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  1. That is a deal breaker for me. I refuse to pay for something in advance, pay for it again in person and wait for a refund. I will gamble on the person being there when we arrive. If not, I will have a massage elsewhere.
  2. @Drock20J Did you have to reserve the massages in advance? We are going to Almaplena next week and were told we had to pay for the resort and massages in advance. Then pay for the massage in person and the advance funds would be credited back to us. Thanks.
  3. Easy to confirm which restaurants are open for each meal through the RCI app. If there is a breakfast, lunch or dinner menu they are open then. It also lists times and you can navigate through the different days to see the menus.
  4. I would also try to reserve once aboard via the RCI App.
  5. If you use the RCI app you can look at each restaurant and see if there is a per person charge or a per item charge.
  6. If you have the RCI app you can view menus for the restaurants in advance (just no particulars on the Windjammer items).
  7. Would love to hear your experience. Maya Chan is booked on our arrival date.
  8. This is an interesting place to experience at least once. A mud river, a sensory deprivation/overload experience where you travel through a cave in the dark relying on touch, sound and smell and a village that looks completely skewed in size and orientation.
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