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  1. We were on the same cruise. Felt the ship was beautiful but not really laid out well. I am a smoker and no you could not smoke in the roof top area only on one side of the sunset bar. Plenty of room there. I do wonder about the furniture in the sunset bar. Cushions are already soot stained and look terrible. I guess a case of form over function. To Celebrities credit they do seem to be listening and fixing what they can. The magic carpet is a real letdown. Half of the time it was non functional! We did back to back and it was rarely open. We had an infinite balcony and the cabin itself was beautiful. Calling it a balcony cabin is a bit of a joke though. We loved the storage space and the bathroom. I think they should call it an ocean view cabin upgrade. Food was good. Music good and plentiful around the ship. Feel like they could have used another lounge like Ensemble for people to gather for drinks. Seems like there is a fair amount of dead space on the ship. We are regular Celebrity cruisers but I don't think we will booking an Edge class ship until they figure out how to iron out the growing pains. For now we will stick to Solstice and Millenium class ships! I think the Edge class will be great soon but for now it is just OK!
  2. just a quick note. I notice a lot of upset about the lack of purell dispensers. Purell does not kill norovirus germs one of the biggest contaminants on cruise ship. Only soap and water works for that. It's getting people to use the sinks that is the real problem!
  3. We will be on the silhouette! And yes...FLY EAGLES FLY!!!! We will let the dogs out!:cool:
  4. there have been so many complaints about landside customer service. I am posting to say I just had a very pleasant and surprising experience. I sent an email 2 or 3 days ago with a question about my perk package. I received a call on a Saturday from a customer service rep to answer my question. In the past I have waited several weeks before receiving an email response. Great Job!:)
  5. yes, We met a couple about 8 years on constellation. Turns out we live close to them and had some mutual friends. We are now best friends. have been to our children's weddings, funerals, land vacations, and everything in between with them. have even spent some holidays together. Sometimes they are more family than family!They are the best thing that ever happened to us. Can't even imagine cruising without them. Not sure how or why it happened but am sure it was meant to be!
  6. Bone Crusha, As a nurse, all I can say is thanks! The rise of antibiotic resistant diseases is frightening!
  7. Dear OP, thank you for giving me a good laugh every time I read your post title. Wishing you good health and many more cruises. Again, as a retired nurse this makes my day!:D
  8. While i don't really know if there will be enough for the OP to do on the eclipse, We are sailing on this cruise for the second time in a few weeks. I think it is important to remember that most passengers do not rely on cruise critic for info and that only a very small percentage of passengers actually post here. I also think that passengers are more likely to post if they had a problem on their cruise. If everything is fine there is really not too much to say. I tend to take most of these reviews with a grain of salt. Just my opinion. OP, Whatever you decide I hope you have a wonderful trip!
  9. mmp13

    Why Novo?

    first of all it is noro virus not novo, It infact was first diagnosed in cnnecticut, not on a ship hence the name, Secondly it is one of the most common earound in the winter. It spreads quickly everywhere people congregate. I am a nurse and the facility I work for has been in quarentine three times this winter alone....Has happened every winter I have worked as a nurse. hand washing is essential. Unfortunately , purell is not that effective against this virus. Regular soap and water does a much better job. Like everyone else has said, It would be great if cruise ships figured out an effectively way to eradicate it.. But , Just like the new measles outbreaks, It's not the ships , the schools, the medical facilities, etc that are at fault as much as individuals who don't follow the protocals that perpetuate the spread of all these viruses.
  10. Chester, Like so many others who love cruising, I also loved your reveiws and your book! Sending you and your family prayers to help you on this your latest Journey. Hopefully, you and your family will find the peace you so richly deserve!
  11. I found both the old chairs and the new deck chairs equally uncomfortable...Something about the angle of the back. but I will say that my swimsuit dried much faster on the new chairs.
  12. Really, Really disliked the new amenities in regular cabins. Smells terrible. My friends and I went to purchase our own lotion etc at first port. So miss the elemis lemongrass products.:(
  13. Squidward. Couldn't agree with you more. We were on June 1st sailing of Summit also. Our MDR experience was great Possibly best yet. Also like the new buffet concept. Change is often hard to implement but I think they are getting it right. We never had to wait in line and portions much more controlled. It used to bother me to see all the plates left behind still stacked with food. We were very worried about all the negative posts re Celebrity. Happy to say our concerns were unfounded!
  14. We returned from the summit today as well. Maybe because we had read so many negative things about Summit we were vry pleasantly surprised. Actually liked the Buffet service system. We were able to get our food quickly and never really stood in live. Certainly not true on previous cruises. Seemed like most passengers were pleased. Agree that the deck party and the Solarium party were a complete waste of time! Also think having the captain's toast on the main stairway in foyer was stupid as well (Just too crowded) The Captain himself was quite entertaining and food in main dining room was quite good and always served hot! I guess when you go woth low expectations you can be very pleasantly surprised. Would definitely do this cruise again!
  15. We are loyal celebrity cruisers and for sure, some cruises have been better than others. We too tried RCl two years ago on Explorer, ( Bought some friends that were new to cruising,) We were very dissappointed with service , food , and ship. . I hope OP gets a response from Celebrity soon. We have been lucky in the past and received quick responss to comment cards etc ( and yes we have had issues) I really do think that all cruise lines are cutting costs so drasticly that the cruise experience itself is being very negatively affected!
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