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  1. I don’t know if this helps. The last cruise I took the move up option was not available for me in Aqua Class but my friends I am OV and Balcony both out in for the move up and did not get.
  2. We sailed out of San Juan in October. I felt like we had a bonus port the last day. It is beautiful and had a great time walking around the port and seeing the forts. Good luck!
  3. We have been on the Summit 4 times and have done both itineraries and they are both fantastic. I have been to pretty much all the islands in the Carribean and think you will love this cruise. But, it is completely up to you! It’s a shame your itinerary has changed but I think you may be ok with the new Islands.
  4. 14cruisegirl


    Just got off the Summit and the tour was amazing! Snorkeling was great and we loved the tour!
  5. 14cruisegirl


    Thank you for the information. Did anyone find the swim they describe (about 100 feet) a problem for people with anxiety? I am feeling nervous that I’m not going to want to do it when I arrive. Thank you!
  6. My kids love Celebrity Cruises. They have always made friends and they still talk to a good amount of kids. We started taking them when the older one was 8. We have been on other cruise lines with them but their favorite is Celebrity.
  7. We were on the Equinox in August and my son fell and cut himself. They gave him bandaids (they had all sizes). and extra bandaids to take back to the room. Perhaps, it was the employee that did not have knowledge or they changed the policy about the supplies. We were actually impressed that they had different sizes. Sorry about what happened she may have been new.
  8. I think you will be very happy with the Veranda. Good luck!
  9. I ended up going with the C1 because the balconies were the same size and I really didn’t need more space. I’m sure it will be great. Thank you for all the wonderful advice!
  10. Hi! Thank you. The ones with the big balconies are not available. It would be ablout the same size as the C1 balcony. :( I do hear the room is larger then the C1. It would be a no brained if a corner one was available. Thank you. Enjoy
  11. Same price looking for advice which one to book. My choices are the family aft Veranda not the corner one or a C1 on deck 8. I think I would like the extra points and the embarkation lunch. I did hear that the family veranadas are very nice size. Please help make my decision!
  12. Wondering how you liked the tour? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!
  13. 14cruisegirl


    Thank you! So glad to hear you enjoyed your tour!
  14. Thank you for all the quick responses and the excellent advice. She is going to be very happy.
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