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  1. Pullmantur cruises started by selling cruises run by other companies. They also have a history of leasing or laying up their ships during winter so a lack of ships may not be the problem it first appears to be.
  2. Ovation is sailing from Sydney to Singapore then going into dry dock for a few weeks before heading to Alaska via Japan. The Singapore to Tokyo section has been blocked from sale at least once due to port clashes which caused a shorter cruise and fewer port calls. Those who were booked on the ship were offered the choice to transfer their booking to a similar Quantum sailing which likely freed up some cabins. RCI should have released the Australian 2021/2022 cruise season schedule which would include the Ovation a month or 2 back but they seem to be waiting until they have some clarity about cruising conditions.
  3. They were originally meant to be announced about a month ago but why bother releasing a season when you could well have to change everything anyway due to fallout from the current situation.
  4. As Adelaide is only 1/2 an hour behind Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart sometimes ships have their time out of sync with local time to make the time changes on board easier for everyone. From memory I have had it both ways.
  5. Yes, the blue cabins are the remaining solo cabins on that deck by doing a mock booking for December out of Hong Kong and specifically selecting a solo cabin. As I said the deck plans don't show them when you just look at the plans without a booking. The plans within the booking tool use the same visuals but the room definitions in the system that they use for the actual bookings themselves define those rooms to be solo balconies. I think that the rooms may have been converted based on bookings after it was launched.
  6. They don't appear on the deck plans for the Spectrum but when you go to book and you select a solo balcony you can select rooms like this at the back of several desks. I think that it is because the suites are clustered around their special dining area.
  7. For the record Spectrum also has solo cabins and in fact has more than the other Quantum class ships as a number of the aft cabins have been turned into solo balconies.
  8. There is normally 1 circumnavigation of Australia each year which has been on the Radiance for a number of years. It goes via Indonesia (Bali) and New Zealand so that each of the 2 separate cruises an international cruise and they can sell duty free alcohol and other items.
  9. If you are denied boarding due to illness they provide you with a 100% FCC.
  10. The Ovation on Saturday only had 4,500 passengers board which is a few hundred down on normal.
  11. If the sailing stays in Australian waters then they have to charge and pay tax for things like the alcohol from the store so they don't sell it.
  12. Australia is also refusing entry to non residents and citizens coming from mainland China.
  13. It is hard to use the Vision class as an example because they are really three sets of 2 where one of the pairs has an extra bit added to the middle of the ship. You could also call the Freedom class the stretched Voyager class. Which leaves you with 3 first generation Voyager class ships (internal balconies), 2 second generation Voyager class ships (with glass balconies) and 3 third generation Voyager class ships (i.e. the Freedom class) which is 90 feet longer and adds the flowrider. As time goes on the Voyager and Freedom class ships are getting the same changes with the amplification process.
  14. On my recent Voyager cruise I was very disappointed to discover that My Time Dining didn't start until 6:45. Because I didn't realise this I went to the MDR at 6 and (probably because I was D+) they let me in to one of the unused early dining tables.
  15. JR is definitely missing from the Voyager. The C&A offers printout now says "BOGO JR Milkshake (except Voyager)". There is no milkshake on the menu at the Promenade Cafe where the Ben and Jerry's ice cream is sold although you may be able to order off menu...
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