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  1. Yes. Drink packages work on GSC.
  2. The only money I would expect to get back in these circumstances is the port fees. I would expect 100% of the second person's fare to be forfeited. Very helpful everyone - thanks. Now let's see if NCL can woo me into going on fewer RCI cruises. :cool:
  3. Background: I'm a frequent cruiser but have yet to try NCL. That may change in March. Before I book, I have some questions. (As a once-frequent visitor of CC I feel the need to post this: please only respond if you know the answer. That would be helpful.) I'm planning a group trip on a 3-night Epic cruise in March. * If I book 2 people in a room can I change one of the 2 guests at a later date? * Follow-up to the last question - if "yes", can I also book one guest as "TBD" and fill in a name later? * If I book 2 people in a room can I arrive with only 1 and expect that the second person's port fees would be refunded? Thanks in advance for the assistance!
  4. Greetings, fellow cruisers. I'd really like to book a spa appointment for my wife on our upcoming cruise and present it to her as a gift before we're on the ship. But I know that Royal Caribbean has a 20% off discount available to Diamond members. Has anyone attempted to receive the discount as a credit while onboard against a spa service that you prebooked/prepaid for online? Thanks in advance, and happy cruising.
  5. I was on the ship as recently as 6 weeks ago. It did NOT have the Freestyle machines. Calling the Royal Caribbean number to ask them something about one of their ships is about as useful as dialing a random phone number and asking whomever answers the same question.
  6. The kids programming (Adventure Ocean) is excellent. For a reunion of people across multiple generations I couldn't think of a better ship that the Oasis class. Something for everyone. Some of the production shows are family-friendly. It really depends. You probably wouldn't want to take a 3-year-old to a Broadway show on land so you probably wouldn't want to take them to a Broadway show on the ship either. Adventure Ocean is divided up into three age groups: 3-5 6-8 9-11
  7. Adventure Ocean always takes them to lunch on port days. It's a given on every ship.
  8. Excellent - thanks to you both for the quick response!
  9. Hello, NCL cruisers. If NCL is anything like Royal Caribbean then this forum is probably better at answering questions than calling their 800#. So here I am. I'm considering booking a 4-person oceanview cabin on a Bermuda cruise in June that is eligible for the "free ultimate beverage package". Nowhere in the booking does it state that the package is only available for the first 2 passengers. Does that mean that all 4 of us will receive it? Thanks in advance for anyone who can answer definitively!
  10. On Royal it's any picture that was taken during your cruise.
  11. Welcome to Royal Caribbean! Where rules are suggestions and suggestions are ignored.
  12. I've been Diamond for a while and I don't use the lounge any more. Too many poorly-behaved children AND adults in my humble opinion. If I wanted to watch a lot of boorish behavior I'd book myself on Carnival more often.
  13. Yet another reason why I buy the unlimited drinks package - if I'm at a bar and someone has annoying kids I'll just leave and go to another bar! :)
  14. Magically, it just started working for me. For now...... :rolleyes:
  15. Can anyone do a search on March 2015 cruises? I can't. It keeps resetting the date to April. It is literally impossible for me to find a cruise that sails this month.
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