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  1. We received our gift card from a cruise cancelled for April sailing, a few weeks ago.
  2. Not yet. We have three cruises to reschedule. One cruise was for a week in Alaska by cruise, and a week by land. It was a big one for us. The other was an ABC island cruise 8 days in April. The last one was a reschedule with our son, wife and grandkids for next week. We are going to reschedule this one for May (when school is out). I may wait a bit, and do two back to back 3-4 day cruises. I am like a lot of others on here, I think the short cruises will be first. How about you? You hanging in there a bit longer?
  3. I went ahead and cancelled yesterday morning. Sad, but it is what it is during Covid. I hope to do a couple next year. I agree with the length of the cruise would have been involved, not matter the lifting of the ban. We will all keep our fingers crossed for early 2021!
  4. I have been hanging on by a thread in hopes of things to change, and for someone in charge make an decision on cruising on 11/1. We have a two week long cruise set for 11/29 with NCL. I think I am going to bite the bullet and call and cancel today. The trip is costly being it is two weeks long, and I have had two others cancelled earlier in the year, where my money is in now in limbo with the other two cruise lines. I really am sad about cancelling, due to the great ports involved. There are at least three ports we haven't been on to before, but I don't want have to pay high dollar to get
  5. None of my FCC's are for NCL. Two for Carnival and one for HAL. Otherwise, I would do this. We used the coupons you get when you open a NCL CC. It is a $4K plus cruise, so I want to choose carefully. Thanks.
  6. DH and I have a cruise the booked for the last week of November into December. We have already had three cruises this year cancelled; one for March, July and October. So, before we pay up again for another cruise, I am trying to decide if we should make the final payment in a few weeks. What are your guesses on the chance of the cruise being cancelled? Just wanting people to chime in their opinion, as I try to make this decision to pay possibly for another cruise that will not leave the port. Thanks all!
  7. I am like the both of you, in regards to gift cards. Not only did I pay for a cruise with cards, that have been cancelled twice now, I have probably $500 worth of gift cards, to use for OBC. I also have HAL cards as well from a cancelled Alaska cruise and land trip. So, I feel like I am stuck. We have a cruise that is scheduled for last week of Nov and first week of December with NCL, and I am sure this one will cancel. Just waiting for the announcement. This one we will only risk the deposit. We rebooked a cruise and paid for our son and family to go with us on a Oct. cruise, which of c
  8. We have two cabins on the Panorama for the beginning of October. Yes, I am sure it will be cancelled, but when? One cabin was a rebooking with OBC, etc. We have cruise with NCL for beginning of November, where final payment is coming soon, and I am sure we will just cancel before final payment under their peace of mind offering. The Carnival cruise is completely paid for. We will probably rebook for next summer or fall. Anyone have a guess on when they will finally say we done for the year folks?
  9. My DH, and son and family have booked this cruise as well. I hope all goes well for all of us and border are wide open.
  10. Thanks so much! This is great information. I think we are going to try to do a oceanview to a balcony. Do you recommend the same route? I so appreciate your wealth of knowledge!!!
  11. Good afternoon, DH and I are looking at booking a 16 day cruise out of Los Angeles in November of this year, that goes to the Panama Canal. I am wondering given our points (not a lot) probably 35K or so. Would this amount of points be able to up us from an interior to a ocean view. I know there are lateral moves, etc.; however, I am not familiar with the wording on this. Any information would be helpful. We need to book soon, as we prepaid a reservation on a past cruise, and it has to be used up this year (if I remember correctly). Thanks so much in advance.
  12. I have thought of this very thing for a year. Last March, myself, sister and her daughters, went to Disney and Universal for 5 days, ending with a three day cruise. The last day of our trip, I left the Animal Kingdom and came back to the room for the day. My sister and I were so sick during our cruise, and then even more sick when we got home. I missed another entire week of work. We got sick at one of the parks, period! Lots of people from all over the world, mixing with our citizens can and do cause a big mix of germs, that are easy to pass along.
  13. Quick question for you...we are in the 50% loss of cost for another few days (April 18th sailing) So, do we get 50% of the cost of the cruise towards a future cruise, and 50% returned to us? Thanks, I appreciate your posting, as we are trying to decide to sail or rebook.
  14. DH and I are on the Horizon on 4/18, and we are trying to decide what to do. We have a 14 day cruise/land tour for Alaska in early July. We have to pay for this one in full by 3/31. High dollar trip for us. I wonder about the virus and as far out as June and July and what will be going on. Not sure what we are going to do. I am worried about higher costs, and the idea of booking a future cruise, and all of this is still hanging around. I ask one group of people and they say go...another group will say stay at home! I asked on our roll call group, and hoping some of them will offer up the
  15. I am afraid so. The news is reporting the passenger on the ship has died. Very sad.
  16. Do you have some type of insurance that would get you all your money back? I don't think we took insurance out this time, which is not like us. But, from previous notes on this thread, it looks like the insurance companies have lots of loop holes in regards to pandemic/epidemic.
  17. My husband and I are on the Horizon starting April 18th. We are in the period to lose 50% at this point. I am hoping Carnival will come forward with some options; otherwise, we will just hang in there and make our decision on the last day of this timeframe. We hate to lose so much money, but unless things settle down by the sailing date, we will have a hard decision to make. I have to fly next week, and this is a little unsettling. NY and Los Angeles, as well as the ship off the coast in CA are adding to the climate of fear in regards to cruising and traveling in general.
  18. Thanks a bunch. We have done a cruise shorter than 7-days, only one time and we didn't like it at all. We vowed no more short cruises. I didn't realize being short one day, would cause this big of a difference. I will certainly take this into consideration.
  19. The itineraries are not the same. I like the ports for the Breeze better, but I think it is going to come down to the airfare and transportation for this group to the port. Galveston could end up costing much more than getting from Ft. Lauderdale to the Miami port. So, we may end up doing Breeze. It is a 6 day cruise, and I can live with a day short, if need be.
  20. I am completely knew to this, so please forgive me in advance. So, is Hobby Airport closer to Galveston port of the city of Galveston proper?
  21. I am considering booking a cruise for 8 people out of Galveston. Four kids, two young adults and two older adults. Would we be best suited to do 2 uber XL's or would we have to go to 3? Good gracious! This would end up being quite a lot of money. This may change the port of where we sail out of. Any directive would be helpful.
  22. I don't think I can say which companies sent me the offers. They are big companies. If the moderator says yes, then I would be glad to tell you. There is also one that is offering 10% back on the cruise cost in the form on onboard credit for all Carnival cruises.
  23. Thanks to all for your recommendations! There is lots to consider here, as we are going to have to fly in. The only port close enough for us to drive is New Orleans, and nothing much going on there. Anyway, I did use the wrong description on the gratuities. I should have said an offer for prepaid gratuities.
  24. I don't think I am allowed to mention specific travel companies on here. I received the offer from three different cruise companies, and the offer expires Friday at midnight.
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