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  1. Connie was my first ever Celebrity ship and Alejandro was the CD (as mentioned by a PP even though I appreciate he is no longer on board), so a great introduction to Celebrity! We are booked on her again next year (Europe) and then out of Tampa in 2021 and hoping to get Alejandro at least once more as CD - we've had more than our fair share of luck with that as we seem to follow him around. We've not sailed on Connie since so really looking forward to following along. It is the height of the bath tub that puts me off booking a suite - well, that and the cost 😉. Baths that look l
  2. The same elevator was not working for the whole 14 nights of our Ireland/Iceland cruise last month also!
  3. We are the same, vacation or not! Up early and to bed early. We’ve done 3 Celebrity cruises this year on 3 different ships and each time have gone to the dining room for 5.30 pm for our Select table for 2. We have been given the same servers (and usually the same table) on subsequent nights and they soon know that we like to catch the 7 pm show - as do many others dining at that time - and have no trouble accommodating this. We generally have the 3 courses and sometimes coffee, and do not feel rushed.
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