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  1. It says American Cruise ships well all of the Royal ships are not US Registered, so technically it shouldn't effect anything!
  2. Thanks everyone for the info, but it seems most info matches Lauderdale terminal then Canaveral terminal. I was boarding O around noon in PC Sept 18 & again the main line was out the door & gaining fast down the curb & almost past the edge of the building on the right! Reminded me of PR. If anyone is boarding Harmony in the next few weeks please send back current first hand info in your RC or here & some pix's. Thxs all.
  3. I sent an email to CA regarding prescreening security lines @ PC & this is what I got back! Can anyone confirm this year that the including Diamond & up PS line is still available @ PC to Dia? With a pix too boot! I am solo & I can't be in a 2+ hour prescreening line do to health & disability issues, that I witnessed last September boarding Ms. O. This Doug maybe confused, because Harmony is still running out of PE til next week. Thanks for any help! Dear Karen: My name is Doug and it is my pleasure to help you today. As a Crown & Anchor Diamond member, you will still have access to special priority queues that should help you get onto the ship as soon as possible. Using your best judgement to pick a boarding time when the crowds may be smaller could also be advantageous. Please let us know if you have any questions about this or if we can help in any other way. Karen, thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean International. We look forward to welcoming you aboard in the future. Sincerely, Doug Simpson Royal Caribbean Customer Support
  4. Boarding line of Diamond and up perk has been after 1st board! Unless you get there in the very beginning u r now shuffled to main line, which on Oasis last September looked to be hours long & out the door & this solo with disabilities would not have been able to stand in that line! Now it seems I have to buy the Key or stand in that line to board Harmony in September. That is what Royal has done! Now ur caught up!
  5. I was just going to say the pot vapor pens look just like any other pen, so this has to be an interesting issue; since they are becoming more common place. I wonder if dogs can really get a hit on them, or have they been pulling out all pens @ security boarding & testing pens.
  6. That is no wheres near a wrapped balcony & u want a wrapped balcony Vision has 2 awesome ones @ jr rates. Back to BOS, I did that balcony & I honestly liked 9092 better since it was huge & next to the elevators & I never had a noise issue. Happy sailing.
  7. I cruised out of PC last September on Oasis & they did have a Diamond & up line 4 the security line & the main line was way out the door & looked like 2+ hours. Traveling Solo, no way could I do it through my disabilities. Now I have HOS out of PC this September. If I don't manage to get there before 1st call, will The Key get me around that massive line? Then my Diamond perks get me through the rest.
  8. I am actually thinking of it, because I am a solo & it is a great way to get one device on the internet & a lunch & breakfast & some show stuff. Hopefully a much easier way through security; that I apparently as a Diamond have lost better privileges. Can someone who has used The Key, does it get u around the massive out the door main security line? I as a solo there is no way I can be in a 2 hour line @ Port Canaveral that I witnessed last September boarding Oasis. Some of the families looked like this line is worse than any attraction line in Orlando.
  9. I did Little French Key & it was a fabulous day and the food was good! LFK is back up & running & they do have some animals again. Nice easy places to swim, dive & just hang out. They have a bar. It is about a 20min trip from the boat to get to Frenchy's and then you take a boat over to the island.
  10. Nordic Prince NYC to Bermuda 1989 2nd anv. & man we hadn't even gotten out of the harbor area & the boat was listing & climbing the ladder to get to crows nest. Purely hated it, but coming back to Brilliance 5 years ago got me back to crusing & the only class I have yet to do is the Anthem class.
  11. Well, since there now charging you Well let's take notice. Rates to get a cabin through the roof. Drink Pkg up $10.00 day since Sept 18', I was able as a Diamond to get in Dia & up que for free, but now back to the regular line for u mobility challenged indv.; that line looked like hours long @ Port C., or pay $150 for the week to get this new perk. The Tips through the Roof for daily chg & beverage pkg. The food absolutely low quality & now a possible $10 plate fee if you order extra food. Are u kidding me. Ontop of all these fees U have been charged they still want u to tip ur staff! U have to pay for those rides & mats & stuff @ the island they built, honestly I feel it absolutely encourageable that this is not included in the cruise fare that you paid for. For a single indv that had to pay 2 fares this is down right distgusting. Not to mention indv pays 10 to 20% more for a cabin & all pkgs listed, because they are all geared to 2+! Welcome to the Nickle & Diming 2019 money grab heist. This will be my last cruise if I even go!
  12. 1) I haven't cruised since last Sept & my 1st on a Oasis class on Ms. O @ Port Canaveral. Right out of the box my synopsis is the main line was way out the freaking door & thankfully this mobility challenge indv doesn't have go through that line. I ask is their still the Diamond & up other line or has The Key & Expedient Arrival is now Trumping that whole old way? Back to the main line u go. 2) I am thinking about the key because it includes 1wifi. Have they oversold & actually getting lunch has not worked do to space? 3) Can a Diamond or up tell me if one of the benfits is a 30% discount or discount of DX Bev Pkg onboard? Thanks for any helpful insight on these items. Happy cruising.
  13. Can you still swim in the pool & ocean w/o a float for free or do you have to pay for that as well? Is their a lunch & drinks on land still included? Pretty soon RCI will be charging you"ll for slides, wall, riding & skating.
  14. In that deck 5 area, were the upper slots open to bring in nice sea air? Thanks for sharing. I"ll be on her in Sept.
  15. I heard a rumor that RCL did away with the diamond & up boarding line? I heard that diamond and below after first call had to go into main line can someone elaborate on this please! I boarded Oasis last fall & thought thank goodness I am not in the main line, because it looked like hours to get through it & up to 1st desk @ 11:15am!
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