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  1. I'm having a rare 'down' day and there are reasons, but you lot have cheered me up, so a big, big thanks to Kalos, Andy. Yorkshire Phil and others who have contributed to the humour today - it really is much appreciated and really helps.
  2. I may give it a go then - the Times TV critic slated it and gave it one star out of five! I like winter when it's cold/frosty/sunny etc, but damp and grey (like today in my part of SW Lancs), not so much. I do like watching my bulbs in pots creep up, and I planted masses this time, knowing they, and the birds, would be a major source of entertainment for the early part of this year.
  3. We've sailed on 4 different Princess ships and should have been doing the transatlantic on the new (did it launch?) Enchanted Princess last November. We've enjoyed them all but our least favourite ship was the Sapphire Princess and favourites being the newer larger Royal and Regal - the small balconies are only a minor inconvenience to us. We enjoyed the programme but it suited DH more because he loves all the technical and engineering stuff, whereas I should have liked to have seen more on the 'softer' side of cruising; cabins, theatre, dining rooms etc, but appreciate that's not the focus
  4. I knew that Graham - you are both very caring and supportive posters; the backbone of this thread (along with a few others). In fact, I’d say that the warmth and humour on this thread have contributed to my booking more P&O cruises as in, mostly nice folk on P&O 😊
  5. I doubt it's anything to do with getting a rough ride. I think that Harry, who let's be right, started some of the debates, was up to the job of defending his point of view 😄. I miss his posts and hope he returns, but then, my views are not a million miles from his 😉
  6. I wonder if the theatre seating is such a problem? We go to the theatre almost nightly onboard, have sailed on both the Royal and the Regal and never been aware of an issue. True we are not the people who wander in at the last minute, but the only time I am aware of the theatre being full way before the performance began was when it was Gareth Gates appearing, who is reasonably well-known in the UK. NB: My DH had never heard of him (no surprises there!) but he gave a good performance.
  7. +1 And agree with Presto2 that Ralf Little is the weakest lead. I loved Ruby though and would like her back!
  8. After years of retirement from teaching, I still feel a sense of relief that I can enjoy Sundays without the burden of knowing there was lots of school work to be done (I taught mainly exam classes; GCSE and A level with a smattering of GNVQ). I loved the classroom part, but oh the preparation and marking workload! 😔. I don't believe it's got any easier so I feel your Friday evening joy!
  9. The frost and snow looks lovely from my living room window I’m getting through a lot of bird food Mary Berry’s roasted sausage and potato supper is both quick to prepare and delicious Trump just might get his comeuppance! They are my today positives, will that do? 😉
  10. My friend had a Morrison’s delivery on Monday. They substituted courgettes for plums! She made a courgette cake and said it was lovely.
  11. I’ve just had a Sainsbury’s delivery and 6 items were not available or substituted and the driver confirmed there are lots of items sold out. He said he can see it’s a lockdown from his deliveries but not from the amount of traffic on the roads 🤔
  12. +1 I watched the Cadbury programme on TV recently and was astonished to hear they sold 300 million of them a year in the U.K. I’m a chocoholic but really dislike the fondant filling. Give me a nice piece of whole nut any day, preferably Lindt but Cadbury’s would do 😋
  13. I can highly recommend Sunday lunch at the Ritz. We did it a few times when we lived in the SE. It was great value, the dining room is stunning and it is a longer affair than the afternoon tea.
  14. If you look at an online route planner, such as the AA’s, you can see that much of the journey (between VCE and Bardolino/Garda) is by motorway and takes about an hour and three-quarters, 98 miles. As the Liverpool flight arrives early, we take a satnav and avoid the motorways for some of the journey and travel through some interesting towns and villages, but take the fast motorway route for the return.
  15. We used to fly into Verona (closest airport to Lake Garda by far) when we lived in Herts and could access daily flights from Gatwick and pick up a car at whichever airport we use. Manchester only has Verona flights in the holiday season - May to September - and we like to go either side of these months to avoid the crowds and easier driving to the other lakeside resorts, and so now use Bergamo or Venice airports. My husband would applaud your use of trains - and be envious - but I like the convenience of a car. I’m sure it would be possible to pick up a car locally, but there is quite a goo
  16. Thank you Michelle. We have flown into Bergamo many times but our current flights are from Liverpool rather then Manchester, which I prefer. We have a long relationship with Bardolino on Lake Garda, since DH often worked in the area (I would tag along as often as possible 😉) and we have been in the resort in mid winter with snow falling and not another person to be seen. Magical memories!
  17. I ‘gambled’ £75 total some months ago on 2 flights to Venice at the end of April - not paid for seats or luggage yet. My favourite hotel by Lake Garda did not want a deposit and I’ll leave car hire until the last minute. I reckon it’s no more than a 50-50 chance of happening but I really, really want it to 🤞 I would guess that your Saga Ireland cruise (if you go ahead) stands a good chance. Good luck with the Warner break though, but you never know!
  18. We watched the New Year in on German TV (very entertaining - the acts on their variety shows often make us feel young, eg ‘Little’ Peggy March of ‘I love him’ fame, now 72 etc ...) followed by a past year’s recording of fireworks over the Brandenburg Gates. The fireworks were accompanied by rousing well known classical music pieces beginning with Ode to Joy. As this was the exact moment we were ‘free’ of the EU I felt like a dog with my nose pressed against the window and a bit sad. Harry would appreciate that I’m sure, but he’s not been around this week! Anyway, onwards and upwa
  19. Maybe being in Scotland and soaking up the Hogmanay atmosphere helps to keep you awake! My 91 year old friend loves to reminisce about New Year's Eve in Scotland only 3 years ago. My son and DIL have a party but it is well known that we only make a 'guest appearance' just to see folk, which I do enjoy. I drink next-to-no alcohol and I suspect I might want to throw myself into the spirit were that not the case 😁
  20. We've decided to watch German TV on New Year's Eve and so get rid of 2020 an hour earlier 😉. Fireworks (I hope!) over the Brandenburg Gate and then to bed and so not dragging out this awful year 🥂
  21. I love Celebrity, but there are limits! In January whilst on our last cruise, I booked a Caribbean cruise on Apex for January 2022 with a US agent I have used before. The cost of Concierge, including drinks and $150 OBC (but not gratuities) was £1920 ($2605) for the two of us. I checked the AI price on the UK website a month ago and the AI price was £3878 and no OBC - yes about double!! Recently I was looking at Canaries cruises for 2022 and unsurprisingly, booked P&O. We've had two P&O cruises which we enjoyed, maybe not quite so much as Celebrity, but we were happy e
  22. Given that time really does seem to be the essence here, I hope this isn’t the case. My bubble neighbour was given the date for her second dose when she had the first.
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