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  1. I have found if I go through the emails I can get to my cruise planner. Any other way and I get the dreaded notice.
  2. Same problem get the try back in 15 minutes no matter what device I use, no matter what browser I use but now it is not even showing I have a cruise! Good thing I love stress!
  3. We would cruise if we were guaranteed that vaccinated people would not have to quarantine if there was an outbreak. If no guarantee we would cancel.
  4. We usually cruise every 6 months which gives me 6 months to lose the 8 pounds I put on every cruise. Since both of our 2020 cruise were cancelled I have managed to lose 20 pounds and my bank account has gone up. I cannot wait to get back on a ship, but we have decided to only cruise once a year from now on.
  5. My husband is a big man who likes to take up a lot of space while sleeping, so on cruises I always have him take the big bed and I sleep on the couch. The room steward always looks at me like I am crazy when I tell him I will be sleeping on the couch! I always tell the steward to leave it as a bed so I can nap during the day. It is not a problem.
  6. Have stayed in both types of rooms on the Breakaway and loved both but with the drink package I love the 2 bedroom closest to the Haven bar. Last time it was 10 steps from my door to the bar! I did like the huge balcony when we were aft but was too tired to walk up to the Haven area often so now I will only stay in the Haven area.
  7. I called with my reservations number and my points were put back while I was on the phone.
  8. Just curious as to whether the king size bed in the handicapped balcony rooms on the NCL Gem can be separated into two single beds.
  9. I called and got through right away.
  10. Thanks for letting me know. There goes my dream solo cruise!
  11. The husband and I are arguing over whether to go or not. We booked the Bliss March 22nd cruise I want to go and he wants to cancel. I am wondering if they would let my husband cancel and let me take my solo dream cruise that I have always wanted to do!
  12. Does anyone think using food handling gloves to touch the tongs in the buffet would be a good idea or bad idea.
  13. Thank you for the great pictures. Love the colors of the bridge in the dark. We are traveling on the Bliss March 22nd and your review and pictures make me feel like I already know the ship.
  14. I took my parents on their first cruise when they were in their late 70's. Get travel insurance for them. Both had problems with water retention because of the salt and need to change to a salt free diet. Only on the cruise never had a problem with it before or after. Both were sea sick the first day, but we had a room on the 14th floor and the front of the ship so I would suggest a room in the middle and down lower if possible. Both still talk about the wonderful cruise we gave them so go and make nice memories.
  15. We are going on the Bliss in March and Oasis in October. I love your reviews and cannot wait to read more! Thank you for all the time you put into your reviews.
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