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  1. You probably won your bid, check your CC account to see if it was charged. Otherwise, wait 24 hours to see if it was updated.
  2. If you bid, once you move the slider, you will see the minimum number.
  3. Thanks all, makes sense given the availability of vodka, I guess we need to find a new favorite!
  4. If you and your cabin mate upgrade to the drinks and more package, the mini fridge will be stocked with Vodka, Coke, Diet Coke, Heineken, small Chardonnay and small Cab or Pinot. It will also contain water and some snack bars. You may be able to customize this but probably not. They will also give you two or 4 bottles of wine and $50 casino credit per person. The fridge would be replenished each day of the cruise. You would have to pay for drinks delivered to the room, even if you have the beverage package. Room service menus will be in the room but a good internet search may turn up some CC menus
  5. I emailed them today, if I get a response, I will let you know.
  6. DW was recently on the Millie (end of Sept) and at the Martini bar, they said Celebrity would no longer be serving the Peartini. We were on Equinox in early September and drank them like water so this would be upsetting if they went away. We will sail again on Silhouette in November and are looking forward to the Martini bar and hopefully some Peartinis. Does anybody know if the other ships are still serving them? Thank you!
  7. Ship: Silhouette Length of Cruise: 11 nights Cruise Sail Date: Nov 27, 2021 Date email offer received: Did not receive, it was in cruise planner Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Elite Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: TA Current Cabin: Front Oceanview Bid? Yes/No: Yes If YES - Bidding Details: Cabin Category: AQ min bid is $600-$1100, CC min bid is $500-$900, Balcony min bid is $200-$??? Bid Offer: I bid on a balcony only, CC is not worth it and I don't believe BLU access and Persian Gardens is worth the money for the upgrade. Notification Date: Pending Accepted / Rejected: Not yet General Comments (offer details, etc.) There are lots of cabins open for this booking so I don't expect the need to bid very high for the Balcony cabin.
  8. On our last cruise, the bidding didn't even begin until 7 days prior and we were notified about 3-4 days in advance.
  9. Sucks that Air Canada works that way. I just booked Celebrity Air yesterday on American and then called them to assign seats.
  10. Do a mock booking on the cruise and check the availability of both cabins. I wouldn't bid CC because there is really nothing extra that comes with it. AQ on the other hand gives you BLU and Persian Garden access. On our last cruise, AQ was not very full and we bid $5 over minimum and got it.
  11. We sailed on the Equinox in September that was sailing at about 40% capacity. We were in AQ and I never saw BLU at more than 50% capacity. The rest of the ship felt like a ghost town and occasionally you would find an activity that was crowded but not often. I loved it personally and know it will not last so I have booked a whole lot of cruises over the next few months to enjoy the lighter crowds. We have both Thanksgiving and New Years cruises booked and I have a feeling that they will be sailing at a much greater capacity.
  12. Quick question....if I buy the tests from OPTUM, does it require 2 tests 36 hours apart or just 1 test? Thank you, I could not find the information on the OPTUM web site.
  13. Right now the boats are sailing about half full. If you are trying to move to a Suite, you may have to put in a decent bid since most ships are sailing close to 100% in Retreat suites. If you are trying to move from and inside/oceanview to Balcony, CC or AQ; you can pretty much do that with the minimum bid. We booked an oceanview for our last cruise and the min bid for AQ was $300 and I bid $305, bid was accepted about 5 days prior to the cruise departure. Take a look at your cruise and do a mock booking for each class of room you want to consider upgrading into and see what's available. If there are tons of rooms, go with the minimum bid.
  14. No, Silhouette. I was unaware of the check in issues with ships returning to sea for the first paying cruise.
  15. Same here, I upgrade the drink package because I will probably break even but I won't ever have to sign anything. As for the wine, I would rather bring a couple of expensive bottles from home and have them at my nice dinners instead of paying 300-500 per bottle on the cruise for the same thing.
  16. Closet is about 5-6 feet wide and is also floor to ceiling. There is one shelf about a foot from the top so the rest is full length hanging space. We had plenty of room on our last 12 day cruise. Drawer space is at a premium with only 3-4 smaller drawers by the television. There is also some over the bed storage, good for shoes or folded up clothing items.
  17. I was able to check in for my Nov 22 cruise, try checking in and you will get to pick your time.
  18. I usually find all the options in the Rendezvous Lounge. It's where I used to find all the high end drinks that cost a bit extra. That being said, I was on Equinox last month and didn't see the same selection that I remembered from the past. I was also disappointed that they did not have Lagavulin like they used to.
  19. They still have dry cleaning services for hire and some free items if you are Elite and above.
  20. There is nothing on the boat that is that amazing. The full wine list has a few high dollar items on it but for the most part, it's nothing but 20-40 dollar bottles being sold on the cruise for almost 100. I prefer to raid my own cellar and bring 2 amazing bottles with me.
  21. Here is her email- llutoff-perlo@celebritycruises.com
  22. In my cruise planner for our next cruise, it is an upgrade option in the Drink Package tab. We already have the premium drink package and are Elite so the price is $9.00 a day plus 20% service charge. Total is $10.80 a day. Not sure if that reflects a 10% discount or not.
  23. Yeah, other than getting all Diet coke and water put in the fridge, I was unable to convert the Vodka to Bourbon and the Heineken to IPA as well.
  24. I was in AQ and I think since the boat was so empty, they weren't that concerned. It never hurts to ask the question. I actually asked my room attendant if he could switch them out or give me a menu to pick from and the Sommelier called me the the next day to ask my preferences. I told her French Chardonnay (no Oak) and Pinot Noir and she brought me 4 new bottles that were really nice.
  25. Thanks for the response and I agree, not a good use of a pre paid package.
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