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  1. I'm on the Dawn January 2, 2022 I can only book the first 7 days of an 11-day cruise. I called and the agent couldn't book the last few days, either. I think it is a glitch. I was 120 days out when I called, and our final payment had been moved to 60 days... and that did not impact my ability to reserve dining.
  2. Yes, you can do that. It should be available online. You would have to pay full price for the second person's unlimited package, though. You do know two people can share one package, right? You just have to logoff when you are done using the internet, and then your roommate or partner can login using their device. Only one device can be logged on to the internet at a time, but you could share a single account. (Unless one of you is a teenager!) Both of you can use the wifi on ship all the time for the NCL app all the time, though. No charge for that.
  3. I just wore long denim shorts and a nice top to The Restaurant for breakfast and lunch today. I suppose they could be bending the rules because there are so few people on board (only 110-120 pax), but I don't think so? These were no problem at times other than dinner. I wear a dress to dinner, though.
  4. PaulaPatti4, I am also cruising solo. My name is Susan and the last name starts with Sch, and it's quite long. Maybe you can find me on the Viking app once on board? I tried to message you here but couldn't. See you on Friday!
  5. It also says: "There are no “formal nights” in the evening; evening dress is “elegant casual” for all dining venues, performances and special events. On these occasions, required attire for ladies includes a dress, skirt or slacks with a sweater or blouse." I was interpreting the request for a "sweater or blouse" for the ladies as a request for nothing sleeveless. I guess that's not the intent? Thanks for clarifying!
  6. The thing I'm not keen on is the idea of not permitting sleeveless dresses for the ladies--requiring sweaters or shrugs. Personally, I wear them because my upper arms are not toned, but that's my personal decision. If someone wants to wear a stylish sleeveless dress to dinner, why should that not be allowed? Their dress code reads as if this would be a violation. Is it treated as such?
  7. I'm so worried...I just got back my approved Bermuda Travel Authorization...It's Green and it says Approved...so I guess I'm okay? However, somehow I messed up the application or something, because next to "Have you had contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days?" is a huge Y! That is not accurate; I must have selected the wrong answer. I arrive in Bermuda on August 13, so I guess I will tell them that the exposure was on July 28 (within 14 days of today, when I filled out the form...but outside of 14 days from August 13)? I'm also a bit on edge because my printer has decided to stop working, or the app on my phone, or something...so I may have to lug my laptop into the office to print out some documents. Although if this "Y" answer gets worked out, I'll be so relieved that I won't care! So excited to be cruising, even if it is just being docked for five days!!!
  8. See you August 13, Paula! I'm on that cruise and packing as I type! --Susan
  9. I went on my first cruise when I was about 40--it was with my mother, but I still had a great time! You'd be surprised; yes, many of the passengers are older, but they are almost all active and ready to explore! It's definitely not like visiting a nursing home or senior's center! Lots of people ready to get out there and see exciting and historic places, and who enjoy being pampered. Viking ships have enough room for everyone on board, they don't feel crowded like some other lines can. I'm 48 now, and I've been on several cruise lines since. Viking is really top-of-the line unless you pay a great deal more, and with the zero single supplement, it's a great deal! I will say that the included excursions can be a bit tame--they are general overview types of excursions meant to get you familiar with a place. (I usually advise taking the ship's tours because the ship is guaranteed not to leave without you; if you take a tour you've arranged independently, and you return too late, the ship will have left already. At that point, you're responsible for the cost of trying to catch up with your ship at the next port...if that is even possible. However, reputable tour operators always do their best to get you back on time. You can find those here or on Tri_____sor--not sure if I'm allowed to mention the name of other sites?) In any case, check out some of the "pay extra" tours offered by Viking if you are a bit more adventurous.
  10. I agree about the lack of cabin seating on Princess. I took a Panama Canal cruise with them in February 2019. It was my first Oceanview room (I'd always had Verandahs before), so I thought perhaps that was the problem? No, it was a Princess "thing." I was cruising solo so it wasn't such a big deal, but if there had been two of us, having to sit on the bed the whole time? No thank you! I also enjoy the bathtubs on HAL, but not all cabins have them. I don't mind having only a shower...I just wish they had glass doors instead of those awful, cannot-ever-get-them-clean, clingy shower curtains! Eeeeewwwww! I never considered going without the curtain...Hmmm.
  11. The Goya I have found is not pure juice...its second ingredient, after water, is High Fructose Corn Syrup. Ew. I do not mind the water, but I draw the line at HFCS. Even a little cane sugar I could forgive...but certainly not as the second ingredient!
  12. Oooh, guava! I'll have to ask for that the next time I'm on HAL! I usually eat in the MDR, unless I'm going on an excursion and then it's room service.... My usual is pineapple juice.
  13. I made a mistake. Well, no way to tell yet whether it's a mistake or not... I'm returning from a Caribbean cruise to Tampa on January 13. *If* my presentation got accepted at a particular conference, and *if* they didn't schedule me to present on the 13th, I need to fly not back to my origin airport but rather to Washington, DC in order to attend the conference. Is that something that the NCL Air program is even capable of--routing me to a different city outbound than where I came from inbound? Assuming that they're both connecting cities on NCL's list, of course. I purchased the "second person flies free" promo. I'll be traveling with my sister. I'm not sure how keen she will be to extend her trip to attend a boring conference with me (although there's lots of stuff to do in DC, and there's a metro station right in front of the hotel). Anyway, *if* my sister would rather just go home, would it be possible for NCL to send me one direction and her another direction? Again, as long as both destinations are on their list of connecting cities. Just asking in case anyone has any insight or previous experience. I know that for the real answers, I'll have to ask NCL. Thanks!
  14. I'm booked on the Westerdam from February 15 to 29. I'm fine with the change in itinerary, and was looking forward to Japan and South Korea actually. But now I see that the Diamond Princess has a 2-week quarantine in effect--this, I would not be fine with. I bought travel insurance but it does not include cancel for any reason. I was unhappy to find out that, even with a letter from my physician documenting asthma, the travel insurance would not pay out and considers this "fear of traveling" (which is not covered). I'm not afraid of getting the virus--I understand the risks of that and am willing to take on those risks--but I am unwilling to subject myself to a two-week quarantine either on ship or on a military base when re-entering the USA. Looking into my options now.
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