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  1. We are considering booking a 2-week pass for the thermal suite on NS. I can't find the hours. I'd like to it use early morning but how early would it be open?
  2. We have purchased the 14-day laundry package for our cruise on NS. When we embark in Amsterdam we will have already been traveling in Europe for a week. Will we be able to send laundry (not dry cleaning or pressing) out on embarkation day or will we need to wait for the next morning?
  3. I probably shouldn't respond since I have no experience on Eurodam...but we did a cruise to Alaska on Celebrity and I was concerned about being bored on sea days (though my husband loves them). It was not a problem at all. Our ship had a covered pool so even if cold, we could still use the pool and hot tubs. We didn't "party by the pool" per se but we definitely enjoyed a few beverages and time to read and relax. We also used the sea days to guarantee that we'd get our 3 mile walk in - which didn't always happen on port days. We also reserved specialty restaurants which was relaxi
  4. Good to know - thanks. I'll wait for a sea day.
  5. Ok good to know. I am looking specifically at a couples massage and on embarkation day it is offered at 12:00, 1:15, 2:30 and 5:00. The only other days I would consider are sea days and it's offered at 2:00, 3:15 and 4:30 on all the sea days. Was hoping for earlier so that's why embarkation day appealed to me. But if it's not a serene atmosphere I've save for another day.
  6. I have read postings from people who book a spa service in early afternoon on embarkation day. We will be leaving out of Amsterdam on NS in August - ship sails at 5:00 pm. I'd love to book a service that day but not sure of my boarding time or how long the process takes. Would it be risky to book 1:15 or 2:30? They offer a 12:30 time slot so I assume that would mean we could be boarded by then??
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