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  1. I agree! It is like doing double work to drop off luggage then go round to come back. Plus the PNG shuttle is going to drop you off right in front of where the porters will be taking your luggage. Since they load and unload your bags from your vehicle you will not be schlepping anything (unless you want to). Far easier just to park first.
  2. Well I hope not! Lol! I booked a GTY Oceanview Balcony. This cruise will be followed by a B2B in a Central Park Balcony for the last hurrah of the Neighborhood Balcony benefits!
  3. This is fascinating! We too have booked GTY OV balconies. Ours indicate we are on Deck 6 AFT Port side. Luggage tags say "C" and are on the far left back quadrant colored mint green. Muster Station is F04 on Oasis of the Seas. Another 47 days until we sail. Was hoping we were a little more central/mid-ship. But sounds like we are going to be further back. No prob getting our Fitbit steps in!
  4. I see the curtains are in different positions on the beds. Is this something you can adjust? Or do you need to get your attendant involved to make sure the curtains are draped the way you prefer for shade and/or privacy?
  5. We have received room service breakfast from CK when we were in the HA CLS. But from what I gather it was not a normal service? (And we did not ask for it. It was offered to us.)
  6. Indeed! I can confirm that as well! Our Alaska cruise on Ovation had them.
  7. Since you have to pay to exit (I believe it is $8), that might be problematic for taxi/Uber/Lyft driver. However if you are driving your own car and dropping off luggage then exiting to park somewhere else, it sounds doable.
  8. The parking is actually listed as $8 per day but $12 for overnight on the website (which would be $252 + one free night for 22 days). I think I will call today and find out the scoop! Thank you for your detailed info, it is appreciated!
  9. It sounds like you booked the Cruise to Port package? It looks like the parking for that package is only for 15 days max. I need 22 days... I will call and find out what the deal is if you ride Select. In the amenities it says FREE PARKING. But then elsewhere it says "one day" free parking.... Also, do you park and then schlep your bags to the station? Or is there a baggage drop before parking?
  10. Trying to plan my drive down to Miami and in order to calculate what time to leave I need to know what time I can drop off my luggage at Terminal A. I am looking for the earliest time not some time later so I can decide if I want to leave super early or give myself a couple of hours extra sleep! Also I am not parking at the port, just dropping my luggage.
  11. A previous poster wrote a humorous paragraph about how she was going to find a way to steal the adorable divided salt cellar from CP 150 restaurant. She then posted that she had found where to purchase them and for the life of me I cannot remember! I do remember going to the website and seeing that they were $150 each. I was also remembering they were possibly Limoges? Can anyone help me with this?
  12. True... or for that matter what about the people who get their onboard alcohol purchases delivered to their room on the last night of the week? More to ponder.
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