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  1. So your cabin location is starboard aft on deck 8? If so great choice as we have been in 8690 twice along with several others along that corridor.
  2. Yes as we have sailed on the SON in 91 on her southern Caribbean itinerary. This was a year after sailing on SOS., so imagine our shock. Our first cruise was on the SS Norway and its elegance was very evident. Being a converted transatlantic liner was something to see. Once the SOS came out the SON went to western Caribbean cruises until MOS was launched in 92. Nor sure if she went to the southern Caribbean or not.
  3. Never sailed on this ship but saw it many times in ports. If my memory is correct it bridged the gap between the Song of Norway and Sovereign classes. It was the only ship built in its size. Once the Sovereign came out all other ships were named ___________ Of The Seas.
  4. Now I know why it is still in port.
  5. Nope we do not like it either. Ruins a great concept!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Probably not. At least according to some comments here.
  7. I may be wrong but is that not the reason for Barefoot Beach? I thought it was for suite guest.
  8. Yes both, I think as this is a classic example projection. It seems it is difficult to understand that someone who has paid 100s of thousands of dollars to make it 700 points might get a perk.
  9. Would this be the lot across the street from Grills?
  10. Cruising is completely different than airlines.
  11. Thanks all for your responses. Still cannot find where Indy will be next summer.
  12. I noticed that May, June, July, and August are not showing any bookings from FLL. Is this because of the re positioning of Indy? I keep checking but those months you cannot book for 2020. I have searched all the threads here and have not found any info.
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