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  1. Thank u for the response -excellent information and so informative, I will forward this on. My brother is not a very experienced cruiser but he's learning fast!!! Very much appreciate the excellent help on here, Gail
  2. Thank u very much for all replies these are very helpful indeed. I have forwarded the information already. The cruise also visits Dubrovnik and is docked. They seem to be selling shuttle bus tickets for there too - if anyone knows the best way to get into the city from the dock area, I am not sure how far away it is - but I wd be most grateful for any recommendation. Thank u in advance.
  3. BKFlowerMound - Yes they are going to Venice and I rather suspect this is where the confusion lies and maybe this is the water bus service charge. THANK YOU for the other options, which I can now email to my brother on board. With 2 adults and 2 children, 20 USD each adds up and so maybe they can find a less expensive way to get into town.
  4. Thanks for your replies - I've never heard of tender ashore charges before either. I have just called Celebrity UK and they said it might relate to a bus transfer after a tender to shore - rather than a tender charge, or indeed a landing tax - so I've emailed my brother on board and asked him to check it out with guest relations. I'll report back with what they say! Strange one but perhaps he has the wrong end of the stick but worth checking on this forum as people on here know everything about cruising!! Greatly appreciated, Gail
  5. My brother and family are on Celeb Solstice at the moment and they have emailed saying they will be charged 20 USD each for tendering ashore. I checked the itinerary and it says only one port Kotor (Montenegro) is tendering, so does anyone know is this right. I have never heard anything so absurd, I thought tenders to shore were included? I wonder if they are looking at some kind of alternative boat trip perhaps, but surely not charged for the boat to shore when anchored? There's 2 adults and 2 kids, so that's 80 USD if that's the case, which would be totally ridiculous. Can someone please clarify? Thank you, Gail
  6. Thank you for the replies, this is really helpful and I'm now re-assured that the cabin will be OK for them. It is always nice to know about the dress code up front so they can be prepared! Thx Gail
  7. Hello- I have booked Celebrity Solistice for my brother, wife and two small children for an August cruise in the Mediterranean. I have booked a Deluxe Verandah cabin - no. 7167 - which appears to have a queen size bed (made from two singles presumably), then a sofa bed and upper berth for the children. My question is - is the upper berth above the queen size bed - or above the sofabed - would anyone know? I really don't think they would like the upper berth pulling down over the main bed where the adults sleep, so if this is the case, I need to change the reservation. Also - if there's anyone out there who has also been on the Royal Caribbean Voyager type ships - is Celeb Solstice likely to be a better experience i.e. food/ship? I know it doesnt have the ice rink or climbing wall like Royal Carib ships, but is there anything other than the real grass and glass blowing that is different? Any views would be helpful. This is a family of four, with two children 14 and 10. Also - on dress code - do they need to dress more for dinner on this ship? Does my brother need take a tux? Thank you in advance. I know you will be most helpful!! Gail
  8. Cruiseerf - thanks for your comments. I'm letting SS know what happened and I'm just interested to know how they are going to respond. From the brochure that arrived yesterday at my home "Silversea - Every desire fulfilled... every wish granted.... everything is yours for the asking".... I could re-phrase this actually as you can probably guess..... (why do they bother with such fluffy words if they can't deliver the most basic request?) I haven't yet had any reply from either email I've sent, not even an acknowledgement, which rather surprises me. I rather guess they just don't know how to respond to this one! I am trying to see the funny side of it all. I think SS should take feedback seriously and look at how 'we' regular cruisers can help them improve their product. I will book SS again, of course, but I will not trust them to get anything right again -ever - but now at least I know for sure. Just because they are a 6 star line, do not expect to get what you ask for and they promise will be delivered (shame really).....
  9. I sent a copy of the original email to Gina Finocchiaro yesterday and if I don't receive a reply in a week I'll send to Frank Sansone also. Thank you for these contact details. We'll wait and see what they say and I'll let you know!
  10. Thank you for the contact details. I will be in touch with all three to resolve the issue. I have to say, I am so disappointed with Silver Spirit that I just can't let this go. I was told by a SS member of staff that they are aware of some services issues onboard, but why an earth they don't do something about it is beyond me. It seems the hotel director is ex Costa Cruises and not from past SilverSea experience, then I guess that explains it?
  11. I don't think they'd know 'how' to rectify an issue on board Silver Spirit at the moment! At the time, what was done was done and we didn't want to spend time sitting in the Hotel Director's office going over it again, when the clock could not be turned back. I've sent an email with attached letter to the info@ address as per the contact us section - but have not had an acknowledgement from 17 December so I'm not sure if they have received it or not. Thanks for the suggestion re comment form, but it's a pretty long letter!
  12. We have recently returned from a Silver Spirit caribbean cruise and I have already sent an email concerning an issue onboard to info@ address for Silversea but have not had a reply. Would anyone have an email address for a senior customer services director or suggestions as to who is the best person to write to. I am going to give them the opportunity to give me their comments on what happened before I post it here... Many thanks, Gail
  13. I have to say we weren't impressed with this guy. Too busy taking photos of the city on embarkation day than meeting and greeting new guests!
  14. Have just returned from the Spirit 7 day cruise Eastern Med. All great and had a really nice time. We are regular cruisers - variety of lines from the top down (favourite line is SilverSea, like Regent, HAL, Windstar, RCCL, Cunard, P&O) and we take a cruise at whatever level according to our mood at the time. Our T/A suggested Seabourn as a direct comparison to SilverSea so I must admit we did expect something similar in terms of service. But first, an update on what happened to my suitcase on disembarkation (to those concerned fellow passengers!) Well - thankfully it turned up and how pleased was I! We had certainly filled in the forms correctly with the 'independent' guests box ticked and had been issued with luggage tags. We'd made our own arrangements after disembarkation to have a day room at a hotel, then giving us 6 hours for sightseeing before our flight home. We disembarked the ship next morning and in the terminal - but there was no sign of our suitcases anywhere. We called over the 'Seabourn' rep, and she said 'oh this has never happened before' and wait here, and 30 mins later, my husband's suitcase and someone else's were wheeled over to us with a happy looking Seabourn rep! Well at least we got my husband's suitcase, but the other one they had was not mine! They then realised that we'd been given the wrong tags - the 'Athens tour and stay' tags in error and that my suitcase was PROBABLY on a tour of Athens and probably going to end up a the Intercontinental Hotel in Athens some 3 hours later - after the tour. But.. then they conceded, it might not be on the tour bus at all, it could be on the bus going to the airport, or even still on the ship, nothing was certain. So, the ground handling people put us in a cab to the Intercontinental in Athens, and that is where we were told to wait for the tour buses to come in 3 hours later. We sat there, worried sick, about my valuable luggage, missing somewhere in Athens. The Seabourn rep at the hotel disappeared and we were just left sitting in the lobby for all this time without the simple courtesy of the offer of even a drink. 12 noon came and went, and just after, the first tour bus turned up at the hotel and thank goodness, there was my case. It now being 1pm and we'd spent the whole day so far in a nail biting wait for a tour bus that might be carrying my suitcase! So - our 6 hours of sightseeing now eroded with a little more than 2 hours of time left- a ruined day in Athens due to an admin error on the ship resulting in giving us the wrong luggage tags. Really poor service after we had disembarked, and expected to wait all that time, without any simple courtesy extended to us for a Seabourn error, so 0/10 for this one thank you Seabourn. We found the guests the most friendly of any cruise we've been on for quite a while, a really nice refreshing change. The ship was a lovely size, never far to go back to your room, and everything you needed close at hand. The ship was in good shape except perhaps for the swimming pool which was clearly quite tatty and rusty around the edges. Most of the staff were courteous, polite and friendly and did their very best to be helpful, but it was obvious there were a number of staff 'in the early stages of training' on board that week. For us, the service was lacking and far below the standard we would have expected, BUT we did not let this hinder the enjoyment of the cruise and we DID have a great time. Regarding poor service - I think the first issue was the embarkation - in the lounge. The staff members were laughing and joking between themselves while some guests waited to check in, then we were quite firmly asked -'tickets, passports, credit cards please, then - oh, welcome on board'. Wouldn't you think 'welcome on board' would be the first comment. No welcome drink was offered and we simply went to our room where there was a lovely bottle of champagne waiting (very welcome). The cabin steward came shortly carrying a tray with 2 glasses of champagne, canapes and three soaps! Funny combination I thought, why the soap on the same tray as the champagne and canapes? Why not just leave them in the bathroom and let you choose when you felt like it? The soaps were a good brand, but nothing that special, and they would be offered freely on any other premium line or hotel chain I thought, so why such a big deal? So then .... you know how small things build up over a week, I think they did with us. Just all related to service issues (or the lack of it), but there were many instances, such as -one evening in the lounge, we ordered drinks. The waitress poured the drinks and left them on the bar until she had served no less than a further 8 people before I went over and fetched them myself to her protests. But why not take an order and deliver the order within a reasonable amount of time? Also - we found it nearly impossible to get a 'top up' of coffee at breakfast in the cafe and the staff in there always looked hassled and rushed. The 'frisbee' style lapkin laying in the cafe was interesting but created an air of 'not caring' - granted the guy did go and tidy them up afterwards, but is this the right way to lay tables in front of guests? The tender day - we returned to the quayside to find the duty staff sitting on the guests sofa, drinking lemon juice and eating peanuts - presume this is part of the job? There were many more things just like this, but all in all, we did have a super time on a lovely ship with a great itinerary. The evening at Ephesus was lovely and very well done. The deck barbecue on the last night was really super in an most amazing setting of Napvlion, Greece, with the castle lit up on the mountain side, it was a truly unforgettable experience. The watersports day was good too, and the staff went to a lot of trouble to put this event on, (would have been good to have this event on for a bit longer - say 3 hrs rather than 2?). Fellow guests were delightful and a pleasure to cruise with. We will return to Seabourn again, when hopefully the staff will be up to speed. We do understand a lot of staff are moving to the new ship currently and this was probably why things were slightly below the normal standard that would be expected.
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