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  1. How very frustrating for you, and I’m not at all surprised that you are disinclined to give Celebrity you business in future! I hope the rest of your cruise goes smoothly for you all.
  2. I booked a GTY Concierge on a recent cruise and was pleasantly surprised to be allocated a cabin at the back of the ship - highest tier Concierge, but I booked GTY because it was a late booking and that was all that was available. I was prepared for anything, and like others, I am surprised that the OP was expecting something different. I'm from the UK and had I not been happy, there would have been nothing I could have done about it. No ringing up several times to get a different agent for us, because it wouldn't have made any difference! Just saying ..... that 'level playing f
  3. Thanks for the clarification. I too have received ‘generous’ OBC treatment on the one occasion I was miffed at a price drop, and at other times I have moved an onboard booking to another cruise and paid the ‘new’ reduced cash price - and that can be like trying to catch a falling knife! I doubt this ‘honouring price drops’ in the UK would ever be made official. After all, we can see the moves to try to bring the US more in line with our non-refundable deposits, so they are not going to (officially) do anything for the UK market that hits their bottom line. Understandable, but I’m pr
  4. Is this an official policy? If so, where have you seen it written down? Thanks.
  5. That was indeed an exclusive event. As you say kudos to Celebrity for not cancelling. OT, but some years ago we turned up for a wine tasting event at Disney’s Vero Beach resort, and we too were the only guests who signed up for it and had a great time with the excellent sommelier, and got to take our favourite wine away with us too. From memory it was $20 each and included a nice etched Vero Beach wine glass per person. Disney are not known for bargains, but we got one that day!
  6. I am another who regularly used to monitor (past tense!) the prices of cruises I had booked, along with dates - I am a bit obsessive like that. I had reached the conclusion last year that booking with Celebrity was not so appealing going forward and it is even more so since the recent changes and price hikes. We were lucky enough to take 5 Celebrity cruises this year (a celebratory year), 4 of which were booked well in advance at 'good' prices and one last minute (Iceland and Ireland) because I believed it to be overpriced and when prices dropped, I jumped and booked. I could onl
  7. I have had them price match, as has a friend of mine. Agree that the prices are OTT and much as I like the product, I won’t be rushing to book another X cruise (without a good deal), despite having a placeholder booking in the system.
  8. Amen! We used to have quite a good website here in the U.K., but now it mirrors the USA site and it’s awful - not user-friendly at all.
  9. I agree that there are many examples of companies honouring prices made in error - Indeed friends of mine travelled business class to the USA for the price of an economy fare a few years ago - but in UK law they do not have to, that’s the point. The Celebrity website will surely see some changes in the coming days.
  10. At this moment, I am still wanting to believe that the website is work in progress! I have just taken a look at Princess cruises for 2021 and it's a site you can still actually enjoy using ..... sigh!!!
  11. Nothing. Retailers in the UK have the right to not sell you goods and services they have incorrectly priced under the Sale of Goods Act.
  12. I am suspecting that the ‘refundable’ deposit might not be the same ‘refundable until final payment’ date that our North American cousins enjoy! I checked a January 2021 Caribbean booking I have and after a date in January 2019 (I assume it should be 20!) then I would forfeit my deposit! Either the t&cs have yet to be amended, or the fully refundable deposit is for a limited period. I hope I’m wrong.
  13. Well I thought I would never see the day! New promotions day today so I priced up one of my next year's bookings only to discover there is a booking option of a stripped down (cheaper) price and a more expensive price (with perks) AND refundable deposit. I haven't checked the small print yet, so there may be a nasty surprise, but hey, you gotta hope. The downside (and there always is one) is that the said cruise is now almost £400 ($500) more than when I booked a few months ago.
  14. I thought that (assume you are talking about the MDR lunch) was only available to Concierge and back-to-back passengers. Am I wrong?
  15. Congratulations! I have also had good service from the agent I use at Celebrity; specific details of which I don’t post because I am certain he goes above and beyond on my behalf. The fact that this year alone I’ve taken 5 Celebrity cruises also might be a factor - I just don’t know. What is indisputable is that UK terms and conditions generally allow next to no flexibility.
  16. Ah, you have really had some luck! Steven Friedman (thanks for providing his name for me) and the wonderful CD Alejandro on the same cruise!
  17. Beware! If you booked via Celebrity UK then your cruise, and fare price would be fixed with no opportunity to cancel or re-fare should the price drop without losing your deposit. An exception is if you book on board and then you have the ability to move your deposit to another sailing. US terms allow a lot more flexibility.
  18. We saw Euphoria on Silhouette’s Ireland/Iceland cruise in August and I had a good chuckle at the thought of Carol twirling that hat in the cabin. I’m so sorry this review is coming to an end, I’ve loved it! it’s taken me right up to my own next cruise on Reflection, 28th October from Lisbon to Barcelona before she heads back to Fort Lauderdale (without me). I was also on Silhouette in January 2018 and so were you, although I didn’t ‘know’ you at the time! Your review of that cruise showed me things on the ship I hadn’t noticed. Since then I’ve followed you on your Amazara adve
  19. If you have the guy who sings as part of his talks about Broadway musicals then I am envious. We enjoyed him so much last year on a Med cruise and I can’t remember his name!
  20. My last cruise on Reflection was almost 2 years ago in the Caribbean and don’t remember the cabin number, except that it was midship. We join the ship again on Monday in Lisbon and are in a C2 cabin on the hump. In another post you ask about Aqua. There are plenty of threads on this if you do a search. Most people like the smaller dining venue Blu. We have had Aqua cabins 3 or 4 times (and have one booked next year on Constellation) but although I love the breakfasts in Blu, I’m one of those who actually prefer the food served in the MDR.
  21. Exactly! We are very lucky to take many other holidays each year and cruising has been a relatively recent discovery for us - and it is a good way to get a taste of places we have not visited but may consider in the future. For instance, very recently we spent a week in Croatia after 'discovering' it on cruises. We are probably happiest self-driving on our own itinerary (central Europe, Italy, Canada and USA mostly) but having cruised, can see that the ease of cruising may appeal even more as the years roll by. So I may come on here for a moan every now and then, but we are like
  22. Ain't that the truth? Last night I took a look at a 14 night St Petersburg itinerary from Southampton with both P&O and Celebrity. Now, not like-for-like because the P&O is for May 2021 launch price and the X is for May 2020 which is heavily booked already. Both prices are for 2 in mid-ship balcony cabins. P&O £3304 with parking at Southampton included, Celebrity £5418, Celebrity has $300 OBC (but I am a Carnival shareholder so get £150 OBC on P&O) and of course, the drinks package. I am the next thing to a non-drinker, not caring for alcohol at all, and DH is a moderate dr
  23. No doubt there are some young IT folk at Corporate believing that it's a great improvement and it's because many of us (not you dear reader!) are old 'crusties' (with apologies to Boris) who don't like change. But they'd be wrong - I love change when it improves things. Ah well, back to the 'first world problems' mantra I guess.
  24. I'll be following along too. I met you briefly at the M&G at the start of the Ireland/Iceland cruise and enjoyed your cocktail countdown prior to the cruise and also your review. I'll be on the Reflection in 2 weeks' time out of Lisbon, so hoping for a warm (ish?) weather cruise. Hope yours lives up to expectation.
  25. This website is now a dog's breakfast/pig's ear - choose your own metaphor! If it becomes just so difficult to use, it must be very easy to miss cruises and offers you might otherwise book - speaking as someone who has been lucky enough to take multiple cruises a year over the past few years. Just awful.
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