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  1. Hey Dave!! Will you staying on the March 11, 2019 Emerald sailing? Hope so, as we'll be on it!!
  2. The old Carnival Holiday, now the MS Megellan has been in Cabo all day. Sailed on her three times.
  3. Thank you Charles. Greatly appreciated. Mike
  4. Morning Charles. Is there a preference with a port or starboard cabin? We're taking this cruise Feb. 2020. Thanks for any help. Also, enjoyed your review. Great information. Mike
  5. If you went to Crooners, how was the pianist? Thanks!
  6. Hello Sharon, Enjoyed talking to you, Jamie and Matthew during the cruise. Next time Robin and I will have to speed it up getting to the Red Frog Pub :D . Also fun to see our short cameos on your video. Enjoy the Vista next year. Mike and Robin
  7. Our last with Princess was 2006, so you are more up to date than we are. Thanks for the response. :)
  8. Thanks! Just curious, because on our Carnival and Royal Caribbean Hawaiian cruises they opened the casino after we set sail.
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