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  1. We were on the same cruise. Felt the ship was beautiful but not really laid out well. I am a smoker and no you could not smoke in the roof top area only on one side of the sunset bar. Plenty of room there. I do wonder about the furniture in the sunset bar. Cushions are already soot stained and look terrible. I guess a case of form over function. To Celebrities credit they do seem to be listening and fixing what they can. The magic carpet is a real letdown. Half of the time it was non functional! We did back to back and it was rarely open. We had an infinite balcony and the cabin itself was beautiful. Calling it a balcony cabin is a bit of a joke though. We loved the storage space and the bathroom. I think they should call it an ocean view cabin upgrade. Food was good. Music good and plentiful around the ship. Feel like they could have used another lounge like Ensemble for people to gather for drinks. Seems like there is a fair amount of dead space on the ship. We are regular Celebrity cruisers but I don't think we will booking an Edge class ship until they figure out how to iron out the growing pains. For now we will stick to Solstice and Millenium class ships! I think the Edge class will be great soon but for now it is just OK!
  2. just a quick note. I notice a lot of upset about the lack of purell dispensers. Purell does not kill norovirus germs one of the biggest contaminants on cruise ship. Only soap and water works for that. It's getting people to use the sinks that is the real problem!
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