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  1. To my recollection, they request all passengers to vacate their rooms by 8:00 AM and I believe they request all departing passengers to disembark the ship no later then 9:30 AM (b2b passengers are normally requested to meet at a designated location at this time).
  2. According to the Port Everglades Terminal Assignment listing, Sky Princess will be at Terminal #2 and will depart at 10:00 PM on December 1st. It will also use Terminal #2 on the December 4th cruise. I suspect it will always use Terminal #2 if there are no major conflicts.
  3. Reading one of the news articles about the switch. According to the article: "This change will impact all of Carnival’s ships across their North American fleet." and also: "Those who simply can’t go a week without a Coke are allowed to bring one carton of 12-ounce-or-less cans, per person, aboard for their own personal consumption." Another article stated: "When the conversion from Coca-cola to Pepsi is complete in January 2020, a great portfolio of PepsiCo beverages will be served onboard all Carnival Cruise Line ships departing from North American homeports. PepsiCo Beverages include: Pepsi* Diet Pepsi* Pepsi Zero Sugar* Caffeine Free Pepsi* Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free* Sierra Mist* Sierra Mist Zero Sugar* Mug Root Beer* Diet Mug Root Beer* MTN Dew* Diet MTN Dew* Bubly Lime Sparkling Water* Bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water* Bubly Orange Sparkling Water* Naked Green Machine Naked Mighty Mango Naked Strawberry Banana Half Naked Lively Greens Half Naked Peach with Ginger Pure Leaf Honey Green Tea+ Pure Leaf Tea & Lemonade+ Pure Leaf Unsweetened Black Tea+ Pure Leaf Sweet Tea+ Gatorade Lemon Lime+ Gatorade Fruit Punch+ Propel Electrolyte Water+ Propel Strawberry Raspberry+ Propel Peach Mango+ Starbucks Frappuccino+ Starbucks Double Shot Espresso+ Dr. Pepper will continue to be served on Galveston and New Orleans based ships. * Included in Bottomless Bubbles & Cheers! packages + Included in Cheers! drink package only
  4. Also following along. We are booked on the Sky Princess b2b 1/4/20 and on the Enchanted Princess b2b 2/27/21. Can't wait.
  5. My apologies, I stand corrected as to how they are configured, but they are a combination of the three separate fees.
  6. What I am saying is that the $105 added to your cabin cost is not just port fees. It is a combination of Taxes, Fees and Port Expenses. The tax on your inside cabin can be far less then the tax on a Penthouse suite because of the actual cost of the cabin.
  7. If you are talking about the added cost after the price of the cabin, this is an all inclusive "Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses". This charge may be different for each passenger on the same ship depending on what they paid for their cabin, and what type of cabin they choose. Only a small part of this is actually the Port Expense. If you have ever missed a port (which we have), you may find a refund to your shipboard account that in reality is only approximately $20.00 to $30.00.
  8. You must bring the wine on board as a carry on.
  9. Have done Club Class on a coupe of cruises but only because I was able to arrange it for under $27.00 per person per day. At the price your quoting, I would never do it.
  10. Try either of these two sites: https://www.cruisetimetables.com/#destports https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports-in-bahamas-and-caribbean-and-bermuda-8
  11. I use the following site: https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports
  12. Did you read the statement above or not? During your cruise, regardless of which Princess ship you choose, you will meet staff who provide you with excellent service. Crew members often rotate to different vessels within the Princess fleet which helps to maintain our high standards on every ship. These dedicated workers reflect our philosophy that all crew on all ships are but one family who share in our success. To simplify the tipping process for our guests, a discretionary gratuity of $16.50 per guest for suites, $15.50 per guest for mini-suites and club class, and $14.50 per guest for interior, oceanview, and balcony staterooms. This gratuity will be shared amongst those staff who help provide and support your cruise experience, including all waitstaff, stateroom stewards, buffet stewards, and housekeeping staff across the fleet.
  13. My wife has had problems on multiple occasions just trying to go down the hallway with her walker because of the steward carts.
  14. The doors to a standard room arte 22" wide. How wide is your stroller?
  15. phabric If I where you, I would contact princess customer service and get this resolved. You should get 2 cruise credits.
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