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  1. You can email Gail and Barry (the owners) at info@beachlimerz.com and Gail will take your information and credit card. By the way...the conch fritters and shark bites really are VERY good!
  2. my recommendations: Georgetown, C.I....snorkel with the stingrays at Sting Ray Sandbar...through the ship or book a tour on your own Cozumel...1.If you have never been, a trip to the Mayan ruins in Tulum. I would book through the ship for this one. 2. If you just want a leisurely day at the beach, take a cab to Chankanaab. Or 3.book Nachi Cocom all inclusive resort for the day. We really enjoyedNachi Cocom...nice resort, good food/drink, not crowded! Falmouth...rafting down the Martha Brae River is fun to do once. Or, just stay on the ship...Falmouth is our LEAST favorite stop anywhere.
  3. I am glad you enjoyed Beach Limerz as much as we have. It is a very cool place!
  4. I talked with the HAL customer service rep. this afternoon. The Mariner discount does apply to onboard reservations, but not to online reservations.
  5. I have never had a problem with taxi drivers in Barbados, but I think that is because I get a cab outside of the actual cruise terminal. The drivers inside the terminal want to fill their large van cabs. After a short walk, we leave the terminal and always get a cab just for the two of us that takes us right to Brandon Beach, or anywhere else for that matter. No waiting for the driver to fill a van!
  6. You seem to have a LOT of information on Maui. May I ask your opinion on a tour I found?https://www.tripadvisor.com/AttractionProductReview-g29220-d19256069-Maui_Self_Guided_Electric_Bike_Snorkel_Excursion-Maui_Hawaii.html What do you think of the self guided electric bike snorkel? I am perfectly comfortable riding in heavy traffic. My wife is not. Is the traffic to and from Kahekili beach, heavy, moderate or light? thank you for your help!
  7. Thank you! I will look into Kahekili Beach!
  8. Anyone have any advice on what to do in Lahaina ona Sunday? We tried to book the Molokini Crater Snorkel, but we will be there on a Sunday and most tours leave very early morning, before we can tender in We would PREFER to just have a beach day. Ka'anapali is our first choice, but we will be there on a Sunday. Will it be very crowded? Waialea is our second choice, but that also seems like it will be crowded. Makena beach looks great, but because it is so far away and we will not be renting a car, it does not look like a feasible option. Any advice for us?
  9. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed them. I use Photo to Movie. It is a relatively inexpensive software that is downloadable from the internet and is very easy to learn. Photo to Movie even has online tutorials. I think you are correct in not engaging with certain posters. My wife gave me the same advice, which, for a change, I heeded. People will believe what they wish to believe, even when there is little and even no evidence to support that belief. On the Holland America board, there is thread on "Dealing with Difficult Posts" and it contains a good piece of advice. Do not engage. But! And this is a big but! One of your last sentences in your last post, while technically not grammatically incorrect, is somewhat grammatically awkward, and, even worse, more than a little "snarky!" I don't think you should accuse someone of being snarky and then follow it with a snarky comment! Just my opinion..I could be wrong. 😀
  10. We have not been back to Cozumel since August, and probably won't be back until August or September, 2020. We have trips planned to Curacao, Cayman Brac, Bonaire and Key largo, as well as a 4 week cruise on the Oosterdam in March and either the Brilliance of the Seas or the Grandeur of the Seas in October. I hope the Cozumel reefs are open for diving in August. Even though I have recently been experimenting with video, I have always preferred still photos. I use a program called Photo to Movie. It is not very expensive and is a very easy program to learn. I have found that the hardest part of any video is the music!
  11. I love Cozumel. I have been diving there since the early 80's.We rent condos on San Francisco beach for weeks at a time. I have been hearing that, recently, dive access on several reefs has been restricted. Have you heard about this as well?
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