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  1. I didn't realize Royal is such a chicken! I'm throughly disgusted Royal caved & I want my full money back for my Jewel sailing! It was booked with the fact the whole ship would be 97% Vax! Anyone called yet?
  2. U'll realize Vision is calling Bermuda home & Bahamas are also becoming a starting point. Caribbean possibly soon as well. Welcome to FL, who by the way needs the cruise industry $$$$$! Threats have been made to leave FL. Not a clue how those trial cruises will actually run out of FL with Desantis no vax passport, when they will be required. Yet the ships are coming back in droves 5 a day in Miami & Disney parked right outside of 2 ports, trying to gear up! The rest in Co. groups just in Intl. water! I'm sure the cruise co.'s are more than fine to use other states to get sailing again
  3. Booked a NH Winnisquam waterfront lake house for June & September B-days. We'll be able to drive around & hopefully in September things will be better & we could take the Mount Washington again. Dog can come! Sitting back at the house, grilling & listening for the loons.
  4. Gave up when my September was canceled by me after arguing to many times ship ain't sailing & not Royal, and no L&S, no dep. back/credited, OBC gone. On the water NH Lake house booked for June & Sept. 2021 B-days & Dog can come. They ain't going to sail til. 2022! They'll be mighty expensive to make up for the lost time & less capacity.
  5. Here's a link to the article https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/ghost-cruise-boat-tour-uk/index.html
  6. Actually u can't get to Canada, because Canada has closed their border till 2021!
  7. Royal ships are Bahamian Reg & yet no US now. How does it work for even the private island? Then again I doubt anyone is sailing to next year!
  8. Best private B-day dinner on a RCL balcony in Vision 8088 wrapped part & having Roast beef & lobster tail 😎🥳!
  9. These are from 8088! Nice private dinner for 2! Big room & couch! Tad of a hike!
  10. Corner afts are sweet! Had a private dinner on the corner looking @ the sun setting coming out of Cozmel!
  11. Basically they are non-refund, but part of it might travel to new booking! Ship is delayed by awhile! Here is an interesting article & it does mention Mardi Gras! https://thepointsguy.com/news/carnival-ceo-arnold-donald-interview/?utm_content=B0B0FBDA-AFEA-11EA-BFCC-2FF34744363C&utm_term=editorial&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=thepointsguy&tw=1&utm_medium=social
  12. Their's almost 3k new cases in FL every day, w/500% increase in pneumonia deaths! Yeah there ain't no spikes!
  13. Here's insight from Carnival CEO! U read between the lines, but no & it is going to be weeks or months before anything is created, so thanks for all the money not returned to you! https://thepointsguy.com/news/carnival-ceo-arnold-donald-interview/?utm_content=B0B0FBDA-AFEA-11EA-BFCC-2FF34744363C&utm_term=editorial&utm_source=twitter&utm_campaign=thepointsguy&tw=1&utm_medium=social
  14. Anyone read article below? Via CEO of Carnival they honestly have no plans & it will be weeks if not months to get an actual plan to their ships & only several ships will start! We have no idea what it will look like or any gaurantees for that matter that we won't be parked out @ an outer marker, or for a plan if cases are dectected onboard! Shouldn't we be entiled to know some of this, I know I wanted to know! Since they honestly have no clue they should have the respect & decency to move cruises at same cost for people who put money down, but No, because they are money grubbing i
  15. I don't pay staff 2x times; since were now forced to pay grats @ $14.95pp & 18% for alcohol pkg. Fun when all their staff is begging for money! Screwing us singles up to 15% more for the same cabin.
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