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  1. I got it! Maybe May? FREE DRINKS ON YOUR NEXT CRUISE? Yeah, we'll toast to that. Book now with the FREE CHEERS TO YOU offer. You and a guest will enjoy our prepaid bar package for FREE!
  2. Is sitting by the pool on the Sunrise getting ready for sail away. Damn Covid.
  3. We're booked on the Nov. 2 Sunrise out of Miami. Waiting for final word, like everyone else. We booked this early date (it was originally 10/31) because we wanted to be out of the country on Nov. 3!
  4. You could wind up being like this family: Sailing on the MSC Grandiosa, the first cruise to hit the Mediterranean since Italy lifted its lockdown, the family broke off from the group during an excursion organized by the cruise line to Naples, an MSC spokeswoman confirmed to Travel + Leisure on Thursday. But they left the group during the excursion, breaking the “social bubble” the cruise line requires for port excursions and were denied the chance to re-board the ship. From Travel + Leisure So I guess it is possible to keep track of who leaves an excursion. Not a chance I want
  5. We're hoping along with you. I wish they hadn't changed the port tho, Fort Lauderdale is so much easer for us to drive to. I'll just be happy if we do sail. Time will tell.... fingers crossed.
  6. One down, one still there. We were booked on the Nov. 16 Paradise, that one was cancelled. Nov 2 Sunrise is still on the books - wonder how long that will last. At least we'll have some OBC.
  7. Mine showed up this morning too. Was 5 day from FLL, stops in Princess Cays, Grand Turk and Nassau, departing on 10/31 (we've been at sea on Halloween before, lots of fun) Now: 5 day from Miami, stops in Nassau, Half Moon Cay, and Grand Turk, departing on 11/02. I wish we were still boarding in FLL, the drive is so much easier from SW Florida, but we'll deal with it. We're retired, so date changes are fine with us - kind of glad to be gone during and right after the election (we'll vote early). Still have fingers crossed that we actually sail.
  8. We're booked on that cruise too. Final payment is due on Aug. 17, so what do we do? No way to pay online with cruise not showing up in Manager. I tried to add it back in, but no luck. The email I got concerning final payment had this: Ship/ Sail Date: Carnival Sunrise — 11/02/2020 So I'm going to assume that's the new sail date. Guess I'll try to call and see if I can make final payment that way. We're retired and live on the west coast of FL, so timing is not a big deal for us. We just want to be on a ship again!
  9. We booked the October 31 sail date for Sunrise. I got an email this morning about final payment due date with the sail date of Nov. 2. Guess that's one way to tell us the new date! Sure wish we were still sailing out of FLL, it's a much easier drive from SW Florida. But we're just glad to be booked.... and fingers crossed that we'll sail on that date.
  10. We have 2 booked.... October 31, 2020 (just me and DH) and November 16, 2020 (we're cruising with friends). Fingers are crossed.
  11. We have friends who we have cruised with several times. We like to make up the backstory for 'interesting' people/couples/groups. A few drinks in and the stories get pretty interesting!
  12. I have looked at every folder in my email, nothing. I'm going to try again.
  13. I filled out the online form for our cancelled Panama Canal cruise. If you have filled out that form did you get any kind of notification from Princess? Also, will they cancel excursions we have already paid for, or do I need to do that myself?
  14. I guess we'll be driving to Oregon. I don't fly (bad experience lead to sever anxiety), since we need to be there to take care of grandkids 1 & 2 when #3 arrives. It's only about 3200 miles, and we love road trips. Gotta change my packing plans though, no need for sundresses and shorts.
  15. Thanks to all who replied - I will load up his Kindle, just in case. He likes 'real books' better, but the Kindle will be ready if needed. My Kindle is always ready to go!
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