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  1. It could be, and this is only a guess, that when the steward brought the distilled water to the room for her to use with the machine, she told him she did not need it and he could take it back. He then would have reported it to his supervisor when he returned the distilled water.
  2. I will buy when Carnival allows my wife to cruise again. She is on oxygen and travels with an oxygen concentrator which Carnival has now banned from any of their ships. We have traveled to Florida to SeaWorld, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios this year with no problems, yet we cannot cruise.
  3. My wife has cruised with an oxygen concentrator since 2018. But alas, we are now unable to cruise with Princess due to the fact they have decided not to allow individuals who use oxygen to cruise on their ships.
  4. Check under the bed, some ships have plugs under there that we have used for my wife's oxygen concentrator.
  5. If you have chips and cash them out, they will give you US dollars. If as you say you will not need to use US dollars again, go to the quest services desk and use these dollars to pay down your on-board account.
  6. I am like you and both of my knees have been replaced. Anywhere I go I just tell them, before I walk through, that I have artificial knees and they have me walk through and then they take me aside and use the wand on me. No documentation is needed and if like me they can tell just by looking at the scars on your knees. And this is everywhere, Cruise terminals; Amusement parks; Airports; Court Houses; Federal buildings, etc.
  7. You will be dinning in the Estrella Dining Room on the port side of the ship. When you go to that dinning room, the regular patrons will enter through the left side of the entrance and your Club Class entrance is on the right side of the entrance. There will be a hostess there to direct you.
  8. I believe a premium balcony is mostly just location, and possibly a slightly larger balcony. If you are looking for a couch in a balcony room you need to look for a Deluxe Balcony.
  9. With us, it's easy. We walk into the cabin and I ask my wife what side she wants and I get the other. No problem.
  10. The first time there, we went on the Dunn's River Falls Tour and it was great. We would recommend it to everyone. The second time there we took a taxi into the center of the city. They have a wonderful straw market with baskets and paints and such, an a very nice shopping area. They are very aggressive but if you just keep walking they will leave you alone. We ate lunch at one of the restaurants on the walk back to the ship and again they will try to stop you as you walk through town but if you just keep walking, they will leave you alone.
  11. The CDC does not close the ports, but I believe they do control what ships may sail in US waters.
  12. When the Annual Report is available (usually toward end of February or beginning of March), check the Table of Contents and there will be a section which will address the Shareholder Benefit, if it has been re-approved. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/financial-information/annual-reporting
  13. When the Annual Report is available (usually toward end of February or beginning of March), check the Table of Contents and there will be a section which will address the Shareholder Benefit, if it has been re-approved.
  14. Call princess and tell the person that answers the phone that you want to have your military benefit added to your cruise. They will then put you on hold and call the military benefit office who will add it. I have to do this every time I book or re-book a cruise.
  15. My wife has never had a problem using her scoter on a cruise ship in balcony cabins. The biggest issue is not being able to traverse the hallways during the day while the stewards have their carts lining the hallways cleaning the rooms.
  16. My problem is that I have tried for years to get them to list my military service on my profile page but can never get anyone to do it. Every time I book a cruise I have to call and ask to have it added and they put me on hold and call someone else and it gets added I do not know what the problem is with it not be entered on my profile page.
  17. I got the wrist bands from Amazon and they worked great. My wife liked them too.
  18. I know where it is supposed to be listed. My problem is for years I have been asking various offices including Jan Swartz’s, and nobody has been able to get it associated with my Captain Circle number and to show up in my personalizer. The office that handles the Military OBC has it on their file and I don’t have to resubmit the paperwork, I only need to ask the Customer Service Rep to contact them in order to get it added.
  19. I have never been able to have my military OBC associated with my account. Each time I book a cruise I have to call and have them check with the right department and have the OBC added. This also happens when I re-book a cruise.
  20. No one ever said that a 4 person room had to be for a family. I have seen 4 adults in a room and they end up (in their own way) sharing the expenses.
  21. tidecat -- How come no mention of Holland America Ships which is owned by Carnival?
  22. I notified out TA to cancel a b2b cruise scheduled for Feb 27 and March 6, 2020 by email June 20th. She sent me a canceled booking notice on Monday the 22nd showing she canceled that day. On Wednesday June 24th it was on my credit card with a June 23rd date. Am still trying to get the total cost of a cruise I cancelled on March 9th straight (just the cruise cost; nothing else) because it was suppose to be all refunded but have not gotten everything back yet.
  23. I have seen this before and tried to have it applied to an existing booked cruise and they refused. Was told I needed to make a new booking.
  24. Hey Grego, how are you? I am with you as far as the Enchanted goes. She was ready for sea trials when all this hit and I'm sure that will not take long now that the shipyard is reopened. We are scheduled on her for a b2b from February 27th through March 13th for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. I can't see the islands not being opened before the holidays this year, as a majority of their income is cruise related. I am sure they will take the necessary precautions to allow ships in and out. Hope to see you again and till then "Stay Safe".
  25. I am allergic to dust. When I start sneezing I'll keep it up for about 5 minutes. Nothing I do (blow my nose; hold my breath; etc.) will stop it. I have to let it run it's course.
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