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  1. Day 58. I don't post that often so I thought I would update that the vuvuzela is still in the drawer awaiting the celebration of return of my money from P&O; I was one of the early ones whose message was 'within 45 days'. Last week Princess cancelled the TA we were due to take in November. I received a cancellation invoice and confirmation of my request for a refund of deposit by return. They are saying up to 60 days for a refund, but just having the confirmation in an orderly manner made me feel better, even though this may be misplaced as Princess and P&O are both u
  2. Have you checked your Spam folder? This is where a lot of us found our (incorrect in my case) cancellation invoices.
  3. Just for information re booking direct: Booked 4 April cruise, direct with P&O using credit card (but using cashback site). Cancelled on 16 March requesting refund - on screen notice said 'Your refund will be processed within 45 days'. Snail mail letter sent 1st class on 1 May - no response to date. No refund yet - now at 55 days. Will post when refund received, once I have stopped dancing around and blowing a vuvuzela!
  4. Can I just say that I love your take on things - always very sensible but often make me smile too 😉
  5. We cancelled in that window (refund within 45 days) for 4 April cruise, and I will definitely post here as soon as I hear something - I check my credit card online activity each morning and then come here to see if anyone reports progress. My letter to Paul Ludlow should hit someone's desk today too. It will be really good when this thread begins to live up to its name!
  6. Shameful! An unsolicited apology/explanation would have made some of us feel better. I accept it would not have been much consolation to those actually urgently needing the return of their money. I have also completed the CMA form and am about to take a letter to Paul Ludlow to the post box to see if that brings a different response. Again, not holding my breath.
  7. I cancelled directly with P&O (as I booked direct) online in response to their email - they provided a form for completion. The wording at that time was most definitely 'Your refund will be processed within 45 days'. I know this to be correct because I had written down the details on the front of the Holiday Information book and copied this statement word for word. Note the 'within' ..... still living in hope!
  8. It does not make it right, but this is far from being just a P&O issue. My cancelled cruise would have been only my 3rd with P&O, whereas I have taken many more with Celebrity (owned by Royal Caribbean) and that's also who my future bookings are with, although currently I only have moveable deposits at stake with them. I just took a look at their forum and the issues are just the same, or maybe worse - folk with March cruises cancelled and still no refunds yet (my P&O cruise was to have been on 4th April). I stress again, this does not make it right - and I am someone
  9. I’m counting the number of actual days - P&O said 45 days, not 45 working days. I cancelled on 14th March (not 16th as I’d said in one post) and at that time there was no mention of 45-60 days. I check my credit cards and bank statements online most days so that is not something extra I am doing. I understand about the 14 days in which they should have made the refund but I am trying to be understanding of the situation. As I write I am at day 38, and a week from today I will not be pleased if the refund is not back and will then be chasing P&O.
  10. I am day 37 of the 45 day wait they notified. Nothing on my credit cards today. Living in hope.
  11. I am sure that would be the case in the situations you describe. We pay our cc balances off in full every month and so normally anything credited is just offset by our expenditure. However, with no cruises or holidays to pay for, a £3k plus refund will take some using up and so I may even request a refund to my bank.
  12. I will definitely report any success. I expect the monies to be refunded to credit card(s) - possibly plural because I paid the deposit and balance on different cards - but I do check these online most days. Fingers crossed for us all.
  13. Thank you SO much for that Andy. I can calm down now ..... 😊
  14. I believe we were booked on the same cruise and I cancelled (age grounds) on 16th March when P&O were still saying refunds up to 45 days. Today I checked my Spam folder and there was the cancellation invoice, dated 25th March, but although it states 'Thank you we have received your payment to date of GBP £3256' it also shows underneath Cancellation Charges a total of £2930.40, with no further explanation. That reads to me like they are planning on refunding me 10% only! Was your cancellation invoice different?
  15. You think? I’m not too sure. In my own case we have only been cruising for 6 years but have ‘packed them in’ during that time, and now I’m viewing it differently and thinking ‘Scotland looks good’ and ‘I love the Cotswolds’ (out of season 😉). Maybe it’s an age thing too though, and won’t it be good just to have choices again?
  16. I cancelled on 14/03/20 online requesting a full refund and got the screen showing I would receive a refund with 45 days, but nothing since. No cancellation invoice either.
  17. This is exactly my situation, and whilst I have every sympathy for the cruise lines' employees, these companies have been highly profitable over the years I have been cruising, and to expect people not to want their money back within a reasonable time frame in these uncertain times is unacceptable, as is the attempt to change those previously ever-so-rigid t&cs. I should add that I feel quite differently towards small businesses and independent hotels etc. In answer to the the OP, I would be astounded if May cruises were not cancelled shortly. I have two more cru
  18. I should have been on that 4th April Canaries cruise too, and I follow your posts on the Dibb as well, so feel I know you! Happily our Florida holiday, with a Caribbean cruise, was in January and so was totally untouched by this craziness we are all living in. Good luck with the home schooling and hope you get re-acquainted with Mickey before too long. We should be on a Princess TA in November; Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale, but I wouldn't even put money on that happening right now!
  19. Really, now that is interesting! And I am quite clued up on Consumer issues - knew about challenging cancellation charges and used it with Princess on one occasion, and once set in motion a Small Claims against easyJet, at which point they caved in but I had to agree to an NDA 😄. Off to research cancellation refunds now. I should add that I do have some sympathy with the volume of work that P&O have on their hands at the moment, it's just that I am in danger of paying out a very large credit card bill (unrelated) and then having a large P&O refund to the same cc a few months later.
  20. Completed my refund form for my 4 April cruise minutes ago. Message resulting states that 'Your refund will be processed within 45 days'. Good news.
  21. The American cruise companies generally arrive from Florida etc late April/May and I expect we will hear something soon if they are cancelling. MSC, Aida, P&O etc are already in Europe. Who knows what will happen? Best guesses only right now, but it's looking increasingly like big-time cancellations.
  22. I can imagine that it was devastating for you, but it sounds like you made a sensible decision to remain in Australia. The rest of the journey would have been very worrisome for you had you stayed on board. Maybe when this all calms down, you could reach out to P&O to see if you would at least give a FCC for the portion of the cruise you, understandably, abandoned.
  23. Really? We would need our passports to travel to mainland Europe.
  24. Are the American-based cruise companies likely to abandon sending their ships over to Europe for the summer season? They will presumably working on a plan B at least if this (currently temporary) ban lasts.
  25. I agree. I have a Celebrity Med cruise booked at the end of August but with Trump's (temporary) ban on flights from mainland Europe, I wonder if the American-based cruise companies will even send their ships over to Europe for the summer season.
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