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  1. How interesting! My head’s swirling with questions and so I hope if it goes ahead they let us know soon! I have a Fjords cruise in August and a Canaries in October booked, so I’m a bit more hopeful for the latter, knowing that the ship is at least coming to the U.K. Now what to do about a round the U.K. cruise - for me it will be down to Celebrity requiring everyone on board to be vaccinated and, probably no children just yet.
  2. Amen to your comment about the importance of booking early (usually). We are doing a 16 night Baltic cruise on Arcadia (8 ports) booked in January, and it is now £550 pp more expensive. I like to think of it as a £1100 saving 😇!
  3. Lindt chocolate is my number one, but Ghiradelli's American chocolate is pretty good too, but would agree about Hershey's; not nice, although they do one with roasted almonds which is much better. My worst ever was some supermarket 'own brand' I bought in Iceland, (you know when you want to take a souvenir home where the price tag doesn't make your eyes bleed?). I gave in and chucked it in the bin. This could be my Mastermind subject alas 🤭!
  4. My brief time as a Saturday girl was in the seventies, so a long time ago, but I was amazed at how formal it was. We were addressed as Miss xxxxx and the supervisors definitely had status. I liked the discount too. What I didn't care for was standing on my feet all day and then running for the train home at the end of the day; I was shattered! Oh, and the people who wandered into the store 2 minutes before closing 😄
  5. I can recommend Cologne for C&A - not one, but two in the main shopping street (one that specialises in plus sizes). Dusseldorf is home to their flagship department store and it's lovely! I've been in one in Barcelona on a cruise tour but it was quite a small one. As well as trendy stuff, it's very good for the 'mature' woman of ahem, generous proportions, who has little interest in fashion, ie, me 😊 As an aside, when I was a student my friend and I worked in C&A in Manchester city centre on a Saturday, and that taught me a lesson I will not forget. Generally, when wome
  6. Like a PP, I am booked on Silhouette to the Fjords out of Southampton on 26th August. I am also booked on her Canaries cruise arriving back into Southampton on 29th October. Celebrity recently announced that they were cancelling her cruises from 29th October onwards - I think there were three, so I took from that that they were still hoping to make the other sailings. I know this is optimistic in the light of recent news of a third wave apparently hitting mainland Europe and their extremely low vaccination roll-out rate, but I was holding out a (tiny!) hope that the Fjords cruise
  7. The EU has not covered itself in glory over all of this - not good for remainers such as you and me Harry! I came on here this morning (as I do most mornings even though I don't post that much) for a bit of light relief and a post from Kalos. Thank you Kalos, you did not disappoint! I needed to be calmed down after just having a 'ranty' WhatsApp message from a German friend in Berlin about the Astra Zeneca vaccine and its dangers. She got a 'both barrels' reply from me and now I need some soothing music and a cup of tea .... and maybe a biscuit or two .....
  8. I don't think they would lose any loyal customers! I would take the view that there is likely to be over-supply in that market (round UK cruises) this year and it would not make commercial sense to add to that. I speak as someone who has two cruises ex-Southampton booked for this year. It would be disappointing if at least one of them doesn't go ahead, but it wouldn't surprise me if they decided not to bring over Silhouette this year.
  9. But how many cruises just going around the UK can the market take? With Cunard, P&O and Princess all to my knowledge about to offer around UK cruises I would think it will look very close to saturation point quite quickly. I think I read also that Hurtigruten and Viking Oceans were also considering round the UK voyages, but I'm not sure that's for this year. Plus, a lot of us with cruises booked would have little interest in such a cruise, I know I wouldn't unless it were to have very attractive pricing and be sailing with vastly reduced passenger numbers.
  10. Thanks for that - I’d have missed so many of these briefings had it not been for you 👍😊 I wish they just had regular fixed briefings rather than what often appears to be ad hoc!
  11. Warnemunde is another ‘get off and walk round’ German port that we are fond of.
  12. Our first visit to Guernsey and we were impressed immediately we left the ship - it was lovely!
  13. First time in Guernsey and we were impressed as soon as we left the ship.
  14. I'm sorry to hear this too Avril. As you were posting, I was on a Zoom call with friends and we were talking about the people we know who have caught Covid in hospital. 3 out of the 6 of us knew someone personally to whom this has happened, in different parts of the country too. It's frightening!
  15. First time on today but just had to say I have watched this many times already last night and today; it makes me laugh so much! When he says 'I'm not a cat ......' - nothing has made me laugh like this for ages!
  16. Oh yes, a lovely memory for me too! It wasn't my first visit when I heard it, but it still made an impression. That, and the warm 'tropical-mixed-with-kerosene' smell as you exit the airport building. My first visit was in 1988 and my son was just 8 years old - a perfect time and we have been fortunate enough to visit Florida every year since then, often at the end of a trip elsewhere, and, deep breath, I have even booked flights to Tampa for the end of September this year 🤞. They are Amex 2-4-1 Club class flights postponed from this month, so 'only' taxes paid and are fully refundable, but
  17. I'm having a rare 'down' day and there are reasons, but you lot have cheered me up, so a big, big thanks to Kalos, Andy. Yorkshire Phil and others who have contributed to the humour today - it really is much appreciated and really helps.
  18. I may give it a go then - the Times TV critic slated it and gave it one star out of five! I like winter when it's cold/frosty/sunny etc, but damp and grey (like today in my part of SW Lancs), not so much. I do like watching my bulbs in pots creep up, and I planted masses this time, knowing they, and the birds, would be a major source of entertainment for the early part of this year.
  19. We've sailed on 4 different Princess ships and should have been doing the transatlantic on the new (did it launch?) Enchanted Princess last November. We've enjoyed them all but our least favourite ship was the Sapphire Princess and favourites being the newer larger Royal and Regal - the small balconies are only a minor inconvenience to us. We enjoyed the programme but it suited DH more because he loves all the technical and engineering stuff, whereas I should have liked to have seen more on the 'softer' side of cruising; cabins, theatre, dining rooms etc, but appreciate that's not the focus
  20. I knew that Graham - you are both very caring and supportive posters; the backbone of this thread (along with a few others). In fact, I’d say that the warmth and humour on this thread have contributed to my booking more P&O cruises as in, mostly nice folk on P&O 😊
  21. I doubt it's anything to do with getting a rough ride. I think that Harry, who let's be right, started some of the debates, was up to the job of defending his point of view 😄. I miss his posts and hope he returns, but then, my views are not a million miles from his 😉
  22. I wonder if the theatre seating is such a problem? We go to the theatre almost nightly onboard, have sailed on both the Royal and the Regal and never been aware of an issue. True we are not the people who wander in at the last minute, but the only time I am aware of the theatre being full way before the performance began was when it was Gareth Gates appearing, who is reasonably well-known in the UK. NB: My DH had never heard of him (no surprises there!) but he gave a good performance.
  23. +1 And agree with Presto2 that Ralf Little is the weakest lead. I loved Ruby though and would like her back!
  24. After years of retirement from teaching, I still feel a sense of relief that I can enjoy Sundays without the burden of knowing there was lots of school work to be done (I taught mainly exam classes; GCSE and A level with a smattering of GNVQ). I loved the classroom part, but oh the preparation and marking workload! 😔. I don't believe it's got any easier so I feel your Friday evening joy!
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