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  1. Original to Oasis. It was above Bolero's. It was moved up to deck 11 I believe then back to deck 4. Yes Allure also but it is still on 11 for that ship.
  2. Well you had to wear a mask indoors UNTIL you got to a totally vaxed venue or sat down to eat or drink. Crazy I know but its their rules but please do not get me started!!!!!! LOL No mask outside, so being on Allure with all her outdoor spaces it was nice.
  3. Yep just got of the Allure and it is the safest place to be because you know everyone is vaxed.
  4. Yep just got of the Allure and it is the safest place to be because you know everyone is vaxed.
  5. If you are parking at the port you could check your luggage on the bottom floor then go up and park and walk over to Grills. If you are parking off site then catch their shuttle and do same. We will be there this Sunday and this is our plan. Cruising Wizard is currently on board and he got on early, had a 2 boarding time but got on at 1. So who knows!!!!
  6. Are there different kinds of Antigen test?
  7. Thanks everyone!! We live on the central Florida coast an hour north of PC. Walgreens is showing they are out of test currently around here. Our issue, as DW is a retire RN now TA, is what is accepted and what is not.
  8. YIKES!!!!!! Apparently CVS and Walgreens are out of antigen test. Advent Health are still doing them I guess, so does RC accept Advent Health tests? We sail on the 22nd so need one on the 19th. Has anyone here gotten a test from anyone other than those two?
  9. Did CVS give any indication the turn around on the results?
  10. OHHHH great point. Deck 8 is terrible stay away, as far away as possible!!
  11. Love this area always walk through Central Park on the way "home". Starboard Aft cabins for us!! However if you can only get deck 7 you must remember that in the aft elevators you cannot walk through.
  12. You think that might be because it is a test cruise? CDC and all
  13. Yep got em!!!!! Got the Set Sail pass on phone also!!! Thanks Orville99 I wouldn't have looked till I read this.
  14. For those that have stayed on 6 will the life boats get in the way of the view?
  15. By the way where are all the NCL ships? And why are they not trying to sail or have I missed that?
  16. Go to board page on this site, scroll down to the RC mix and mingle page. When you click on it the ships will be listed in alphabetical order find yours and click, then search for the date of your sailing. If it is not listed (search first 2 pages) then start one your self.
  17. Are we willing to give up a freedom to cruise? If this passes then what about the CSO will come roaring back unabated? If this passes what will be the next freedom we lose? I am not interested in being forced to prove I am vaxed to get in my local grocery or hardware store by the bouncer at the door.
  18. Never heard of free lunch in a specialty restaurant. I believe there is an upcharge but not as much a dinner.
  19. To answer the OP's question my guess will be around the 26th of July
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