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  1. I often check in only a few times a week to see what you are all talking about, and I was taken aback to read that you had contracted Covid Graham, and I wish you all the very best for a speedy recovery. Your positive, supportive posts have been much in evidence over the past 'trying' months and so I hope that you are able to continue the same output as you recover and are back to posting the 'this is where we are now' pictures very soon.
  2. I head some 'expert' on TV over the weekend say that the vaccines about to be rolled out were not a silver bullet (I paraphrase here) but they did know that they were safe. We can but hope.
  3. We watched it last night too and it felt like a little window into another (lost for now) world. I loved it even though I don't want to sail on her.
  4. My condolences also. It must be comforting to know that everything possible was done for your husband, despite your terrible loss.
  5. There is a Waitrose in Formby (which I think of as posh Merseyside!) and they deliver to us in SW Lancashire. We have a great Booths within a few miles and their values make them worth supporting. DH is very fond of Aldi and Lidl having been a very frequent visitor to Germany for most of his life and used them long before they arrived on our shores. When we are anywhere else in Europe we always seek them out.
  6. Celebrity is my favourite cruise line, but for Alaska I'd definitely recommend Princess, and I've been there with both. Glacier Bay is not to be missed for a one-time trip/first visit and Celebrity/RC do not have permits to visit - the numbers of cruise ships allowed into the bay are strictly controlled and Princess and Holland America have a long history with cruises to Alaska. Glacier Bay is the jewel in Alaska's crown IMO. Agree also that the Princess lodges, if you choose to add on a land tour, are very good.
  7. Thanks for that info. We have trouble watching the stuff we have recorded and so I am loathe to sign up to anything but I was tempted by Britbox but only for Spitting Image. I may just sign up on those terms. As you say, the comic opportunities now ............!!
  8. Teen and twenties disc club 😁 For many years I could recite Elvis's membership number too, but it is long lost to my memory I'm afraid. But I can still spell Keynsham 😉
  9. Ha ha ha, but not just any old papers ...... no Daily Mirror/Sun in there!! I too was fascinated by the loos on my visits. We lived in the south east for many years and would occasionally go to the Ritz for Sunday lunch. It was a real bargain compared with the afternoon tea experience IMO and the dining room was wonderful. Don't know if it is still a bargain though and too far away to take advantage in any case.
  10. Absolutely agree that planning for holidays used to take up quite a bit of my time - and oh how I miss it! After breakfast, the first hour of so of most days would be spent at my desktop researching flights, hotels, cruises etc. How lucky was I to have all those holidays; so very different from my own parents' lives. I don't think they went further than the Isle of Man until, in my twenties I took my mother on a Clarksons short holiday to Holland, followed by Germany the next year and then later after I married, I was determined she should see Switzerland and so off we went again, just the
  11. I must be losing the old cells fast because I remember folk answering questions for example, and sticking the word 'Petunia' in a funny voice on the end, but I don't remember the clips at all 🤔
  12. Good morning Roger - or, if you are in the USA, middle of the night! It would be lovely to have a sentence or two about you and how you came to choose this UK group of folk to connect with. Best wishes to you even if you choose not to reveal a little more, and good luck finding your own little oasis in these times.
  13. I have 'Place in the Sun' on series record but pick and choose the ones I watch. I decided to watch Tuesday's because it was South West France, an area where my son had just made an offer for a property. Well blow me down if they didn't first show the small village and then the actual property; filmed a year ago! Considering the size of France and the number of Brits who own there, we were also amazed to hear that the current owners live only a few miles from us here in West Lancs!
  14. You have described our viewing pattern almost exactly. Like others, loved 'The Bridge', (and its haunting music) and also the Canadian series 'Cardinal' - bit gruesome and some scenes I watched from behind a cushion; available on iPlayer. We have still to watch programme 3 of 'Des' shown last night, and can't wait because it's been fascinating. I've had some good reading recommendations here, so I'll throw mine in because I don't think they have been mentioned: Stella Rimington's Liz Carlisle spy thriller books. Stella Rimington is a former Director General of MI5, a
  15. Love it. We stayed there (Fairmont) last year and saw elks all over the place - side of roads, in Jasper itself but not by the hotel.
  16. This gave me a good chuckle because our last year's trip was not our first time of doing our 'once in a lifetime' trip to Canada and Alaska either! We also did an inland Alaska tour with Princess the first time, which was excellent. Good to have memories to rely on until we can plan with any certainty again 😊. The bears and eagles can wait 🤞
  17. Yes, I must confess that it is similar on some (but not all) of the Celebrity cruises we have been on where we have used the MDR. However, after the first couple of nights it settles down and you are shown to the same table/area with the same servers each night so long as you arrive within about 15 minutes of it opening. We are okay with that but appreciate it would not suit everyone.
  18. They are lovely caravan/lodges. Do you use one company in particular? We own a (very nice) touring caravan but I have never been a fan and I am always happy when other family members use it; I think I did 5 nights in it last year! I am fussy about beds though, and a 4'6" one would not do and that's what I remember from my one night in one of those mobile homes many years ago. How were the beds? If they were good, I could be tempted.
  19. It should be wonderful and I hope it happens for you. We did a similar trip in reverse last year - flew into Calgary, toured the Rockies and then made our way to Vancouver for 2 nights before our 10 night cruise on Eclipse. It was a great holiday and one of many last year I am pleased to say - my husband's mantra for the last few years if I have come up with a holiday I fancied has been 'Get it booked, we never know when things may change.' Oh how true that turned out to be in more ways than one! I'm sure that June in Surrey was glorious too 😉
  20. Ha ha ha, that was my thought exactly! I didn't like to say as it was posted as an example of good spacing. We are early risers on holiday as at home, and so also eat all of our meals early. Our choice is to arrive at the dining room soon after it opens - it's also quieter - and it is much easier to get a table by a window or in a corner and therefore noise is not coming from all around; a boon for DH. My 'any time' dining experiences are not with P&O however.
  21. Good for you Avril! Often people at the side of us on our table for 2 will start up a conversation and I'm never one to miss an opportunity to chat, but eventually I find myself saying 'I will tell my husband what we have discussed later because his hearing is poor and he will have missed much of it. I've still met interesting people this way too. We just adapt.
  22. I have a Florida cruise booked (not P&O) - for January 2022! It was booked last autumn on board with only a small deposit and is movable. By then, I would love to think we can do what we have been doing for many years now, and that is spending January in Florida, dividing our time between Disney's Boardwalk, Vero Beach and Old Key West resorts (all DVC; we've been members for 24 years so this is relatively cheap accommodation for us) in addition to a cruise, preferably out of Fort Lauderdale but sometimes Miami. We often don't bother with the parks, even though we have some non-expiry t
  23. Ten years ago I would have agreed with you totally, but people choose tables for two for different reasons. I'm pretty sociable and love to hear people's stories in the main, but two things changed. The first big one is that my not-as-sociable husband's hearing rapidly declined and dining rooms are usually noisy places, so even with hearing aids it is difficult for him, but even more so for me because I find it stressful worrying about him. The second is that after two excellent experiences of shared tables and one okay one, we got the table with the champion talker who knew everything abou
  24. I largely agree with your view - but, there is a part of me that welcomes not sitting ‘cheek by jowl’ in either the dining room or theatre. Maybe the inflated prices take account of fewer passengers? I would applaud that.
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