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  1. Thanks for posting your review. This will be our first time on the Magic and I'm so excited! Come on, Leap Day!
  2. If you have always cruised with Carnival, give RCL a try so you can determine which you prefer. We did that last spring, cruised 1 week on RCL and then a week on Carnival, and this year we are going to do the same. We love both cruise lines now, and will choose whatever suits our vacation budget.
  3. DH and I are retired, so we have all the time we want to get ready for anything, but it only takes him about 15 min to shower, shave and get ready for dinner. It takes me 30-45 by the time I wash and dry my hair and do my makeup. We don't get a balcony, so enjoying a soda or water as we get ready works perfectly for us.
  4. We've stayed at a Quality Inn near Ron Jon's Surf Shop before a cruise from a Port Canaveral, then taken a shuttle service to the port in the morning.
  5. With FTTF, a notice is left in the staterooms regarding where to meet for priority water shuttles. I think It's the same for Platinum and Diamond guests.
  6. If you booked through a travel agent, that agent will need to make the change for you. However if you booked it yourselves, you can call Carnival directly to ask the cost of the upgrade and have that agent look after it for you.
  7. We've tried Guy's burgers on a couple of ships and couldn't finish them either time because they were so greasy. The toppings bar was great, and the fries were good, but the grease- not juice, in the meat made them inedible. Lots of people love them so it's personal choice but we both prefer something from a different part of the Lido for lunch.
  8. We aren't familiar with Uber or Lyft since neither are available in our province, so what would recommendations be for seniors going from LAX to Long Beach now that SuperShuttle is out of business? Thanks in advance for any recommendations or advice.
  9. On our first visit to beautiful Vancouver we took a tour of the city to get an idea of what we would like to see more of. Our favourite areas were Gastown, Chinatown, Stanley Park and our most favourite was Granville Market. The aquarium is also wonderful.
  10. The only time I had a problem was my fault, but someone working at the photo kiosk was kind enough to assist me and I was able to use the app for the rest of the cruise.
  11. We're going to St Maarten in March and for the 3rd time, we are booking the Beach Bum excursion with Amigo Tours through ShoreFox. It combines lots of time at Orient Beach as well as lots of time at MaHo Beach to watch the planes. It's a great excursion for all ages. In San Juan, the old forts are very interesting and within walking distance of the port. We plan to just wander the old town and enjoy the architecture, local restaurants and shops this time.
  12. We are doing a Side2Side with an inside on both for the price of 1 week in a balcony. It works for us. 😊
  13. We have had FTTF on all 9 cruises, and we have had to be out of our room at the same time as everyone else.
  14. I read the post by John Heald regarding the delay and all that is being offered to the affected guests. No where did he say it was the shipbuilders' fault, as the OP mentions. Perhaps it's a delay in furnishings or technical equipment etc. Delays can happen with new builds of anything - several of neighbours houses were not finished until about 6-9 months after their original dates, and they were not given any compensation. In fact they were out of pocket the months of paying rent in their temporary homes. New cars aren't always delivered on time due to manufacturing delays. It is unfortuna
  15. If you don't want the early debarkation that goes along with FTTF, perhaps ask at a Guest Services for a later time. You will still need to be out of your room quite early so the room stewards can clean and prepare the room for the next guests. Long Beach has a wonderful aquarium downtown that you could spend several hours at, while you wait you go to the airport, but I'm not sure if they could store your luggage.
  16. I agree that the Premier Protein Shakes can be taken onboard, but please make sure they are in your carryon luggage, just as you would carry on sodas.
  17. Congratulations on your marriage. Fortunately the plumbing problem you had was not very common, but can happen as others have said. It was great that you were offered another room since most of the time ships sail full. Since you had a choice, it's totally up to you to stay in the current room that you liked, or to move to a dry odour free room. I don't know if any compensation or extra perks would be offered or need to be offered. Please come back and let us know what you decided to do.
  18. The air mattress looks like a great idea for anyone with back problems. I worked for Walmart for a few years, and was treated great by everyone including management. Many staff were there for 10+ years.
  19. We generally book Riviera deck or deck 2 porthole. It suits our budget, we don't spend much time in our room, so a porthole, or occasionally an ocean view window is perfect for us. I also like using the stairs for exercise instead of taking the elevators up to the Lido or the track to work off some of the extra indulgences too.
  20. I pay the entire amount when booking a cruise, but also take out trip cancellation and travel insurance, in case of a worst case scenario and we need to cancel. In all our years of travelling, it hasn't happened yet. 😊
  21. Last spring we were able to reserve our dining time for each evening in advance ( sounds like an oxymoron but it worked). I wasn't able to do that tonight when I did our online check in. Does anyone know if the procedure has changed or if reserving is no longer possible? Thanks in advance for the responses.
  22. We didn't book, either. The BVE (Bon Voyage Experience) is still being advertised online by just typing Princess Cruise BVE. If possible to book it out of Seattle, San Francisco, NYC, LA or Fort Lauderdale, it really is worth the $39.
  23. I thought it looked like a plate of burnt roasted potatoes. Oops! 😳
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