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  1. We had lunch on our Embarkation day and enjoyed all except my entree was Steak Frites, they did not have fries so gave me bread instead. Not happy with my entree but everything else was fantastic
  2. My wife did find it spicy, but everyone's tastes are so different. If you are worried just ask not to put wasabi on or make sure they know your limits as others suggested. Here is a photo of my wife's dish. Edit to add she loved it...
  3. Currently at the airport ready to head home after two great weeks on Nieuw Statendam. Loved the ship the food, the service and the music walk. But was not impressed with the lack of World Stage Entertainment/Shows. Shout out to Andre at Grand Dutch Cafe who made us our Aspen Coffee's we love. Didn't matter what he made for us the attention to detail and service was fantastic. Added photos to see his excellent work. Club Orange staff, Dewa and Bagus were amazing. Tamarind servers, Sukma and Martha, Canaletto server Suvat again these people were amazing. We will be making a special mention of all of them on our post cruise survey. I've also add the menu's from Club Orange for our second week (except I missed one) and the When and Where's from our second week. Also added our Disembarkation Information letter we got on our last night. FYI, we were Pink 2 and scheduled disembark at 8-8:15 AM. We walked off got our luggage very efficiently no issues and made our way to the airport, I don't think the whole disembark process to more than 15 minutes. Looking forward to another HAL cruise in the future will have to try a different class ship to see what they have to offer. Again anyone interested in photo's check out my first post that has links to all of them... Day 8 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 10 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 11 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 12 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 13 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 14 Dinner Menu.pdf day 8 when and where.pdf day 9 when and where.pdf day 10 when and where.pdf day 11 when and where.pdf day 12 when and where.pdf day 13 when and where.pdf day 14 when and where.pdf Disembarkation Information.pdf
  4. Update of this second half of our 14 day cruise. This week we call on Half Moon Cay again, then Falmouth Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We were told there are 500 less guests than last week. Night 1, our day 8 there was a huge line to get into club orange so we didn't want to wait so went to Pinnacle Grill. Food was good, service not so much. We've also been to Canaletto twice now this week and have enjoyed both times. Friday we'll try Tamarind. A few changes to staff in club orange this week, and because of this we've notice a bit of a drop in service. Having said that Dewa and Bagus are still there and they are great. Getting bored at night since the entertainment is mostly the same, BB Kings Band we always seem to catch the same songs. Same comedian on this sailing so we skipped his show this week. Different magician than last week but didn't really enjoy his show much. We caught the one production dance show again but will not see the other again. We will watch another movie on the lido deck tonight. Gala nights for this cruise are day 3 a sea day and tonight day 5 which is NOT a sea day we are in Grand Cayman today. The Orange party was last night day 4, we didn't make the Orange party this week we were watching a movie on the lido deck. We purchased spa passes for this week and have enjoyed going there daily. Love the little things we have seen on HAL that most other lines have done away with. We've also ordered the Steak and Eggs off the expanded room service menu and enjoyed it so much we are waiting for our second try this morning. The main purpose of this cruise was for some R and R so we are fine with spending more time in our room than we usually do. I missed a day or two of club orange menu's this week since we did some specialty dining, I'll post what I have and the When and Where's for this week at the end of our cruise. Now steak and eggs will be here shortly and then I'll spend the rest of the day keeping an eye on my wife's shopping in Georgetown. Love the NS and the Pinnacle class, will have to try an older HAL ship to compare since we've heard so many good things about them.
  5. They started to appear slowly last week, I just wish they had a better location for the two huge tree's in BB Kings they really block the stage for almost everyone. The gingerbread house setup at Grand Dutch Cafe is awesome.
  6. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I'm not sure if this is an expanded Breakfast menu, but here is a copy of what we have in our room. I just noticed the Steak and Eggs so I'll be ordering that for tomorrow AM.
  7. We've only been to lido market twice, my dw believes she seen smoked salmon today, I did not so I cannot confirm...
  8. Lots attended the Orange Party last week, there was a bit of a mixup the BB King's band was new last week and only played a couple of songs then left the stage only to be told to get back out and keep playing. A bit of a communication issue. But they were fun, lots of people, dance floor full, standing room only. I would say half dressed with Orange. We plan on attending the next one, will report back if anything stands out...
  9. Thank you, just came in from the top decks. I'll see if I can replay the sailaway from PTZ later.
  10. Yes just as you explained, must go to room first, watch safety video the proceed to muster station when told. It was one of the best muster drills we've taken part of. And, we don't have to do muster this week. We are sitting at the lido pool now while everyone is going to there staterooms.
  11. Life happens and we had to cancel plans for an October P&O Ventura Cruise. Things have stabilized and we were able to book this last minute cruise of 2 weeks on Nieuw Statendam. This is our First Holland America cruise and from what we’ve experienced in the first week it won’t be our last. We have really enjoyed the NS. Last week we visited Grand Turk, San Juan, St. Thomas and Half Moon Cay. This week it will be Half Moon Cay again, then Falmouth Jamaica, Georgetown Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico. Boarding last week was smooth (brief hiccup I explain below) I believe we were onboard around 11:30AM. We knew when had Priority Boarding with Club Orange but had to explain to the person allowing guests in the Priority line that we were allowed to be in that line. The sign said Club Orange and our Boarding Passes said Priority, she finally allowed us to check in. Quick checkin and we were escorted to where the Club Orange guests wait for boarding, they had water/coffee and sweet treats available for us. Once onboard our room was ready (loved this), we are in a Balcony Cabin 4025, this cabin has a larger balcony and we love the cabin and location. Room Steward has been excellent. We have Club Orange dining and I’m so glad we made that purchase (for us it was $15 pp/pd). Our servers in Club Orange are fantastic and we love everything about it. We like a table for two and enjoy chatting with everyone around us and for us the intimacy of club orange is perfect. I have noticed that not everything in Club Orange dining is made by the chef in CO, some food comes from the main dining room kitchen. The breakfast is made fresh at the CO kitchen and we have really enjoyed the breakfast offerings. We had lunch at Pinnacle Grill once and loved it, we may go back this week. Not sure about other specialty dining for dinner we’ll see what this week brings. Seating around the Lido pool is limited compared to other ships we’ve been on, and I’ve never seen the rooftop fully open yet, only half of it. It has very comfortable loungers though. We have spent some time at the seaview pool as well but again loungers on the pool level are limited and sometimes hard to come by. All service has been great and our favorite area has to be the music walk, love the Rolling Stone Rock Room, Billboard onboard and BB Kings blues club, we enjoy bouncing around to each venue nighty. I do wish they had more Main Theater production shows. they have only 2 dance shows and 2 guest entertainers (a magician and a comedian). I believe the comedian is back this week not sure about the magician, would be nice to have different options but if not we’ll enjoy some movies on the lido deck in the evening. Turn around Details for Today December 8th, 2019. Yesterday we were giving a letter stating we must meet in the World Stage Theater at 10AM. Once everyone is there we would be escorted off the ship back into the Terminal and through Immigration CBP check. This process went fairly smooth as you can image there are always those people who choose to play by there own rules so we had to wait in the terminal luggage collection area until they could find and clear 6 missing guests. I’ll attached the letter for you to read the full details. We arrived in the theater 10-15 minutes early so the entire process for us was about 1 hour, we were back onboard around 10:45AM. Also if you are interested here is a link to all our photos from last week. Main photo link to all galleries Link to just Nieuw Statendam ship Photos Link to all our Food Photos (more photos to come this week) Link to our Balcony cabin 4025 Photos Behind the Scenes Culinary Tour (for CO guests) If anyone is interested I will also attached the When and Where’s from last week and CO Menu’s Note: I'm still on vacation so I may not be available to answer all questions, but I may check in from time to time. Will give a final update Next week after the cruise. In Transit Nieuw Statendam Dec 8, 2019.pdf day 1 when and where.pdf day 2 when and where.pdf day 3 when and where.pdf day 4 when and where.pdf day 5 when and where.pdf day 6 when and where.pdf day 7 when and where.pdf day 8 when and where.pdf Day 1 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 2 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 3 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 4 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 5 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 6 Dinner Menu.pdf Day 7 Dinner Menu.pdf Club Orange Breakfast Menu.pdf
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