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  1. On July 29th I cancelled our 12 night TransAtlantic from Southampton to NYC on RCCL Anthem for Chuck's Birthday. It was an old Booking when reserved during another cruise, one of the benefits to the on board bookings at that time was that you could move it as many times as you wanted with no penalty. I chose to receive a refund instead this time and got it back on two different cards August 8th and August 11th! On August 4th I cancelled a cruise on Celebrity Edge for Nov 13th sailing 9 days to the S Caribbean and received all of my deposits back on August 8th! This was to be a continuation of Chuck;s Birthday and was also an old on board booking that I decided to just cash in. Still holding out for the March Australian cruise but I have a feeling that even that one will be too soon for other countries opening their ports to Americans! 🙄
  2. There is still an Australian Cruise in March, 2021 we are hoping for but not holding our breathe! That would be with RCCL. and then there is the leap of faith for April 2022 we are hoping to try NCL Encore again after 30 years! Usually we have lots down the pipeline but this is so nerve racking! Everything else is cancelled until the situation gets better for us! Come on Vaccine! 😚We all want to Cruise!
  3. Yes! You get a Free years supply of PPE Face masks and a cruise of your choice departing in September?... Oh sorry,,,, those have all been put on hold until further notice! 😞
  4. When cancelling my end of May 2 week Alaskan Cruise, I was informed it would take 60 days for the cruise refund. I received all my tour funds back almost immediately for my tours which were upwards of $3500. At 60 days from my request, I called and was informed that the cruises were being refunded by departure rather than request date and they were only in April because they had so many more cancellations. Really? I did get my pre-paid gratuities back around 62 days but the cruise itself did not show up as processed on my credit card until 73 days from date of refund request. We are disappointed that HAL has totally eliminated that 14 night unique Alaskan itinerary. We sailed with HAL 20 years ago on the north bound 7 night cruise with the inland tour that ended in Fairbanks, so this would have been a chance to see other parts of Alaska which was the reason to book with HAL.
  5. Totally agree! The issue with the health certs is that there is no way to know if someone may picked up something between getting the Dr Certification and the day of the sailing! With my TA and Caribbean cruise in November, I am not optimistic. The TA starts in Britain and I am about to cancel that one but I want to wait to see if I can move it out to late 2021 since it is one of those old on board bookings that I have no penalty to move with RCCL. The Caribbean one is with Celebrity and that too will be cancelled closer to the sailing date! Then there is the one to your homeland Australia in March when we plan to stay with friends in Perth and I don't think it will be soon enough to do that one either but again, I want to wait to see if I can move that one out another year!
  6. LOL! Not exactly! Only when it appears safe again! We know that anything can happen but I'd like to see vaccines available for current issues as well as additional safety procedures in place like what cruise lines are already gearing up to make the ships safer.
  7. You are so wise Clo! We are stepping back to a time when we travelled in a motorhome around the continent. But for seeing places not so close, staying in beautiful cities and towns near ports , travelling around the areas then hopping on cruise ships is in our blood and hearts so cruising will continue to be part of our adventures!
  8. We had four cruises coming up but have decided to take full credit for the Holland Alaska June one instead of the Future Cruise Credit PLUS and the two in November 2020 for a look at the Anthem on a TA and the Edge going to the Southern Caribbean are tabled to be cancelled as well.and one in February 2021 to Australia as well. When everything is settled and a vaccine is in place, we will start adding to our 35 cruises. Such a wonderful experience seeing the World and meeting all of the wonderful people. But it is important now to Be safe. Life as we know it will be different going forward and cruising will have a new face as well.
  9. Cruising April 19th to Europe on Regal Princess? Is it a cruise to no where?
  10. We were scheduled to board in Vancouver on June 1th but all Canadian Ports will be closed until July 31st to cruise ships. Mic, I love your optimism but think realistically that it will be longer. Our friends from Perth just left on the 14th to fly home from Tampa. They are thinking that they may have to be self quarantined for 14 days when they get back. How is Canberra doing?Ocala is in Marion County, FL and we do not have any currently. https://www.wptv.com/coronavirus/how-many-coronavirus-cases-are-there-in-florida-check-the-states-interactive-coronavirus-map (it's the big county north and in the middle of the state, north of Orland with the right angled bottom)
  11. 79 days to a 14 night Alaska cruise leaving from Vancouver. The port has been closed now so we'll see what happens if HAL changes the departure port?
  12. Since Chuck and I are getting closer and have scheduled our tours-back to counting! 119 days until our 14 night cruise in Alaska which sails on June 1st!
  13. Thank you, Mic! We'll always remember how we strolled past each other last summer in Lisbon! I know you will enjoy another Great cruise adventure as well!
  14. 8 Days until the big cruise day! Flying on Wednesday to Amsterdam!
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