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  1. My hope is that there will be some accommodation made to prevent a court case.
  2. Please do not interpret this as bashing as it isn't, but are there ways to around the current FL law that a business cannot check for vaccination. Can they require another form of proof showing you are safe like a negative Covid test or proof of antigens.
  3. Please forgive me if what my comment will be here offends anyone, but this sounds rather like George Orwellian to me.
  4. Thanks guys for the responses. Any info out there about how this is going to be "policed" ? Is Royal going to hire extra people for this? Is the CDC going to put secret people on board and keep a tally? Will the CDC look at live video of the promenades'? I guess we could get answers in the coming days.
  5. Just for some clarification. How is this going to be enforced? Are they saying as long as your in the US these are the rules? So what happens when the ship reaches international waters? Does the CDC "control" Americans when not in the country? The questions are endless.
  6. Hey is the CDC hiring to put mask police on board each sailing? If so where can I apply?
  7. Well with all the news recently about the possibility of the resumption of cruising lets just say "bidness is picking up!"
  8. Greeeeaaaattt DW just mailed her renewal yesterday for our cruise in August.
  9. I believe the "suggestion" was Florida businesses. I think the cruise lines are foreign entity's.
  10. +1 I used to ask the question the same way when a sub-contractor told me he would be there Tuesday and I asked, "which one?" This rep has been pretty much spot on and has never given our TA much hope until last week. So we are like everyone else and just waiting.
  11. The latest from our TA is and I quote "PLAN WITH CONFIDENCE FOR NOVEMBER" This was told to her directly from her RC rep. So take it or leave it but things are looking good.
  12. I have gone through this entire thread thinking I was going to spring this duo on everyone, but you beat me. Saw them on Sovereign of the Seas in 1990. Lounge was sparse on first night and packed on last. Fantastic married duo with great pipes.
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