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  1. tcocktail

    sju to the port

    sounds easy thanks
  2. tcocktail

    sju to the port

    I am well aware this is not a good idea but with work there is nothing we could do, flyying in the same ay as the cruisee what is the best way to get to the port from sju
  3. tcocktail

    WHo´s chartered Millennium 3/31-4/11/2013?

    Does anyone know why the ship is on waitlist only for reservations on April 11 I don't believe it is sold out this far out
  4. tcocktail

    Hotel in Venice pre-cruise

    Hotel Wildner is a great hotel good location, right where the tenders land from the ship
  5. tcocktail

    Costa Concordia SINKING

    I didn't understand that the Concordia represented such a small piece. I live in a resort community owned by a fortune 500 and they were self insurance. THat was my only experience. The company was sold and thed learned they could of lost everything. But the issue with Costa and Carnival corp is totally different. What a mess for all involved.
  6. tcocktail

    Costa Concordia SINKING

    Excactly, why in the world would they want to do that?
  7. tcocktail

    Costa Concordia SINKING

    REbranding is exactly what they should do or bring it under the Princess line. They could sell the ships to MSC too, but in the long rebranding is the smartest
  8. tcocktail

    Costa Concordia SINKING

    YOu have to be kidding me they are really self insuranced. If this is really fact Carnival Corporation could be in huge trouble. I wonder if MSC would like to purchase the costa ships
  9. tcocktail

    Costa Concordia SINKING

    This is going to be a hard pill for the parent company to swallow. Carnival may have to dissolve Costa in order to save the stock price. It has already dropped $4.74 today. It's hard to tell what will happen in this economy. I am sure the will be looking at booking and cancelations. I am sure this wil affect the industry at least for a couple of weeks not only Carnival.
  10. tcocktail


    I am in no way saying that a ships tour is better. I generally do all on my own or with a tour operator. It's the time and distance to Taormina that is the issue here. If mario did all that for you, that is outstanding and if it were me I would be corresponding with him. Castelmola is a very unique village, they filmed the wedding from the GodFather there. I still don't know how they got the film crew and equipment up there. Also be know that there are phallic symbols everywhere, even the knobs on the sinks, back of the chairs. We did too have a great meal there and some of the best wine. If you did Toarmina on your own you would have time to get there. If you can believe, I wasn't on a cruise for that visit and I drove up the mountain, OMG what an experience.
  11. tcocktail


    You have more time then most ships. Taormina on your own is a great way to see this beautiful city. I know people that have taken the train with no issues at all. But you are correct they can go on strikeat any time. What a crazy way to live. I recall being on the train in Rome, it stopped for 10 minutes, they went on strike and then they restarted again. Please understand that the train goes to the bottom of the hill and then you have to take a taxi from the train station to Taormina. The clock tower is cute and if you miss it you are not missing much. Taormina is beautiful and not to be missed. I completely understand you planning so early. I always do that an happier for it. Going with the ship is a no hassle way. I typically do not travel with the ship toursbut there are sometimes I think it is necessary.
  12. tcocktail


    The traffic is a huge issue. Another time the ship departed earlier then expected, although I don't think happens too often. Remember that if you are on a tour with the ship and there is a delay on the roads the ship will wait. If you are on your own you are out of luck. The sicilians drive all over the roads. two cars drive in the same lane. I think the lines are just suggestions,lol. When we did this Mario's prices were much higher then the ship too. Where do you plan on going? How much time do you have?
  13. tcocktail


    Although I have heard only the best about Mario Astone, I would highly suggest that if you are going to Toaminoa that you stay with the cruise line. People have been left behind for one reason or another. It really depends on how much time you will have at that port. There is nothing really to do in Messina although the last time I was there we stayed in the city and mingled with the locals.
  14. tcocktail

    Best Flight Plan from US

    We have a flight arriving at Gatwick at noon in June and have 3.5 hours to get to Heathrow when our flight departs. We will be coming from Venice, Italy. Do we have enough time and what is the quickest way to get to Heathrow?
  15. tcocktail

    BOA Visa double points ending soon

    I too received my letter yesterday. I am dissappointed because I had enough for a caribbean companion cruise. I tried to look for booking a cruise or the other onboard credits and nothing. It looks to me as though they are off the site, unless I am missing something. This could force me to look at MSC as I have heard outstanding reviews in the Caribbean, I will take my cash and look else, even though I am elite status in Captain Club. You can redeem them for cash which I have done in the past. I really haven't looked at World points too much. I have tried to get airline seats and that's a joke. How many will be keeping this card? I can only guess that Rccl will be doing the same thing. If anyone has another idea for a good card please post. I have a costco AMEX card think I will start charging my gas on there now. Never ending dissappointments in a bad economy.