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  1. The thing about moving the Joy out early is that there are still I think 6 cruises planned for the Joy out of NY after these cancellations - 5 to Bermuda and 1 to Canada/NE.
  2. Unless a recent change had been made that I did not see, my notes show that 8/27 and 9/1 were 5 day NY to Bermuda, and 9/6 and 9/11 were 5 day NY to Canada/NE. On 9/16, several Bermuda cruises were to resume.
  3. That's interesting. We got 2 emails just before 7PM this evening (EDT), one for cancellation of Sept 3 on the Encore and one for cancellation of Sept 8 on the Encore as well. Our numbers are not even close to correct either, but the real interesting part is that each letter says the total FCC amount that has been posted to our Latitudes account is the exact same amount as yours - $1302.55. This was not even close to the actual amounts, nor is it close to what was posted to our Latitudes account, which was actually even less than that. Sounds like NCL has some fixing up to do.
  4. Our 4/18 (yesterday) crossing on the Escape was canceled by NCL on 3/30. We received the FCC and bonus the following Friday, 4/3. We got the CNDs back this past Friday, 4/17. They expire April 2023, which sounds correct. Still waiting for the credit for the insurance we bought to be included in the FCC and bonus. Our travel agent is working on that with NCL.
  5. Funny - we were booked on the same April 18 cruise as you. We got our FCC's as they promised on April 3, but are still waiting for the 2 Cruise Next deposits to be credited back. (The FCC was correct except it did not include the insurance. Giving NCL a week or so to see if they fix things before having our TA call them.)
  6. Enjoyed many cruises with Captain Hakan on the Breakaway. Hope to sail with him again.
  7. Thanks for posting this. The only name I recognize is Dan Dan. Do you happen to know who the Captain was?
  8. You're welcome, and it's Patrick Berido. And tell him hello from Nancy and Victor.
  9. This is Patrick's picture from when he was our concierge on the Gem in 2017. This time we just missed him. We disembarked the Bliss on 2/16 and he boarded the same day.
  10. Have Patrick, the Concierge, take a picture with you and the Captain and his senior officers. Patrick takes great pictures. Tell him Victor and Nancy recommended him.
  11. Agree about JC and Alex (actually from Ukraine). Alex went home this past Sunday and was replaced by Luz. JC is still CD. And the Sugarcane bar was rocking every time I walked by.
  12. Great to see Dan Olsson's name. He was the CD on our first Breakaway cruise in September 2013.
  13. I asked Alex about that. Here is his reply: "I was here in April, and I’m still here. However I’m leaving soon. Going on vacation and later on joining Jade."
  14. Norwegian Bliss Senior Officers - February 2, 2020 Sailing Captain - Robert Lundberg Staff Captain - Vicente Amicone Chief Engineer - Ivan Vladislovic General Manager - Djamel Benatmane Asst GM - Roland Schrock Cruise Director - JC Sanchez Asst CD - Alex (from Ukraine. Not sure of his last name.) Food and Beverage Director - Andreas Sommerfeld Asst F&B Director - Adrian DeKock Restaurant Manager - Elena Bodi Guest Service Manager - Charlyn Padilla Executive Chef - Sreekanth Sundaram Beverage Manager - Haide Balon Executive Housekeeper - Jocylito Orofino Cruise Next Manager - Michael Smith Haven Concierge - Hanno Meyer (Hanno was supposed to have been replaced by Patrick Berido on 2/2, but that will now happen on 2/16.) Haven Asst Concierge - Gabriel Mendez Haven Restaurant Maitre'd - Merrybelle Santos
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