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  1. This gave me a good chuckle because our last year's trip was not our first time of doing our 'once in a lifetime' trip to Canada and Alaska either! We also did an inland Alaska tour with Princess the first time, which was excellent. Good to have memories to rely on until we can plan with any certainty again 😊. The bears and eagles can wait 🤞
  2. Yes, I must confess that it is similar on some (but not all) of the Celebrity cruises we have been on where we have used the MDR. However, after the first couple of nights it settles down and you are shown to the same table/area with the same servers each night so long as you arrive within about 15 minutes of it opening. We are okay with that but appreciate it would not suit everyone.
  3. They are lovely caravan/lodges. Do you use one company in particular? We own a (very nice) touring caravan but I have never been a fan and I am always happy when other family members use it; I think I did 5 nights in it last year! I am fussy about beds though, and a 4'6" one would not do and that's what I remember from my one night in one of those mobile homes many years ago. How were the beds? If they were good, I could be tempted.
  4. It should be wonderful and I hope it happens for you. We did a similar trip in reverse last year - flew into Calgary, toured the Rockies and then made our way to Vancouver for 2 nights before our 10 night cruise on Eclipse. It was a great holiday and one of many last year I am pleased to say - my husband's mantra for the last few years if I have come up with a holiday I fancied has been 'Get it booked, we never know when things may change.' Oh how true that turned out to be in more ways than one! I'm sure that June in Surrey was glorious too 😉
  5. Ha ha ha, that was my thought exactly! I didn't like to say as it was posted as an example of good spacing. We are early risers on holiday as at home, and so also eat all of our meals early. Our choice is to arrive at the dining room soon after it opens - it's also quieter - and it is much easier to get a table by a window or in a corner and therefore noise is not coming from all around; a boon for DH. My 'any time' dining experiences are not with P&O however.
  6. Good for you Avril! Often people at the side of us on our table for 2 will start up a conversation and I'm never one to miss an opportunity to chat, but eventually I find myself saying 'I will tell my husband what we have discussed later because his hearing is poor and he will have missed much of it. I've still met interesting people this way too. We just adapt.
  7. I have a Florida cruise booked (not P&O) - for January 2022! It was booked last autumn on board with only a small deposit and is movable. By then, I would love to think we can do what we have been doing for many years now, and that is spending January in Florida, dividing our time between Disney's Boardwalk, Vero Beach and Old Key West resorts (all DVC; we've been members for 24 years so this is relatively cheap accommodation for us) in addition to a cruise, preferably out of Fort Lauderdale but sometimes Miami. We often don't bother with the parks, even though we have some non-expiry t
  8. Ten years ago I would have agreed with you totally, but people choose tables for two for different reasons. I'm pretty sociable and love to hear people's stories in the main, but two things changed. The first big one is that my not-as-sociable husband's hearing rapidly declined and dining rooms are usually noisy places, so even with hearing aids it is difficult for him, but even more so for me because I find it stressful worrying about him. The second is that after two excellent experiences of shared tables and one okay one, we got the table with the champion talker who knew everything abou
  9. I largely agree with your view - but, there is a part of me that welcomes not sitting ‘cheek by jowl’ in either the dining room or theatre. Maybe the inflated prices take account of fewer passengers? I would applaud that.
  10. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I have a 40 year old son with a family, and if anything were to happen to him .... well, I can't even begin to go there. I am sad about losing my friend and the struggles of my best friend and DH, but nothing could compare with losing a child, no matter what age. Your next post shows what a good attitude you have. All the very best.
  11. I've debated whether to contribute to this thread since I first saw it, and read every response, yesterday. This group have kept me informed and entertained since lock down and despite not being a frequent P&O cruiser, I have appreciated this forum very much, so here goes. In the last 12 months my lovely charmed world, which I did appreciate, has turned upside down! I am very lucky in that I have quite a few really good friends but of my 2 closest, one died after a short illness last October. She and I met weekly and often spoke on the phone in between. When I exiled to Hertf
  12. Nooooooooooo! If I could start a meal with dessert I would 😋. Maybe when/if I reach 80 and wear purple, maybe I'll do just that ......! Desserts is stressed backwards - something I find only too easy to remember when I reach for the chocolate in trying times 😁
  13. I've enjoyed the thread despite that. Any form of light entertainment is welcome in my world right now!
  14. And washing clothes in a sink (you do not just 'rinse' underwear I suspect) is the last thing I would want to be doing regularly on a long cruise! There are beautiful ships with guest laundries - just not Celebrity - but fully understand your point of view 😉
  15. I have heard that reserving a machine by using an 'out of order' sign was a thing! Now that would drive me bonkers. I've only ever used 2 guest laundry rooms; one on Viking and also on Princess but I either went very early or very late. What also drives me bonkers - and this happens at Disney resorts - is where guests are quite happy to leave their stuff in the machine long after the end time. So inconsiderate. Maybe I need disposable 'smalls' and to use those laundry bags after all 😉. Enjoy your HAL cruise, which I hope happens, and your laundry package - it does sound like a
  16. All of the long-distance cruises we have looked at, the ships have had an on-board laundry room for passenger use, something which Celebrity does not have. The laundry room on Viking ships is free to use and (environment friendly) detergent is automatically dispensed - included in your $100,000 fare 😁. Despite having the free bag of laundry each with Celebrity, we rarely use it - I do not want anyone washing my not-so-smalls and this lack of facility would make Celebrity a no-no even if I were interested 😉.
  17. I take your point that you didn't say that the article was far from the truth but urged caution. I also accept everything else you have said about the workers on board and is something DH and I talk about every time we cruise, it does not stop me feeling uncomfortable about it though, including the number of hours the staff put in, not only the pay. My concern is that we really only see what we want to see and will use any minor inaccuracies to dismiss the main tenet of the piece, which I suspect is largely accurate.
  18. My good friend has a Jackapoo and he's a wonderful dog, and very smart. DH loves to take him for walks and he does need lots of exercise. He goes berserk with excitement at visitors - but doesn't jump up at them; he's well trained 😉 - great dog; sure you will be happy with your choice.
  19. Unlike pete14, I doubt that this is far from the truth. It doesn't make for comfortable reading that's for sure. Thanks for posting.
  20. Before Harry comes along ..... but only until the end of the year can you look to the EHIC card, unless there's an agreement.
  21. Probably says way too much about me, but this made me laugh!
  22. I loved your old avatar 😉, and I agree with your assessment of the current situation.
  23. I know it's a stereotype, but generally speaking, the Germans do obey rules in my experience, and this must help with testing the water. As a frequent visitor (we once owned a flat in Germany), and with German friends, I am still amazed at the number of times we stand at road crossings, with little-to-no oncoming traffic, while Germans wait until the green man gives permission to cross - and yes, I know it sets a good and safe example for children! Maybe a good test bed for the re-start of cruising, added to the fact that they seem to have the Covid-19 largely under control barring the odd l
  24. To the OP, even you though you obviously are in a very good situation in many ways, I feel sympathy for your situation. I had often recommended cruising to my SIL before, but especially after her husband died and she finally tried one with P&O earlier this year, and loved it - so much so that she booked another two immediately. She is a similar age to you and is also 'comfortable' financially. She enjoyed cruising for all the reasons you gave. A PP suggested taking a look at Warner hotels, and they also do solo holidays. I have never taken one myself, but have a friend who
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