit. We loved it. Yes the buffet area is not as nice as other ships, but it did not stop me from eating to much. I have to say that the pillows were pretty darn small. I thought they were about as big as the pillows my wife makes me put on top of our bed when we make it!! I would sail the Summit again. I have no problems with it. My family enjoyed the time. I hope OP finds a cruise line that they like better. We have found our favorite with X.
  5. I feel bad for anyone who has had a bad cruise. I personally have never had a bad cruise. Some are better than others. But research would have pointed out much if not all of the things that the poster was upset about. I don't want to say anything bad about poster, but feel that if they have had all these cruises they should of known by now.
  6. I just tip in cash to the server or bartender. Not everytime, but if I find myself going back to the same location or at pool and want to have server come by more often. Don't know if it helps but who knows?
  7. I was in Aqua Class on the Jan. 4th cruise. Both my wife and I felt that it was not worth the extra money. We both thought that the food in BLU was ok, but would rather be with a large table in the MDR. We ate at Blu twice, all three specialty resturants, and MDR twice. We did book again on the Solstice and booked CC cabin. I am happy we tried Aqua Class, but would not do it again.
  8. No, call me crazy, my wife and I are taking our two daughters on the December 27th cruise. I guess there will only be about 1000 kids!!!!!
  9. I was on the 1/4 cruise. Yes, there are some problems, but none to me that were a big deal, at all. I found the crew and food to be, for the most part, very good. We booked another cruise for December 09, on the Solstice. Don't worry, have a great time, let the small stuff roll off your back and enjoy.
  10. These are my thoughts one Blu. Yes, the Filet was very good. Probably the best we have ever had on a cruise ship. The second night my wife ordered Salmon and I ordered the Lamb. The Salmon was way overcooked and the Lamb was very tough. We sent both items back and what we got back was even worse than the first. The service was fine, except for the Wine Steward. On the second night we did not get our bottle of wine, until the main course came. We refused it. Both my wife and I felt we were very rushed. Dinner never took more than an hour. Thats fine for some, but I would rather have a longer dinner. We never ate breakfast at Blu. The one thing that stood out was that we felt kind of "by ourselves" at a table for two. We asked about a larger table and told it was not available. Blu may be fine for some. If that is the case enjoy and have fun. For us we would rather sit at a larger table in the MDR. Knowing that a large table can sometimes be hit or miss with others, we have had a lot more hits than misses. Both my wife and I just felt that the added cost was not worth it. But thats just us. To some it will be, and thats great. I did go to the relaxation room twice and each time it was anything from being relaxed. Spa people were coming and going and talking to passengers who were getting treatments. Please remember, this is just my opinion. You may have a great time, like others have had. But, for me its not worth the money. I would rather go to a CC cabin and have some more money to take an excursion or spend some other place. I have read other posts about people not wanting to go back on Solstice. My family is going back in December. We really enjoyed our cruise. It was no problem at all to get a table in the MDR. I found the food there to be fine. If you are unsure about Blu, give it a try and find out how you like it.
  11. We were on the Jan. 4th sailing and our reservations stated second sitting. We knew we where in Blu. It did not say it, but if you are in the Aqua Class, then you are in Blu. I hope you liked it much better than my wife and I did. We only ate there the first two nights and then went to speciality dinning and then main dinning room.
  12. Hey GMoney, My wife and I were on the same cruise. I agree a lot with your thoughts. We were in an Aqua Class Cabin. While the cabin was very nice, Blu was a huge dissapointment. We ate there the first two nights and that was it. We went to all three specialty dinning rooms and then the main dinning room for the last two nights. I would not spend the extra money for the Aqua Class Cabin again. At first, I thought the new lifeboat drill was going to be great. We were in Michaels Club. We got there early and there were no seats (ok, no big deal) but after people poured into the little area it got very hot. The Celebrity Rep. was yelling everyone to "get closer together, so we could watch the movie". About half-way through the drill, people began to take off the life vests and she went crazy. I can not understate how hot and crowded it was. I agree that the Aqua Spa Cafe seemed to be really scaled down. One day at the pool we were covered in Soot. Pretty gross. I showed the bar server that my drink was full of soot and he did give me a replacement. He told me that this happens mainly in the afternoon on the port side of the ship. Who knows???? The Captians Club is a big waste. We used the laundry coupon and gambling coupon. RCI has a much better program. I thought that the Captain could have talked much longer at the CC Party. I know that everyone is cutting back on expenses, but could they have gotten any worse wine at the party? Our Cabin was on deck 11. When leaving the Aft elevators and going down the port side hallway, to our cabin, about half the time we did smell a urine smell, in the hall. I also agree, "mine, mine, mine" is ok for a 5 year old but not an adult. There seemed to be a lot of "mine, mine, mine" by many adults. It is very nice to get as many towels as you would like at the pool. On my past RCI cruises, if you ask for two the attendent has made a big deal about it. Mixed drinks are expensive, but mixed very well, with a lot to pick from. Just my .02 cents. I really like the M-Class ships. I believe that X will get the problems worked out.
  13. On past cruises we usually have a pretty good table. We have made some very good friends with one couple (who we continue to talk to and have taken several more cruises with). However, we have had some very bad tables: 1. We sat with a women and her daughters and all this women talked about was how smart she was and how dumb everyone else was. 2. On our last cruise, with my daughters (10 and 13) we asked to be at a table of four or with another family. We ended up with four people who could not speak English and came to dinner at least 30 minutes late every time. I think its hit and miss, most time its a hit. But as my old Pappy used to say "you can't fix stupid".
  14. I have never sailed on HAL. Before kids, my wife and I would always book a suite on X. We have been in Sky Suites, Royal Suites and Penthouse Suite (on Century). IMHO, the Royal Suite on the M class ships are fantastic. I really like the Butler service. It has always been very personal and first class.
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