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  1. I get that the alcohol and beer is included everywhere including the yacht club but what do the stars next to some of the beers mean ?
  2. In September, I am going on an msc cruise in yacht club. We are traveling with my 2 1/2 year old that still sleeps in her crib at night. Does anyone know if Msc has pack and plays or cribs for toddlers and if so what brand are they? TIA
  3. and also i'm a great parent..better believe she will be removed if she acts up. But to say kids don't belong..that's over the line. If I want to spend 5 grand so that I have a great experience (great food/drinks) then i'm bringing my kid.
  4. So my 2 yo shouldn't be in YC because she's a kid ? Hope your not on 9/8 sailing because i'm not letting anyone ruin my family vacation cus I have a toddler !
  5. Quick question, does anyone know in YC dining room if there's items like an alternative menu with like different kinds of steaks/seafood you can order each night if you don't like the regular menu ?
  6. exactly, bad parents are bad parents but I don't feel the need to patronize families for booking YC, if you have the means then you should have every right to sail in YC.
  7. My whole family will be sailing in September in YC with a 7 yo and my 2 yo daughter, and we always remove our child from the dining room when they are not behaving. BUT, just because your in the yacht club doesn't mean there isn't going to be kids, and they have every right to be there as anyone else, if you want adults only go to an all inclusive resort !!
  8. Thanks a lot !! I appreciate this !! If you could get a dinner menu that would be fantastic
  9. Does anyone have any pictures of the yacht club dining room breakfast lunch or dinner menu's ? And can anyone that was in YC on Seaside tell me how good the food was ?
  10. My wife really wants to do a dolphin excursion and we have two islands where it's offered, Cozumel and Falmouth, just wondering if anybody knows which offers the better tour ?
  11. I am in a JS and brother is in GS on Harmony in a couple weeks, and I'm wondering if I can bring my parents with me for dinnner each night and my brother can bring my grandmother each night as guests ? Anyone know the policies on this ?
  12. Sailing on Harmony next month, i paid 350.00 to upgrade to a suite gaurantee and was assigned a JS, 2 hours later i upgraded my brother(i'm a TA) and he got a Grand Suite !! You just never know.
  13. This is completely false, the anthem has no reservations anymore. All 4 restaurants that were part of dynamic dining have been converted to main dining rooms...600, my time, or 830 just like a normal royal ship. No matter what time your dining will be assigned to chic, grande, American icon, or silk
  14. The deployment will be out March 6th, phase 1 of Europe and March 20th phase 2.
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