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  1. fan3car


    Thanks Saint Greg. After posting my question I found and watched some of the videos you mentioned. I felt like that penguin watching it and it was very informative. We'll see in a couple weeks if I feel up to the walk or just call an Uber.
  2. fan3car


    If staying at the Hilton Riverside, is it an easy walk to the Carnival terminal dragging a wheeled suitcase or would we want to Uber or taxi there? We are mid 50's and somewhat active, but I'll be 8 weeks post total knee replacement. I'm sure I can walk a half mile on level hard ground but much more than that might be a bit much.
  3. We're cruising the Dream in August. Purchased a different cruise on board the Sunshine back in December 2016. Purchasing on board allowed us the flexibility to change to another sailing of our choosing (which we did, to a different ship and date) and we got a $100 on board credit.
  4. fan3car

    Boarding in Canaveral

    We sail out of Canaveral a week from tomorrow, no staggered check-in for us.
  5. fan3car

    Internet on carnival sunshine

    Norfolk airport uses electronic boarding passes also. You can have your boarding passes sent to your phone and then you just scan the QR code from your phone. I use it there all the time.
  6. fan3car

    hurricane in Charleston

    http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ The National Hurricane Center
  7. fan3car

    Unopened Beer?

    It's hit or miss. Policy is that the beer be opened by a bartender. I had my one favorite bartender who sold me cans of Fosters and would leave it sealed if I wanted it that way. Another bartender wouldn't do it and told me she had to open the beer.
  8. fan3car

    Buying soda between airport and ship-transfer

    Am I mistaken in thinking that you aren't allowed to bring on sodas anymore? I thought I had read that somewhere when Carnival started selling water by the 12 pack. Maybe it's just water but I thought the ban included soda too.
  9. fan3car

    In-Room Beverage Packages

    From past experience, you can order the "In Room Beverages" before you leave, up until a a day or two prior (there is a cutoff). If you don't get your order in and want a bottle for your room, you can order it from room service. It'll be the same price as is displayed on the web site for in room beverages. They do have a limited amount of liquor that they'll sell from room service and don't always have everything that's listed on the site. A few years ago I wasn't going to be able to go on my cruise due to doctors orders. My wife, son and DIL left without me to drive down to Miami. While Skypeing them at their hotel, I got pretty depressed and ended up bucking the Doctors orders. I bought a one way ticket to meet them there and go on the cruise anyway. Needless to say I didn't pre-order my usual bottle of crown but was able to buy it from room service on the first day.
  10. fan3car

    Flying to embarkation port early

    We live in Virginia. If we had too much of a delay leaving the day before, we could always hop in a rental car and drive about 15 hours to Miami or about 11 hours to Port Canaveral. I say rental car because if there is a problem with the car, you can get another one from the agency pretty quickly instead of a problem with your own car which would definitely be more expensive and time consuming.
  11. Today, Delta Airlines is down worldwide due to computer problems. We never fly in to port city on embarkation day, just because things like this happen and you have no control over it. Do any of you spin the wheel and fly in on embarkation day?
  12. It pays to tip a favorite bartender. On one cruise we found a great bartender who we would slide an extra $5 or $10 once in a while. He really worked hard and was quite friendly. Sitting at the bar one day I ordered a frosty Mango Swirl. You know how they always have some of the cocktail left in the blender after filling a glass? They usually dump that to make the next drink. This time he took the liquor bottle, dumped a little more in the leftover, and then he filled another glass with the rest, about 3/4 of a drink. He then slid it over to me with a smile. Not only that, he did it again when that glass was empty after making another guest his drink. I'm a firm believer in tip karma and will always make it a priority to find a great bartender and stick with them throughout the week.
  13. fan3car

    Distilled water for cpap

    I have used a CPAP machine for many years and I gave up on using distilled water a long time ago. Distilled is recommended so mineral deposits don't build up. I may be a lucky one since I have insurance that allows me to change out my humidifier chamber tank every six months. I realize that may not be the same for everyone. Using tap or bottled water for just a few nights while cruising shouldn't be a problem. Like I said, I've been using tap water for years in mine.
  14. WTH, doors kicked in? That escalated quickly.