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  1. We have friends who we have cruised with several times. We like to make up the backstory for 'interesting' people/couples/groups. A few drinks in and the stories get pretty interesting!
  2. I have looked at every folder in my email, nothing. I'm going to try again.
  3. I filled out the online form for our cancelled Panama Canal cruise. If you have filled out that form did you get any kind of notification from Princess? Also, will they cancel excursions we have already paid for, or do I need to do that myself?
  4. I guess we'll be driving to Oregon. I don't fly (bad experience lead to sever anxiety), since we need to be there to take care of grandkids 1 & 2 when #3 arrives. It's only about 3200 miles, and we love road trips. Gotta change my packing plans though, no need for sundresses and shorts.
  5. Thanks to all who replied - I will load up his Kindle, just in case. He likes 'real books' better, but the Kindle will be ready if needed. My Kindle is always ready to go!
  6. DH would like to know if there is a library on Island. Or should he just load up the Kindle?
  7. Thanks for the prompt answers. I found a site to fax from my computer, and the OBC already shows there. It's so nice to have a place for questions/answers. Thanks again
  8. Is there an email for requesting the OBC for stockholders? I've found fax and snail mail address but no email. Thanks for any info.
  9. We use those 2 all the time. DH loves the headphones, he uses them with his computer so I don't have to hear all the stuff he listens to! I'm very thankful for those headphones. I use the Tervis and the metal tumbler a lot. We sail on several different lines, so I don't think I'll be using the luggage tag, but our grandkids will love them. We have 2 grands now, but will have 4 total in a few months, guess that's a good excuse to cruise for enough platinum gifts for all 4 of them, right?? Works for me!
  10. All of the 3 piers that I know of are all in a small area, one right after the other. I don't know of any piers on the other side of the island.
  11. My first world problem: I found a Jeff and Patti review, but I found it early - so now I have to wait for the next post. But I solved that problem, I'm rereading their Magical B2B/Elation thread (sailing on Magic on Sunday) - something to do between Jeff's posts! Thanks for taking the time to post such wonderful reviews.
  12. Do we need 2 lanyards? No, but our grandchildren will love them. We still use several previous gifts, headphones, Tervis, duffle bag and cross-body bag. Are we going to complain when we walk into our cabin and find lanyards? Heck no. We don't cruise for the 'free' gifts, but we do appreciate them, even the crappy ones - we can always find someone who will use it.
  13. I agree with tkportersat, Nacho Cocom is great - you have to make reservations online ahead of time, (http://www.cozumelnachicocom.com ), they only let a set number of people in, I think it's now 130. It's all inclusive, great drinks, great service, great food and great beach. If you don't want all inclusive I would go to Paradise Beach. For $3 you get a wristband to enter, they do ask that you spend $10 pp on food or drink. The beach there is a bit rocky, head to the right end of the beach as you face the water. For an additional $18 you can use all the water toys. Just take a taxi from the port for either one. There will be plenty of taxis at Paradise to take you back, your server at Nachi will call one for you when you're ready to leave. We have told our server what time we need to leave when we first get there.... or we may not make it back in time 😂
  14. I haven't seen that wording for quite a while - the last couple of cruises just said something about cabins to ready until 1:30 - I guess they figure we know if we are able to go through them or not... like others have said, your keys will be there, others won't.
  15. Yes, just open the big heavy doors and head to your cabin. Your cards will be at your door. Enjoy!
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