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  1. In the past I purchased soda package but the soda in the various areas tasted like mold. This wasn't just on one ship. It was undrinkable except at the casino bar. No longer buy it. Off the ship quite a bit of the time and we take a few bottles of coke onboard with us and keep in our room I only then buy a couple a day. Depends if you drink a lot of soda before it is a good deal (if it is drinkable)
  2. Does anyone know what the current entertainment is on Royal's Freedom of the Seas this year. We went last January and are hoping the production numbers have been changed.
  3. I definitely feel cruising is the less expensive way to travel. Airfare has become ridiculous but if you are on a budget go to southwest and get their credit card you can usually get 2 free tickets. Cost for card 95.00 year. Check out the various web sites you can get inside room (and we have had mini suites, balconies, outside and inside rooms and don't mind any of them as not in the room much) Some cruise specials have shipboard credit you can apply to your tips. Don't plan to drink as that is very costly on a ship. Many people get surprised. Get a hotel on hotwire to keep costs down. Go to beaches. Take a Taxi to and from and your costs will be minimal. We don't eat off the ship except on rare occasions. You can have fun you just have to plan. Free entertainment on the ships. We don't buy a lot of junk anymore after you get it home you say what???? Do your research and you can come up with something. We try and take a less expensive cruise in fall so we can take another in Jan when we are tired of the cold. Good Luck to you.
  4. I know the feeling we were getting ready to leave for airport before cruise went to get passports which were in a special folder that I always put back in same place. No passports panic struck. Finally after looking everywhere imaginable I went back to the drawer took drawer out and sure enough it had slipped behind the drawer.
  5. We went there and I had gotten a price off the internet and set it up. When we got there they wanted more (much more than I had been quoted). Dumb me didn't take a printout of the E mail with me. The place was nice enough but we had to argue and finally settled on a price somewhere between what was quoted and what they wanted. Thus we won't go back there. The man who we had to talk to was the one I had gotten the E mail from. Rude, Rude, Rude. So if you go make sure you print out any quote you were given.
  6. We did our first cruise on the Flavia July 1976. There were 4 of us in a tiny cabin with bunk beds. One of the beds had a spring that poked out until they turned the mattress. If was fun to dress every night for dinner and if you were more than 10 min late you couldn't get in. The food was wonderful and the wait staff a barrel of laughs. The matride always looked like he just got out of bed. There was a cabin steward Reno who would lurk in the hallways and try to get you to let him show "you something better than dinner" he didn't care if the husbands were around or not. I too still have the album. It was a 4 day cruise and the most sleep any of the 4 of us got was 7 hours total for the entire trip. We didn't want to miss a minute of anything. The walls were all wood and they had to put up these large thick mats to protect them when they were putting the luggage on and off the ship. We are now approaching 40 cruises so I think they made an impression.
  7. Check out pass costs at resortforaday.com
  8. Update some of the activities. Those of us who have been cruising for several years really need something new other than the Newly/no so newly wed game. Quest is ok for some but have an alternate activity for those of us who have seen it over and over. We were on some ship that had many activities going. RCL not so much. Perhaps some late night entertainment too for the night owls would be nice. I hadn't cruised Carnival for a long time but when we did a couple of years ago they had all kind of activities to meet many different interests. Some days we couldn't fit it all in.
  9. I also agree that what do you do for a living is a common way to converse with new tablemates. One cruise was especially funny We all were going around the table just giving a few facts such as how many children we had when one couple announced they had two grown children one helped them manage their apartment complex and the daughter was a prostitute. They didn't blink. The woman also had a very very loud laugh which made everyone look our way. After dinner my husband and I would go to the Show or one of the Bars that had entertainment and there she would be standing and waving for us to sit with them. We did out of politeness and other than the stares we got we did have fun. Life is what you make it This happend several years ago and we still laugh about it. We also were seated once with a family from Canada a man, his wife, two sisters and their mother. What fun we had they were crazy fun. This was during 911 and was a European cruise. We weren't sure we could fly back to the States and this wonderful family said if you can get to Canada we will drive you home . And oh yes we were saying Eh for about a month after this trip.
  10. If you booked yourself call the cruise line as I don't believe they will be picking you up. The transfers are usually from the airport to the cruise ship and back to the airport. If I am wrong someone will let you know, I am sure. Some hotels have transportation to the ships. Check with your hotel. We usually just get a taxi if the hotel doesn't have a shuttle service.
  11. Did you also get your hotel through the cruise line? The times we have gotten our air through them which we don't do anymore as it is usually much more costly they had us fly in the same day and picked us up at the airport. I haven't heard of them picking you up at your hotel unless you got the hotel from them. Someone else may know the answer to this. The one thing I definately know is you are in for a wonderful time.
  12. I have purchased soda package on cruises that only have a couple of ports. When we are in port several days I don't. There is ice tea, lemonade, punch available on most ships free of charge. The last 2 times I did do the soda card the soda tasted terrible to the point of undrinkable (tasted moldy) so I am now opting not to purchase one again. we usually fly in a day ahead of time. I go to a local market purchase a few bottles and put in a carry on case and take it on board to our cabin. If I want a coke while out and about the ship I just buy a can. Save a lot of money as on a 7 day cruise with tip and the soda card it is around $50. You would need to drink quite a bit of soda to justify the cost.
  13. Drama: You asked about some of the Ports. I love Cozamel. We have been there several times. Have rented vehicles and drove around, Have hired Taxi or Van driver. We used to go to San Fransico Beach but the hurricanes have taken away much of the Beach Front. Paradise Beach is right next to it. I don't know what they charge there it used to be free just had to pay for chairs. You could get massages for around $25.00 If you are a beach person get a taxi and go to the beach. You will get to see a little of it just on the taxi ride. You don't have to take a ship tour here. Taxi's are plentiful. Just get the price up front. Most are posted to the different beaches and confirm price with driver. We like the beaches and it is a very economical way to see some of the island and still enjoy the water. Grand Cayman is a shopping center as far as I am concerned. No interest in shopping as I shop before I go. Nice beaches just google Grand Cayman. There is a tour that takes you to Hell. It is a place of rocks but you can say you saw it. There is a turtle farm if that is your thing. Again give me the beach. Last time we were there there were 7 ships in port and very crowded. We are going again in Jan however it will be Beach time for us. Nothing says vacation then sitting in the sun, playing in the water, having a cool drink and laughing with friends old and the ones you meet there. If you get off in Belize take the ship tour . My neighbor went and they did the Cave Tubing. Said it was a lot of fun. I cannot walk long distances due to feet problems so we didn't do this as you have to carry your tube quite a distance but if you are capable it sounded like a lot of fun. I have always said you can cruise as inexpensively as you want. You will not go wrong on either Carnival or Royal but if as you said in a previous post you like to be active Carnival has many more activities on board. We found the staff exceptional. There is always something that I like on one ship better than another but all Cruising is great. Been on around 40 now. Only way to vacation. Sounds as if you have plenty of time to save. If you don't drink alot as drinks are expensive you can do a cruise vacation without alot of extra expenses. I think I saw you would be paying around $500. Where can you go and have great dinners, shows, dancing etc for that kind of money? Now if I could just stay out of the casinos. lol Put all the figures together have a friends night out and get to planning. You will have a wonderful time.
  14. Years ago we went on Carnival had a blast but we were in our 30's had fun anywhere. Went a few years later not impressed after having been on several other lines. Due to price and the fact I could cruise twice that year if I went with an inside room we eleced to take a Carnival on their new ship out of California. The ship decor was probably the uglist of any ship I have ever been on. The Pearl Dining room looked like it had fried eggs near the ceiling it was supposed to be Pearls. The ship was pink , pink, pink. I usually get on a ship and do the WOW factor but not this one. Now for the surprising part we had a blast they had so much more to do on this ship then any Royal, Princess, or Celebrity. I am one of those people who like doing something, shows, trivia, games, etc and not just the ones they make money on like Bingo (that is a major complaint of mine). Carnival provided so much we couldn't do all that we wanted to. Price was great, service great, shows good. I will no doubt be looking at them again in the future. RCL in Sept (Murder Mystery Cruise) and Freedom in Jan. I might just be able to slip in that Carnival if the price and time is right. We usually take balcony rooms (for hubby) but I am happy just being on a ship. Go and have a great time. Oh Belize was fine the first time we went there however we went there last Jan and unless you take a ship tour it isn't that safe to go out of the gated area from everything we heard. We chose to use the ship facilities and that was a great day. No crowds, pool to ourselves. Nice.
  15. Thanks for the help. Some of the suggestions the hotels did not have any rooms available for our dates. Labor day holiday I guess. We did find one for $119.00 plus taxes so about $135 at LaQuinta.
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